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Finally...after 24 days!

Hello to all. I hope all of my friends are doing well and staying safe.I know that sounds trite but the world's a much moe dangerous place than it was 10-15 years ago.

Here in the US PSN came up this morning. After being down for 24 days. I downloaded the new firmware last night and waited. Then, this morning, my son was able to connect to the network. He is now playing Crysis 2, a game he got after PSN was down.I will have to get on the network later today. I doubt if the store is up yet. We have'nt checked yet. but--it's up---what a relief.

As the days and weeks go by we learn and discover more about all the really cool, must have, titles, that are coming out this year. Some have already been released.(Dead Space 2, Brink, Dragon Age 2). But the problem is---THERE"S JUST TOO MANY GOOD TITLES. Not enough money and definately, not enough time. What to do, what to do.

He re are some of the ones I am following.Please add the ones you are also following. I know I'll forget some and I don' mean to exclude good games.

1.) L.A. Noire.--Rockstar, what's not to like. I pre-ordered it from Amazon to get the $15 gamr credit and the bonus item they offered. One of the cool things about this title is that there are so many bonus items being offered. So many players will have different setups. I like the customizing ability in games. SRPG's and JRPG's do that a lot. As do a lot of adventure/action titles. But this game just looks solid. Plus it is a "period" game , much like the 1st Godfather game was and even Bioshock. That's a good selling point tome also. And-it's Rockstar games--so there 's got to be a lot of action!

2.) Dungeon Siege 3---The 1st two games and the add ons were awesome.They had a good following on the PC. Throne of Bone also didi well on the PSP. It may well be the best Hack 'n Slash on the PSP. Ilove the exploration factor in these games. A lot to do, or not do;player's choice. The title now had a pre-order bonus to it on Amazon. I know Obsidian made the title and I even wrote on a union about the layoffs they recently had. But I believe in the company despite the title they didi that didi not fare well. Alpha Protocal was a good enough game but the critics never gave it a chance. But I know a number of you did. And Fallout New Vegas never did give much problem. It actually runs better now.

3.) Catherine--I want this title. I mean I have want this title sonce I 1st saw it in Japanese print. But now Amazon has complicated it for me. Do I get the standand version for $59 and get the free soundtrack and art book.(Both of which should be COOL) Or do I get the "Love is Over" edition for $2o more and get the bonus items. A tee shirt, a pillowcase, a pair of boxer shorts, and a Stray Sheep Pizza Box(plus the CD and the book mentioned earlier). I'm not surre.I really want that edition but I'm not sure if I would use the items.

4.) Dark Souls--The sequel to Demon's Souls. FROM SOFTWARE usually makes solid titles and this one looks to be no exception. If you pre-order it you are to automtically upgraded to the premium set.( or so i hear, can anyone confirm this?)I loved the Gothic feel of the 1st title and solid titles of a Gothic nature are hard to find. Castlevania Lords of Shadow had that feel but that titles impossible to me. Or else I have'nt tried hard enough.

5.) Tales of Grace F-- This is the last title I'm listing. Namco should bring more "Tales of " titles to the US/North American market. That ticks me off. Japan has 2 versions of Tales of Heart. Why can;t we get at least one? And there are others. But I'm happy for this and I am looking forward to it.

To those of you who have got to here--thanks for reading.I really mean that. And I'll be interested to hear what you have to say. rest assured I will read ALL of your comments.

To those of you who are PS3 owners, please enjoy PSN again. I know I will see some of you there. Let's hope something of this magantude never happens again to the network. And that those responsible for the hack/crack are found and justly prosecuted.

Have a great week!

Happy Mother's Day

Hello to all my frineds, old and new alike. It's beenawhile since I posted but others have covered a number of topics that i wanted to so I just read theirs.The incidents happeneing in Japan for instance. Thise people will be struggling for a long time and they need the world's support and aid.

But Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there and---to the Mother's to-be.We should not have to set aside one day a year to honor one's Mother and later, Father. They should be honored and revered each and every day.Also I'm aware that many of you have some very complicated feelings regarding your parents. i understand that so I don't expect everyone to agree with my sentiments.But , no matter your feelings, your Mother and your father WERE the ones responsible enough to ensure that you made it into this world.

PSN is still down. This is now the 3 weekend it has been down. I don'r do a lot of online gaming so to me it does'nt effect me much in that regard. but i do but a lot of games for the PSP as well as other assorted D/l's from the site,Also I like to see my tropies updated and to see who else is online. But what iirritates me the most is that Sony allowed this to happen. Not that I'm directly blaming them, but indirectly I am. Had they build a stronger network from the outset, and had they periodically (every 4-6 months) updated the network from the frame work up then it would have been harder for whoever did this to have succeeded.

I hope that if they do find and prosecutr the people that did this they lose use of their hands.I know that sounds radical, but that would send a message to other who would try to do damage to others via a hack/crack.In some countries if you are caught stealing you lose your hand. Problem solved.Sorry if unsetted any of you but I, and the other 77millions useds never dod nothing to warrant this and we never asked for it.We didn't deserve it. But now our personal info has been nreached and our credit card info has been obtained. And Sony wants to give us a year of credit protection. WHAT IDF YOUR CARD EXPIRES IN 2014? I guess you are on your own past 2012.

But back to Mother's Day. My son got his Mother two Troll beads for her bracelet. There's only room for one more on it.And that may be pushing it. Whereas my daughter got her very nice flowers and a box of Chocolate, with a card.All in all very nice.

How was Mother's day where you are at?I'd like to hear.I'm not sure if a lot of nations even celebrate today. As said before, Mother's and Father's shouyld be honored everyday.

Stay well, stay safe and have a great week.

PSN is full of surprises!

Hello everyone. It's been some time since I've blogged so I thought I might catch up a little. I hope everyone is staying well and safe. Some of you may be on Spring break--just don't overdue it. But have FUN!

My birthday is this coming Friday, March 11th. I'm still not sure what I'm getting for it as I usually leave that up to the folks who buy me something. But I am hoping for Radiant Historia for the DS by Atlus. Or Tactics Orge for the PSP by Square. But we shall see.And I'm too old to say how old I will be.

Playstation network(PSN) has been full of surprises lately. Two week ago they re-released Xenogears, a Squaresoft classic, and one that many thought would never be released again.Or re-released.The title was consideder"untouchable" by many.That is, if you missed out on it the 1st time around, then you missed out on it.Unless you are very lucky or have a lot of money.

This week they have made available Vagrant Story.Another Squaresoft classic and one that a lot gamers thought long forgotten. Both are excellent RPG's and well woult the price, Vagrant Story is $5.99 and Xenogears is $14.99For a little over $20 you can get 2 of the best RPG's Squaresoft did.I'm not including the FF series of titles. Those seem to be held to a higher standard.And since I am discussing PSX classics that would only include FF VII, VIII, IX and FF Tactics.

I am still amazed the PSN has stepped up it offerings so much. What's next week, Threads of Fate, Romancing Saga(the original one that was released on the SNES, not the remake on the PS2),or better yet Saga Frontier.Can Parasite Eve be very far around the corner? I hope not. That would tie in with The 3rd Birthday quite nicely.

This is not meant to beat xlive up. It is just an attempt to show that Playstation has finally gone back to it's roots andis releasingtitles that made folks fall in love with the original system in the 1st place.

I can wait for next Tuesday. The day PSN issues the new week's releases. Or for Friday..I guess you know why!!!

Tagged twice!

Hello all,

1st off Agagea_888 and Namoz hve tagged me. I'll do this one as it looks cool but no pics.

1.) The first would have to be reling too much on box art in buying a game.

I remember all the cool looking NES titles that looked good on the cover and were not that great when played.Golgo 13 by Vic Tokai and Strider by Capcom to name a few.Same goes for the even older Atari and Commodore computer titles.Loking back Strider wasn'nt that bad of a title. But nowhere as appealing as the box art.

2.) Believing that I can beat dundeon crawler games.

I like Dungeon Crawler(DC) games. The old Wizardry and Ultima series started off that way. There have been many since. The Dark Spire of 2 years ago comes to mind. Atlus did that one for the DS.But usually the designers of DC games put in ridiculous puzzles or next to impossible puzzles or situations.When I get to that point in the game I get bored and that game never gets played again.I am not including mystery dungeon games in ths.Different genre.

3.) Freebies sell the game.

The free mouse pad in Elder Scrolls 1 Arena I still have. But the game is not that great.But it is a good start for the series.Sim Golf, a title done by Maxis years ago has 4 free golf balls which looked really cool. The game was alright but has limitations.The Collectror's edition of Fallout New Vegas--WAY COOL!!!Back in the Nes and SNES days our outlets for info on games was limited. Now it's not. Let the buyer beware!The Persona 3 FES bundle, very nice--as was the PSP re-release with the Junpei hat you got with a pre-order.My mistake is that I've bought too many for the freebies and have not enjoyed the titles all that much.

4.) It's a JRPG, it's gotta be good!

And in the days of the NES, SNES and PSX that was the rule. You would be very hard pressed to find a bad JRPG until the end of the PSX run. But with th PS2 there were hits and missed in that category. Unlimited Saga comes to mind. And while i liked Romancing Saga many didn't. Romancing Saga was actually released for the SNES but the title was changed around a bit before being released on the PS2.Even FF X-2 turned alot of gamers off.But being a fan I but them anyway. Still a mistake though.

5.) Lending out a game

Uh yeah...don't do that one. You like the game, chances are the person borrowing it will also. Maybe a little too much!

I tag --






And remember


Stay well and stay safe!

I know it been a while...

Hello to alll my friends. I have not been that active on the site recently but I also have not forgotten about everyone.For those of you who rec'd my version of a "Christmas card", I hope it made you smile or made your day.I hope everyone is well and warm and having a great New year so far.

On Jan 9th I finally received my Alienware computer I ordered on Black Friday. What a mess that was.I have lost all respect for Dell. I told them that also but they do not care about a single account.Now a corporate account would be a different story!

Steam has me steamed! My son and I both wanter to play Portal.A free d/l. But since it d/l'ed under my account only I can play it.We are not pirates. We just have two steam accounts on a single machine.That is such a lame feature of Steam!

I pre-ordered 2 copies of Dragon Quest 6 from Gamestop. If you pre-order there you get a free slime plushie.WOO-HOO!I am also thinking of pre-ordering Radiant Historia.

For Christmas I got Singularity for the PS3 which I already beat. That is a great game! Well worth being replayed.Also the Collector's Edition of Fallout New Vegas(playing it now) and Mafia 2 and Nier.Oh...and Last Rebellion and Atelier Rorona.

There seems to be a lot of really good game coming in January thru April. Just like last year.This years may even be better but last years are going to be hard to beat.But I do hate this new trend of publishers waiting till after Christmas to release their titles.This was a Fallout New Vegas and Black Ops christmas.But where's the marketplace? C'mon you got a title put it out and have it compete with the big boys.

I'll get active again, shortly. Bear in mind those of you who are truly my friends are in my thoughts.

"The other day he says to me .;"Junpei, I saw something strange"&

I saw something strange also when I got home from work on Thursday. Behold!!! It was a nice, brand spanking new Alienware Aurora Desktop. Primed and ready to go. What fun I was going to have on Saturday when I took my 10 year old Dell 8100 down and replaced it with this new state-of-the -art machine which I build online over Black Friday.

Saturday,(yesterday) came and with it great expectatations of gaming and conversing on a modern machine. For 2 hours I tried to get the machine to display anytrhing on the monitor. Now the monitor is not new;it's 2 years old, but it is a HD ready monitor and has high resolution.At one point the machine was on long enough for me to establish myself as administrator and two other accounts. Then it died, or so the graphics did.

NextI was on the phone for THREE HOURS AND 14 MINUTES WITH A TECH FROM ALIENWARE AND THE MACHINE STILL DOES NOT WORK! My son is pissed, I am pissed, the high hopes i had went right down the toilet!There was no gaming, no email, no steam account, no free WOW.No Portal-no NOTHING!I don't need a Steam accound because i am steamed!

My son has a netbook and the tech sent me schmatics of the insides of the machine.I took out the video cards, the crossfire cables, the hard drive, After 3 hours I felt as if i was now qualified to work at Alienware helping the Aliens to assemble the machines in Round Rock TX.

For those who have played Persona 3 you will recognise the title of this blog. It is a humorous part in the game. But there was nothing humorous about this.It was a wasted Saturday.

So when the tech tells you that your machine is tested before it is shipped out--that's more than likely a lie! The basic programs may be installed, but it's not tested in a "real world" application. The way you and i would use it.

The end resuld of all this is that now the tech is going to sent, to a certified Alienware/Dell technician a motherboard, new cross fire cables, a new hard drive, and two new video cards. Then he (or she) is to call and make an "appointment" to come at my inconveinence to repair it. That's nice. I guess. But the machine was turned off and on so many times yesterdat that the drivers and the Windows 7 have to be bad or will need reinstaled. Hope he has the drivers as no backup drivers were sent with my machine.They want you to log on in "sahe mode with networking" so they can install the frivers from their support site.

That's great.If you can get that far in the process. I can't.

So here I am back on my Dell 8100 running Windows ME on a Pentium 4 machine. How's that for high-tech?

Have a Happy Thanksgiving-2010!!

Hello again to all my friends, old and new!I hope everyone is doing well and that you are staying safe, warm and free from Winters' Ill's.Drop aline or Pm me and let me know how you're doing and what you've been up to.

This is Thanksgiving Eve and tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the US. So Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who celebrate it tomorrow. I know there are those of you who celebrate a similar holiday sometime else in the year. Well..at least consider yourselves thought of!

Tomorrow is turkey, stuffing,gravy, potatoes, vegetable casseroles, and other assorted goodies.And 3 Football that I don't care about. Well..I do care that Cincinnati loses to the Jets. I'm not a Jets fan but the Bengals are in the Steelers division and they've got to go down.When I was alot younger Thanksgiving had relatives come over and guests leave late in the day.It was a very BUSY day indeed.

The new Game Informer has been out now for a little over a week. I received the cover with John Marston from Red Dead Redemption on. I do like what they did with the covers this month.I believe Andrew Ryan is on the back of the flap.(Bioshock) But an article that caught my eye, not too far into the mag, was about how most publishers are avoiding releasing their titles untilafter Christmas.They have already ceded the Christams Holiday season to Fallout New Vegas, COD Black Ops, and the new Assassin's Creed.

From a business aspect I understand this. Why release a title only to have it get lost among the 3 I just mentioned. After all, folks only have so much money to spend on Christams Gifts.But from gamer's angle it stinks. I want selection, I want variety, I want underdog titles to fight it out (on the shelves) for the customer's dollars.Remember last year all the good games that came out in Jan through April? Well, looks like the same setup could happen again.But this year.- I don't see the QUALITY of games being as good as last year.

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday and the following Monday is Cyber monday. Get your Christmas lists out and get online or in the stores.have fun, enjoy the holiday tomorrow, Christmas is only 30 DAYS away!!!!!!!!!!!Ho Ho HO!

Black Ops---the MW2 killer???

Hello to all.How is everyone?I have been fine and here in the Western Pennylvania we just finished a week of weather with highs in the 60's. It was so nice to see Indian Summer come again! For the last 3 or 4 years we only had a day or so of it. For those who may not know -Indian Summer is when Summer like conditions happen for a period of time in Fall.

My friends who know mw know that shooters are not my forte.RPG's are. I like the involvement of an RPG and I like the decision making in the game.And the ending is usually a rewarding one with some moral lesson it in.You may have to look hard for it but it's usually there.

But this week Call of Duty Black Ops came out and the release WAS HUGE!!!!But most of you know that.I wrote this blog without reading anyone else's blogs about the title. I did not want to be influenced by others. But I will read the others my friends have wrote. My initial imprressions of the game are, so far--

The storyline is a lot longer than MW2 and in a lot of ways better.Both games had you chase and enemy down. You had to track down a Russian in MW2.The story was short. The cinematics in it were good but could have been better.And the ending left you unfulfilled.But I believe that was the idea Infinity Ward had in mind.I am very close the end of the storyline in Black OPs. Somehow the gameplay just feels better, more natural.The cinematics are also better.

But bear in mind that this game was done by Treyarch and MW titles are done by Infinity Ward.Treyarch/Activision has made some excellent titles in the past.Mostly Marvel Superhero games. But good ones.

The online experience in MW2 was a marvel(notice the play on words) to behold. It was and still it the best when it comes to connecting and getting a game.Sure there is a lag issue but Black Ops has lag issues also.But the difference is that Black OPs kick you off, again, and again, and again, and again....I've seen my son try 6 times to get into a match with a friend of his.

But is it a MW2 killer? It could be. it has potential. But it's not there yet.I'm sure that Christmas may change that as more get the title for the Holiday.But MW2 will remain a hit for a long while to come. Now MW, that's a differnt story.It's older so not as many are on the server.

The Treyarch titles also have Zombie options where the Infinity Ward titles do not.I like the Zombie option.I'm sure others will consider it a wasteand suggest that something else could have done in it's place.But it'sZombies, c'mon Zombies!!!What's not to like??

What's your take on the game so far? Does it compare or does it exceed the previous title?

I tried not to make this a review.That could be possible spoilers and I tried to avoid that issue.I'm stepping into foreign territory playing this game.After all, I'm a RPG'er!

You NEED to play this game again!

Hello to all my friends. How is everyone doing this Halloween Day? I am fine myself but I miss the hot weather. I have liked through enough Winters. I'vee seen al I want to see of them. A week or two of snow around the Christmas season would be nice but thenthe snowand Winter can go away.

Has anyone watched the video of Michael Jacksons "Thriller" today. Or perhaps the 1932 Bela Lugosi classic "White Zombie"?Even the 1968 George Romero classic "Night of the Living Dead" would be cool! The old song "Phantom 309" by Red Sovine should also be listened to tonight.Hopw all had a good Halloween!

It used to be in the old games of gaming that when you beat a gome that was that. You saw the credits. Possibly hear some great music that you otherwise would not have. and maybe a bonus was unlocked to enjoy. An art gallery or a jukebox for instance.This was true with games that were great and true of ones that were'nt so great. But not anymore--

Now when you beat a game, (PS3 and XBOX only, no Wii, no handheld)the title gives you a trophy for beating it. Is it done yet? NO! The manufacturers of the game want you to playthrough it again. Or more. That being the only way you could achieve Platinum status in the game.

Some titles are even worse!! Thay make you play through the game 4,5,or 6 times to platinum it.You have to really love a game to do this. Or--that's the only game you own.But more often, the game is not that good and does not deserve to be played again.That ticks me off. It's a design issue I do not like at all.

In iNfamous you only have to beat the title twice to platinum it. That's cool. Cole is a good character and the game is great.However in Dragon Age Origins you have to have your main character at level 20.One playthrough as a Warrior, one as Rogue, etc...Dragon Age is also a great game(it's too much conversation driven though) but it'slong!!!I just beat Wet, it's on OK game maybe a 7.5 or 7.75 rank game. When it's over you beat it.But no-you have to play it 4 more times to platinum it.5 times total.

Do you all like the way this system has become. I know ther are mixed reactions about it. But what if the GAME STINKS!?And there are those out there that do-and they use the same system I just outlined.If you could barely bring yourself to get through a game once, why put yourself through the agony again?

I went back to Lords of Shadow today. I'm not that far into it-Chapter 2 somewhere. However I can tell at this early stage in the game that once it's over for me--IT'S OVER! I will be mentally drained and my patience with the title will have run out.

What I'm saying I guess is that when I beat a game, and have acquired all the trophies in the game, I should be Platinum.I should not be forcer to play it again. My conquering of the game is just that. Now if companies want to show a notation to those who elect to play it agai and again then they could use a mark or hask mark before the trophy in the trophy list.

There more to games than just trophies but ther are Plutinum hunters out there. The NES came out mid-late 80's. Trophies are not even 5 years old yet. Also some excellent titles don't even have them (Assassin's Creed, Dead Space).But somehow the concept of awarding trophies has become warped.I can't see this trend ending but I wish it would.