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Where's ChronoCross

When Chrono Trigger last year it was a definate must have game for DS owners who like RPG's.I have the original for the SNES and have played both.It has aged well.If you do not have this game, BUT it immediately!!!.You may even get a free poster.!! Now it is time to focus on bringing the less well known Chrono Cross to the DS.Surely SquareEnix has to have considered it.Now is the time. I know I"ll hear from someone telling mr that Chrono Cross was for the PS.Okay.To that I can only answer---Disgaea DS.(Or "Rhapsody-A Musical Adventure" if you are into the musical sort of RPG.)Disgaea was as great on the DS as it was on the PS!! Others would say that Chrono Cross have 3D characters and that the graphics are to complex for the DS.Nintendo and Square could work around this.A great game could be made. It is time. No excuses. Square--let's get with it!!