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Not dead yet!!!

Hello everyone,

Or at lest to those who hav'nt "written me off" yet.I'm sorry I have been inactive for so long but I wanted to put a few months aside to actually play some of the new titles that were coming out. And to get better at some genres that I'm not very good at.(FPS, TPS)

I am hoping that everyone is OK both with themselves and with their family and friends.School and College are out for a lot of folks and that opems up either a working or a relaxed summer. Whatever your plans are please enjoy the season and the time away from school!

Has anyone played "Nier" yet? As most know I am a big fan of Square but this title has come out with mixed reviews. I'll trust the players before i trust the reviewers.They also recently released "Just Cause2" which I am told is really GOOD!

During the past 3 months I have played Dragon Age-Origins, Borderlands,(still playing.I'm on level 30).Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, Star Ocean International, Bioshock, Strange Journey for the DS, and Section 8 online.

Last weekend I picked up( and this I believe is rare) Growlanser Generations for $14. at a Gamestop.They were the black label discs and both titles play fine and the 60 page instruction booklet is in pristine condition.

But enough about me. What has everyone been up to?What have you been playing or beat in the past 3 months?Let me know bwcause I value you all as friends.I'll try not to be gone as long this time(Grin)

Good thing I'm not dead yet

The games are coming fast and hard

The middle of March is soon here and a lot of great titles have been released.With 10 weeks of the year over these titles have come out fast.Some of the notable ones are:

Final Fantasy XIII

White Knight Chronicles

Bioshock 2

Dante's Inferno

Sands of Destruction(DS)

Lunar Silvar Star(PSP)

all the above plus a new Dragon Age addition is coming out very soon.

Now, as for hard, are any of the above titles really THAT hard?FF XIII(I'm not that far in it) looks to be long in scope and gameplay.Same for White Knight Chronicles if all the online adventures are included.

This may well be the best year for new release EVER. At least rivaling 1999-2000.Last year ended good.(Borderlands, Dragon Age---Origins, Darksiders, Demon's Souls) and this year is continuing where lasy year left off. I hope these titles as well as the others deliver on their promises of being what the gamer wants. The new resident Evil 5 is due out in a week or two as is Renosanace of Fate.Sumer looks to have a PS3 Castlvania and Fall Diablo 3.I'm really looking forward to baoth of these titles.

But that is rushing the issue. Spring is just starting so let's enjoy it. Let me know what you think of the new rreleases. Also PS3 owners will also be able to but the two GTA4 titles that X Box owners had as a exclusive last year.Tales from Liberty City will also be available.(aso as D/L)

Game Informer gets it wrong....Again!

I am in the middle of my third year of subscribing to Game Informer. I know many of you also get the magazine.If not for the content then for the discounts the Edge card gives you at Gamestop.A person's reason for subscribing to it mean little to me.If the card or the magazine or both benefit you then that is all that matters.

As you are aware the magazine changed it's look and format some months ago.All magazines do this from time to time.It is their way of "evolving".Usually this is brought about by customer feedback and sales numbers.Sometimes competition in the mrketplace force change.

I believe, at this time, that the changes they made and the new look are a failure. In a year from now i will feel different as I will have grown used to the mags look and feel.I may write a blogh in the future concerning this.

However--what they, Game Informer has gotten wrong is their editor choices of ten favorite games.I don't have the issue in front of me but eith 14 or 16 editors/writers for the magazine were asked to pick their 10 best games of last year.Lists are meant to be disputed and this one most certainly is. Not a single person choose DEMON'S SOULS in their list.How hypocritical is that?

Most publications as well as websites rated Demon's Souls and Dragon Age as the best RPG's of last year. Both titles have won game of the year various places.I believe Dragon Age won it more but it is also available on 3 systems. Demon's Souls has only the PS3.Not to put other titles down but "Flower" made the list 4 or 5 times. Even DQ V made it once.(DQ V is great!)Dragon Age was well represented.

Is Demon's Souls too dark of a game for you folks at GI that you just avoided it?Was it too hard?Too frustrating?Maybe you just thought you could spark debate and discussion by ignoring it? Well--you succeeded.But your shun of the game was an embarrassment to the game and the players who like the title.They are the ones who have no voice at your publication.Their voices have been silenced.

Maybe in the future Game Informer can stop wasting millions of dollars in a new look and format and spend more time and money finding out what is really good.If the writers and editors cannot relate to the gamer and they distance themselves from their customer, then they will lose their credibility.


Demon's Souls and Fallout 3

Hello again. I know it's been awhile but I have not forgotten about my GS friends.Since before Christmas the eastern part of the US has been in a deep freeze. Starting 3 days ago we finally started to have a break in the weather.Now we've had a couple of days where it's almost been 40 degrees!

Which means i 'm indoors and in front of my PS3. A lot. 40 plus hours I have put into Demon's Souls so far.The looka nd feel of the game is awesome and ther is a character availablr for every player type.It is hard.You did. You can come back to life. Then you die again.But the gaming experience is so enjoyable you don't care.It's not hard to see why it won Game of the year.

Then there's Fallout 3 which play to give me a break from Demon's Souls.I love the open worldness about the game.It reminds me so much of Oblivion and Morrowind. Which is understandable as Bethesda Software did all of them.I don't believe bethesda has made a failure yet!

And while there is alot to be looking forward to this(a different blog) ther is also a lot to enjoy now. What titles are you currently playing?

And how was your Christmas?

For the most of us Christmas has come and gone. To those who have eastern Orthodox beliefs I hope your Christmas is a great one. For me, this Christmas and the events surronunding it were almost perfect. That is saying a lot 'cause the last couple have'nt been the best.Everyone was in good spirits are the spirit of Christmas was alive and well.

We celebrated the holiday at my mother's on the day of the 24th because it suited to do so this year. That worked out good. The meal was very Italian and your standard Christmas meal. Lasagne, Pizza, Fries, Oyster Casserole and some of the fixins.It was diferent but good.

Christmas Day we got up at 6 AM to open gifts.I don'r remember getting as many games as I have this year. There may have been one a long time ago when I received a lot of NES titles but I don'r remember how many. Most of the titles I received are real good games also.(I know-there's room there for arguing but it's my blogHAHA)

Some of the titles are:

Demon's Souls

Dragon Age


Silent Hill-Shattered Memories

Sacred2--Fallen Angel

Dead Space

Fallout 3-GOTY


Shining Tears

Dragon Quest VIII

Final Fantasy IX(my own new copy)

Hitman Trilogy

All I opened and played so far is Demon's Souls. I have died and died and died many more times.Very enjoyable.How was your Christmas? I hope it was good and that you got joy out of fiving and receiving gifts.New Years is soon upon us.

Let's all have a Happy and safe New Year!!

Christmas time is here

First off let me say Merry Christmas to everyone!By saying that I mean no offense to those who may be non-believers or whose beliefs do not acknowledge Christmas. To me it does so I say "Merry Christmas"

A lot of what I want for Christmas is games. Some old, some new.I also know a few people who are into games. It's always fun to shop for them. Strategy guides make great gifts to give.

I'm looking forward(I hope) in getting Demon's Souls Deluxe, Dragon Age Basic, and Fallout 3 Game of the Year.

I like to give folks a wide variety of what to get me, I like the same from them. This makes either online or in-store shopping a lot easier. The other titles I have asked for are Dead Space, Sacred 2 and Prototype for the PS3. Atelier Annie and Nostagia for the DS.

I have read and commented on a number of blogs others have written about what they wanted for Christmas.The above was my try at it.

As some of you may have noticed-the title of this blog is also a song in "A Charlie Brown's Christmas".I've watched that so many times!A lot of those specials from the 60's and early 70's have aged well and are pretty neat.

I'm anxious to hear how others are going to celebrate the season.Meaning do you have traditions that you follow and do you also make lists.Family get-togethers and festivities are also important!

I've been TAGGED --?

Thanks to arline6 I've been tagged.I used to be an officer in a union arline6 was involved in. Then the oficer's were let go and had to reapply.I didn'y and quit the union. Oh well...

1. I am a charted member in two unions and an officer in two.

2. I am a big fan of the Pitttsburgh sports teams-namely the Steelers and the Penguins.

3. My first gaming system was an Atari VCS. My first computer was an Atari 400.

4. I like anime and manga.Love Hina, Chobits, Inu-yasha, and Noir are my favorite.

5. I drink coffee for the taste. Not the caffeine.

6. I have all the SMT games except Persona 2

7. I am looking forward to getting Dragon Age, Final fantasy XIII, Nostalgia, SMT- Strange Journey, and Atelier Annie.

8. To me The Rolling Stones are the greatest Rock and Roll Band.Led Zeppelin is second.

9. I want more Link games that have the look and feel of Twilight Princess. I am tired of cartoon Link.

10. I like playing Magic The gathering.

11.I have beaten all the Diablo games and the addon on's for them.

There. 10 things you didn't know about me plus an extra one!

From the cool .dot hack union I tag:

I tag: Juniorpower, theman132, quackthegreat, dragonfly110

Hello to all and how's your Fall?

Ok I'm a poet but i did know it.HAHA.

How is everone doing this Fall?I like the early part of the season as it is still warm and then the leaves change and the scenery is very nice.Then comes Nov. and Dec. and the colds winds and bad weather come and that is no fun at all.

2012 is due out in theatres soon and I'm looking forwardto seeing that.The DVD of the Star Trek film that was shown in theatres earlier this year is also soon out. I liked the role that Leonard Nimoy played in that film.Spock the elder was an integral part of the storyline.I will also have to go see New Moon when it comes out.A busy month for movies.

Assassin's Creed 2 will also soon be out and that is a title to look forward to. I may get Dragon Age- Origins for Christmas.We shall see.

I have been playing Arc the Lad- Twilight of the Spirits lately.Not a bad game but also not a great one.For the price I paid I feel it is worth it's while.I'm also thinking of starting GTA IV again after I beat Assassin's Creed for the PS3.

There have been a lot of people missing school and work lately in m area due to sickness.I'm not sure if they have H1N1 or whether they have an illness that won't go away. So we have been shorthanded a lot at work which make for very busy and stressful days. It's good that I have some games that I can come home an unwind with.

Which games to you like to unwind with when you are feeling stressed?Iknow some like FPS's and others casual games which are less demanding.It would be cool to know what you think?

Anyway--stay healthy and safe and have fun gaming!!!

Opinion Topic- The Best gaming World

Every game is it's own world.It is not shared with any other title(except in very rare instances) and it also matters not how good the game is.The world of SMT- Persona 3 is unique to that game ans the atmosphere it has is not shared by another. Same for Dragon Quest 4, Tiger Woods 09, Atelier Iris-Eternal Mana etc...

Some of these worlds are stunning in nature and draw the gamer in.Others don't and , unless the gameplay is something else, the gamer soon loses interest. This fact forces the desisners to produce games that have storyline and worlds the gamer cares about.But even the best worlds would soon become flat without a good musical score to set the tone of the world. Burnout Paradise would soon become boring without the radio soundtrack.

A good world also aids greatly in replay value of the game.A lot of players have played GTA-Vice City Stories more than once.same for Twilight Princess and FF XII.Each time I go to Rabanaste I see something different.It may be minor, even insignificant, but it was still there, waiting to be discovered.

The rare instance that I spoke about before might be The Lord of the Rings trilogy.All three games are connected to tell a long story.But even so The Shire, Rivendell, The Mines of Moria are all considered to be "The Fellowship of the Ring"The Two Towers and The Return of the King have their own settings(world)

I would ask you to name your 5 favorite worlds you have played in so far.For old-time gamers like myself this is a bit difficult But here are mine.

1.The World Ends With You-Shibuya in the UG is great and diffrent than the Shibuya in SMT-Devil Survivor

2.Final Fantasy VII-A vast world and at the time the biggest.

3.Earthbound-Sure the world was slightly cartoonish but it was also awesome!

4.GTA4(the original game)-"Where's the mansion, where is sportscar"-Niko Bellic upon arriving in America

5.The Godfather-NYC in the 1940's and 1950's never looked so good.To say otherwise would be "disrepectful"

I waiting to hear your responses.I am sure they will be interesting.

SMT-Persona/PSP update and new games

Hello to everyone. i hope alll of you are doing well, I am aware that some of you are going through/have completed medical procedures andI hope that all goes/went well.Fall has set in here in the Northeastern US and the weather looks bleak. The leaves are off the trees and all seems dreary! Ugh!

As many of you know I preordered persona for the PSP. I have now gotten into playng it and IT IS GOOD!.I had my doubts as it was an older game but the game works well on the PSP.Social links are not an issue in this game as in P3 and 4.However you can choose the attack method(hand weapon, shooting at an demon, or using a Persona) as well as the attack the Persona uses.I remember this being a complaint about P3 but I never saw it as an issue.

Of coarse the game centers around high school students and the mysterious goings-on around town.You don't have to fight the enemies either--you can negotiate with them to get things from them.They may even run away!

This is a great game and I would recommend it. The 2 CD soundtrack is also a nice bonus.A strategy guide is available for it but I have'nt seen it and as of yet i have'nt needed one.I wish I would have bought the persona 3 strategy guide when it was still out.

How many of you have checked out the new D/L's on PSN. There are a lot of new titles.Mostly to support the launch of the PSP Go but still new titlesare new titles.The first Final Fantasy for the NES is now availablr for D/L on the Wii shop channel!Whoo-Ho!Now id Square would just release FF VIII and IX on PSN that wouls be sweet.

The Lord of the Rings-Tactics and Dragoneer's Aria are two of the standout titles now available.Both Disgaea's are also available.Too many games--not enough time(or money)