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Let's hear it for Center Rock!!

Hello to everyone. I hope all of you are well and are staying warm this cold Fall.I'm really hoping for a mild Winter.

Like thousands of others I watched in wonder last week as 33 Chilean miners were rescued from a deep mine.I'm so glad things worked out the way they did and that all are safe. Their ordeal is one I cannor imagine.I hope that the mining company and the Government takes care of them and their families now and in the future. One never knows the types of medical problems these folks may incur in the future because of their ordeal.

However all this would not have been made possible were it not for Center Rock in Berlin, PA.These are the folks that supplied the drill bit that actually worked in getting a passageway open to the miners.Congratulations must be givin to them.Berlin is a very long way from Chile but compassion knows no boundries.

Wht am I writing this? In a gaming forum? Well. they are from Somerset County, PA. So am I.Berlin is 9 miles down the road from me. Where Flight 93 crashed is 10 miles from me.And Quecreek, where 9 miners were trapped and rescued back in 2002(yes with a drill bit from Center Rock) is 8 miles away,So my county, which after the events of 9/11 was nicknamed "America's County" is in the National and International spotlight again.

So many came here after Flight 93 to offer support for the residents and the same the following year regarding the mine disaster. Japanese TV was here, Geraldo Rivera was here.So many folks. I am so glad that we are now able to give back some aid and compassion that was shown us,I am so proud of the rescue efforts and in particullary the efforts of the center Rock folks.

Make no mistake--the miners themselves ARE the story.But the rescue efforts of all involved is the side story.

This blog is a celebation. I believe I'll leave it that way. I'll discuss next time my thoughs on Lords of Shadow, Fallout New Vegas, and how hard it is, now, to find a premium copy of Atelier Rorona!

Iwish my best to the 33 miners who were trapped in the mine for 69 days.

3 months, exactly, till Christmas!!!(Already?)


How is everyone doing? Iam fine but saddened that Summer is over and that Fall is here. Don't get me wrong, I live in Pennsylvania, and the leaves changingare very pretty and inspiring.But I want warm sunny weather with temps in the 80's!

I hope that everyone is well and has adjusted to school/College life. Those that are out--well-it's the working world for us.

Also a big congratulation goes to my friend nachi_lobo for winning a video award at the Brazilian MTV awards!!!!He is one of the best at making non-musical Vids and those who have not checked his work out should do so right after reading and commenting on this.Felipe, I told you that I would mention and brag about you!Your accomplishment is SO COOL!!!

I am writing this on the evening of 9/25. Exactly 3 months till Christmas. That's not long folks-about 13 weeks.I'm sure everyone who celebrates the Holiday has a lot to do before then. And I know a lot of you have asked for some games that you would not normally buy, for Christmas. I hope you get them. As for the games coming out:

a--The deluxe edition of Castlevania - Harmony of Despair looks great-it looks to be a good value. But it being released too soon to be a Christmas gift.

b--Fallout New Vegas Deluxe Edition,(and by deluxe I mean Collector's Edition). Another game i wanted since it was first announced.The Collector's stuff looks great.This I will get for the Holiday-so-I have to wait--ugh!

c--Black Ops This is selling pre-orders like crazy! I belive those who anticipating MW3 are going to be disappointed. This is a totally different title and not even done by Infinity Ward-plus you can buy weapons and wager money in the online games.

These are just 3 examples of titles that may be worth gettinf the Collector's Editions for.There are also a number of DS titles to look for (Final Fantasy The Warriors of Light and Dark) as well as some PSP titles. Etrian Odyssey 3 that was released was well worth the purchase price.The pre-orders were shipped with a 60 page art book and the first run printing has a poster inside the box.A very nice one indeed as it has a chart tree which is valuable.

TGS, has cme and gone and it didn't impress me much.What were your opinions of it?I see where Sony is talking about making an external drive that attaches to the PS3 so that PS2 games can be played on it. Backward compatable should have never been taken out. gamers didn't ask for this, or demand it.Why not issue a firmware patch that would allow all PS3 users with an 80Gig model or above recognise the "Emotion Engine"?

I only mention Christmas because 90 days is not long to me. By the time Oct 25 rolls . better have your list ready.I know ther are some who do not celebrate Christmas. This blog means no offense nor does it mean to infer any.

In the meantime, enjoy Fall and all it brings.Stay healthy and stay safe!

The Forgotton RPG's

Hello to all my friends both new and old.I hope everyone is doing well. I know some of you have had quite an ordeal of things this last week. I'm glad everything turned out for the best in all situations.It is soon Fall and with that it brings new Fall releases- but before that Summer still hassome hits up it's sleeve. Birth by Sleep, Etrian Odyssey 3 to name 2.

However this blog is not about new releases. It is about older ones. Forgotton ones.

I am speaking of forgotton RPG's.Everyone knows some.Hardcore gamers like myself know a lot and it saddens me to think of them sometimes.Most are older JRPG's but some are older PC adventure/RPG titles.Still there are a few Western titles, which are newer in form than JRPG's are, to include.

For a lot of gamers RGP's have their birth on the NES with the Dragon Warrior games and Final Fantasy.Please resist the urge to compare these games with RPG's of today. They were build on 1989-1993 technoligy and pushed the limit in those days.Many gamers spend a lot of hours on those games and were rewarded by the stories ending.FF lives on in the PSP release of a few years ago. But the first 3 Dragon Warrior titles are Forgotton RPG's.If the GBA versions would still be in print then they would not be.

Some consider the Sega Genesis to have claim to RPG's roots.And some are forgotton--but not all. A number of them live on on Wii VC and on Saga Collections. Te Sega collections are generally inexpensive and have a number of titles on them. Sword of Vermillion, The early Phantasy Star title are two examples of titles still available on collections.

But the heart of the forgotton titles lie in the SNES, PSX(later PS1), and the PS2.These titles mostly center around Square , Enix, Atlus, and Namco, but there are others.The original Game Boy had a number of RPG titles that were good.

On the SNES there was Secret of Evermore, Breathe of Fire, Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Mana, Romancing Saga--all Square titles.

Enix had Actraiser 1, Paladin's Quest, E.V.O., Soul Blazer, The 7th saga, Brain Lord, and others.

At the same time the Ultima and Sir-tech's Wizardry series were going stong. PC release as well as assorted Nintendo releses of both titles.All forgotton.

The PSX had two Saga Frontier Games, Rhapsody, (Chrono Cross is still available, new, as a GH title),The 2 Tales of Destiny titles(anyone know the Japanese names to Tales of Destiny?), Lunar titles, and others.

To me Earthbound and Mother 3 are also forgotton titles as Nintendo refuses to do anything with them.

Then theer are are the obscure titles no one remembers. Elder Scrolls2 -Daggerfall, Wasteland, Mystery House, Septera Core(and excellent FF VII clone) and the Might and Magic series.

I'd love to see some of these titles updated.Or ported over to the DS or PSP.There is a growing "retro" movemont among RPG players.Some ot the titles listed above would fit that bill.The Lufia Series is forgotton but a leeast there is a title coming out based on a Lufia title.An Enix collection or a Squaresoft RPG collection would sell very well.SE should be reading this!

What are your feelings?Agree?Disagree?I know there;s titles I left out and some of you may have fond memories of others.That's great. What are they?

Thanks for reading and have fun gaming!!

My son's birthday is Monday the 23rd!!!


How is everyone? The heat has broke here is the Eastern part of the US and it is not as humid. Is it still hot and humid where you are at. If so I hope you are coping with the weather.

Tomorrow is my son's birthday.On this site his user name is quackthegreat.He will be 14, I wish I didn't have to work so I could celebrate it with him.But I was off work this weekend so I guess it all works out.

He is big into RPG's(wonder where he got that from?) and FPS and TPS titles.He beat Star Ocean International last week and a month or so ago beat FF XIII. Ladt night he also went Prestige for the 1st time on MW2! I am very proud of his gaming accomplishments.

For his birthday he received Killzone 2 and The Metal Gear Solid Essential Collebtion.Killzone 2 is in the PS3 right now.

Anyway, let me know what you have all been up to these past few weeks. I know school had started for some of yoy and it here, next week, for my son.But hopefully you are all finding time to play and collect some cool games.Tyere sure are getting to be a number of titles that look good as pre=orders. And by pre-orders I mean the Collector's Editions.Castlevania for the PS3 comes to mind.

Join me in wishing my son a happy birthday and please enjoy your week.Take time to kick back and relax!!

Dragon Quest IX tag day and some new old games.


How is everyone doing?It's August and, hot as Summer has been so far, it is going too fast.I love this time of year as there is more to do outside!I get tired of the outside work but that's a different story.I hope everyone is well.

TodayI went to one of the Gamestop's that were hosting the Dragon Quest IX tag day.What that means is that you take your DS, with DQ IX in it to the store. You can then connect to a server they have and download a special treasure map for the game.In my treasure I have to fight a lenendary Boss.Which means that this character was a main boss in a previous Dragion Quest/Warrior game.Very hard and challenging.

This was sponsered by SquareEnix. Remember them, they are the company that don't usually give out any pre-order bonuses or promo items. WELL----I was given by the store employee:

1. A Dragon Quest IX tee shirt

2. A Dragon Quest poster

3. Dragon Quest IX clings

4. Also a tee shirt for my son.

As well as the free download. The object of this event was to tag other players that come in. Some players will give you another treasure map if they have one to give. Others won't.But the more players that tag you the better your reputation is in a part of the game.Tagging was huge in Japan.I also got a second traesure map this way. I had none to give but my son did.

This coming weekend, Aug 7,2010 ,a similar event is being held at Best Buy stores. I'm not sure if you get the same map(prob. not) , but it still looks to be a lot of fun.Square is doing an excellent with their partners in promoting this game.The title broke all kinds of sales records in Japan and it's not hard to see why.Level 5 helped develop the game and did another excellent job.For those of you who beat them up for White Knight Chronicles, they just redeemed them selves!!!

I got into a PS2 game buying mood today while at the store.These titles aren't spectacular but one is rare and the others ones always piqued my interest. They are:

1. The Bard's Tale---I have this title for the NES and the PC.I 'm curious to see how the title works as a dungeon crawler on the PS2.

2. Klonoa2--Lunatea's Veil---A big fan of the series on the GBA/DS.

3. Space Channel 5 Special Edition--Ok. Here is where I delve into weirdness.Not often I go there.

4. So now the rare one----Metal Saga by Atlus!---an underrated RPG.You like cannons, you like RPG's --here's your game!

Musically I pickup up the Warped Tour Compilation 2010 and Eminem's--Recovery!Interesting that they world put Blink 182's "The Rock Show" on the CD. The song in 8 years old!

It was a good Saturday and SquareEnix surprised me.Many thanks also to the select gamestop stores that hosted this event.You guys are 1st class!!!

I'd be curious to know if anyone else took part in this event or is planning to in weeks to come.(After the Best Buy weekend there are still more events planned).Check the DQ IX web page for more info.

Vacation time--at last!!!

Hello and how is everyone? I am fine.No--it's better than that. I am going on vacation this week!!!So I won't be on this site much if at all past tonight.But I will be back soon.The places we are staying have wi-fi but I have no ;aptop. I do however have a PSP that worked,poorly,for me last vacation. I will take it along and try my chances in the evenings should I get bored.(yeah, right)

We are not going to the beach this tear and I am somewhat bummed about that but that is where we usually go. This year we are touring some spots in Pennsylvania that we had wanted to see for some time.It will end in Hershey,PA which, as it used to be before the company starting making their chocolates in Mexico, is"the sweetest place on earth".

We went to a mall yestrday that we go to about 3 or 4 times a year. The Gamestop in there is cruddy and the sales associates only care about b-s they sling the other one's way. Two BS'ers that could care less about the potential customers. May they live happily ever after after they get the operation done to them which surgically joins them at the forehead.(zin--you're being a little mean here ain't ya?)OK.Maybe that's going too far.But you get the point. They did have a nice copy of Magne Carta for the PS2 there which they no longer have in their possession.

I also found a new factory sealed copy of Soul Nomad at a Wal-Mart yesterday. I had wanted that title for a numbner of years but there was always something I wanted more at the time. I decided that I had better get the game now as it may be my last chance to get it new.But these titles will have to wait till after VACATION is over(over, you say? Now I'm sad at the thought)

Let me know what's been going on with you.I will still try to read your posts during the week.I se there is no sign of any break in the hot weather we have been having. Traveling and being on vacation will not make it any cooler.

My new issue of Game Informer came yesterday. maybe I'll take it along as my "Summer reading material".

An EXCELLENT time to be a RPG gamer!!

Hello to everyone! How is everybody doing these hot days of Sumeer?In the Eastern US where I'm at the temperature has subsuded a bit. Highs are in the 70's-80's this week as compared to the 90's or 100 mark.Some folks loved that weather while others could not stand it.We are looking into getting air conditioning but don't have it yet. Needless to say our fans ran a lot of the time.

Last week and this week has brought out two of the most sought after RPG's of all time! Now that 's a bold statement-even for me- who has played tons of RPG's over the years.Last week was the release of Persona 3 for the PSP.I know some of you have'nt been following this release too closely. "I played it on the PS2" some say. Well I did also--but this release is different than that one.The main difference is that you can now be a female protagonist.This may not seem like much but the events surrounding the main character ARE diferent from the male character.For instance it is now possible to have a "Junpai" social link.I won't go any further so as not to spoil the game for anyone. A lot of music is different and was not in the PS2 release. The game also has elements of the FES game and Persona 4.More about that can be found by searching.

This week the lonnnng awaited Dragon Quest IX came out.FINALLY!Nintendo Power and others have been teasing us about this title for the last 3 years)It was the best selling game of 2009 in Japan!(A side note here- the best seeling game of 2008 in Japan--a game most bashed-was White Knight Chronicles)I could not wait to get my copy in the mail. I cancelled my order and my son and I both picked up a copy at Wal Mart on Sunday.After all, Square Enix, in their stingyness, gave no pre order bonus for the title.The lessons of Atlus are wasted on SE!

The may well be the best of all the DW/DQ titles. It certainly is the most advanced. It is a shame that you can onlyconnect online locally, not globally.With Mario Kart DS one could connect globally but that's a different genre.Much like Fallout 3 and Oblivion(Elder Scrolls IV)you can design your character. You can even design those who join you later should you want to.

To top all this off Atlus is now offering, as a pre order bonus ---IMAGINE THAT!!!- a 60 page art book for ordering Etrian Odyssey III --The Drowned City. And without raising the price of the game!The titles is released 9/21/10.I played and own the first two and loved them.This title looks to be as good.

All in all it's a great time to a fan of RPG's.I know other titles have been released the last two weeks.But none as large as these two. If you own handheld-get your game on. If not, now is the time to buy!

Please ---Infamous2 developers---it's not TOO LATE!

How has everyone been?I hope all Americans and Canadians had a great Independance Day.I'm from the US and Canada celebrates theirs on a different day that us but very close.To those abroad that celebrated with us---THANK YOU--it means a lot.It's been 90+ degrees the last 5 days here in the East with no sigh of letting up.They are beautiful Summer days but they are hot!Sleeping in uncoftable.

I am looking forward to the release of Dragon Quest IX next week and Persona 3 PSP this week.I have them on preorder on can hardly wait.

However my issue is with Sucker Punch and Infamous 2.To say I am looking forward to a new Infamous game is an understatement. The first was a classic and very deserving of a sequel.BTW I wrote a review of the first game, if you have'nt read please do as I liked the way it came out.TheGame Informer cover of a few weeks ago and thearticle said a lot about the second installment. Now I have two banes of contention and I bet a lot of you know what they are.

First they changed the way Cole looked. I don't agree with thator the reasoning.(To make him less imposing)he has been shocked by a bizzion volts of electricity. he should not look neat or handsome.The original look worked for Cole and it should have been kept.But over time I will probobally get used to the new look.

Second, and I believe they have time to fix this, is the voice actor used.I'm not beating that person upbut the voice it totally wrong!!!Like many of you I have watched a number of videos that were released during E3 or the days shortly after. And while the gameplay looks cool the look and sound of the Cole is not credible.The sidekick that he had for most of the first game voice has remained the same--so why not Cole?

Maybe I'm making too much about this but the game succeeded because it was GOOD and the fans remained loyal to it.There is a FF VII tech demo floating around now that Square released to show what the PS3 is capable of. Many who have seen it do not like what they have done with Cloud.I'm the same way with Cole.

Chat back and let me know how you feel about this decision.The game is coming out in 2011--it not to late, Sucker Punch, to make the correct changes!

Trophy Cards and Summer

How is everyone doing? I hope alll of you are enjoying your Summer. For some it means a job, other more free time.And still others have a number of commitments to attend to. Whatever your situation is hope you enjoy life and summer weather.

Many of you may alreasy know this but there is a web site you can go to to generate a trophy card for the trophies you have earned so far. i will use the PS3 as an exanple. The web site for the Ps3 trophy is http://ps3trophycard.com. Youcan also Google for a trophy card if you don't have PS3.

The site will ask you for your Network ID( In my case bigcid77) and your email address.The following page asks you to type two words in.Just enter then and you're done. The card shoud generate in a minute or less.The card also shows you your world ranking at that time.I like to save my cards in a file I created and get the cards updated weekly.It is neat to see your progress(or lack of).

I see a number of gamers do this and post their newest card on their page. off to the right hand side.You can update your card every 6 hours or pay $4 per year to get unlimited updates!!!How cool is that!

I am really getting into Just Cause2 at the moment. It is a really cool game There are 104 different vehicles/boats/aircraft you can use.There are operations to carry out. Military Bases to destroy or control.Loads of towns or settlements to discover. A very huge open world title. I may write a blog about it in the near future.

P3P---Persona 3 for the PSP is due out in a week or two. I can hardly wait!!!!I loved the FES version on the PS2.If you have bever tried Persona 3 before this is a golden opportunity to do so. Pre-order it and get a free hat. One of the main characters in the storyline wears the same hat. His character is a riot and a lot of laughs.

I hope some of you check out the trophy cards but I'm guessing that most everyone of my friends knows about them. If not you may want to looks into them.The card that is generated has the theme of the the game you got your last trophy from.

Everyone stay in touch and let me know about your Summer!!

Today was my wedding anniversary!

Today was my wedding anniversary.(I'm not saying how many years--let's just say A LOT)Earlier this year my wife started getting into Troll Beads.For those who may not know the beads are interchangable on a bracelet.The bracelet and the clasp(they sell manys different clasps) are bought separately, as are the beads.4 more beads is what she got from me.

I received Just Cause2 and Sakura Wars So long My Love(one of the latest PS2 games).

We were both happy with what the other got us. I'm doing the Operation- Anchorage expansion in Fallout 3 at present and I am finding it hard to put it down and install Just Cause2. It is ticking me off!!

Tomorrow is Father's day. Happy Father's Day to all of you Father's out there or Father's-to-be.We never used to do much for Father's Day(Mother's Day is a different story)but the last 5 or 6 years we have.If anyone reads this and inquires I may have to answer tomorrow and say what I received.Starbucks coffee would be nice as would a gaming shirt from Hot Topic.

This blog has been all about me so far and that is not usually how I frame my blogs. I lke to include the reader in it. So here it goes:

Now that E3 is over what were your impressions? Like it , hate it? , or could have been better?I would go with the latter.I'm now waiting for a better(hopefully)TGS.

When Konami teased us last E3(2009) with a screenshot, we all thought and hoped that it would be Castlevania for the PS3.Turns out that it is and I can't wait.I always liked the 2 3D, mature rated titles, for the PS2.Some folks dissed on them because to backtrack meant to actually go back the way you came. I saw no problem. This was medieval times. The technology to warp was not invented yet nor would it be until centuries later.(Haha)But now you can warp.Interesting!

Ghost Recon I have to see more of before I'm sold.The unveiling of the game presentation was humorous though.I'm also hoping that the new Assassin's Creed title is good.Also--Nintendo---please tell me where is "The World Ends with You2"

Anyway--take care.Summer is almost here.LET'S ALL HAVE A GREAT ONE!!!