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A Great Early Birthday

I swore a year ago that I would do no more birthday posts or blogs regarding me. Wishing my friends Happy Birthday, that's different story. But somehow celebrating your own by shouting it all over the web seems a tad bit vain. Especially the 2ND or 3rd time around.

Tomorrow, the 11Thof March is my actual Birthday but because of working schedules in my family i received my gifts to day. Not many-butI consider them to be VERY NICE! My daughter and her husband got me "Retro Game Challenge" for the DS. I started gaming in the 70's so the 80's just feel natural to me. But to me the 80's were as much about the NES as they were about the Atari Computers, the Commodore 64 and 128, text adventures, and the Atari VCS and 5200.

My Mother, who always insists on getting me a gift. gave me some money. I purchased SMT-Devil Survivor 2 for the DS. Ahh... a brand spanking(I love that work--spanking--just has ring to it. Makes me chuckle deviously when I hear it)new SMT game. I'll start it tonight.

My son and my wife went together to get me a new book to read-- "Abraham Lincoln-Vampire Hunter". I am almost at the end of volume 1 of "The Hunger Games" so I will need new reading material. My previous book was the Historical thriller "Killing Lincoln". Very highly recommended my friends. A great read and very entertaining.

Also they got me "Kingdoms of Alamur" for the PS3. But what about Skyrim my friends which I have been heavily into? ARRGGHH.. Gaming choices can be so DIFFICULT sometimes.

So there it is. My self-sufficing little birthday blog that i should not have wrote. But did. I know alot of you are Pisces just like myself so I hope you have or have had a Happy Birthday!! I received a humorous Birthday card comparinf how Dad's are different fro Obama. perhaps I'll share that sometime. Very funny!

Take Care and God Bless AllXO