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Now is the Winter of our Discontent

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;
And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths;
Our bruised arms hung up for monuments;
Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings,
Our dreadful marches to delightful measures

These are the opening passages of Richard III by William Shakespeare for those who may not know. But I have found that the GS community is generally an educated one. I doubt if many of you did not know this passage.

I have seen a lot of discontent in the eyes and faces of shoppers this past Black Friday and Black Saturday. (I believe J.C. Penney was the first major retailer to coin the phrase "Black Saturday"). Folks will do the craziest things this time of year just to get a certain item. But discontent is a separate issue. There are those who WANT to buy but can't due to their personal finances. There are those who abhor the commercialization of the Christmas season.Those who have no one to celebrate the Christmas Season with. (I fell most sorry for them!)And then there are those those who are just greedy--they need and want it ALL.

Our brows are bound with [vicious] wreaths. Thise who are greedy for themselves or for others show that to be true.In the holiday season that is quickly coming folks hearts should be happy and joyous.Charity runs rampant during this time of year as does the message of "peace on earth, good will toward men". But that is not always true and those are folks who have the "vicious wreaths". Now before you comment I said vicious and not victorious. I would hope that the bard would understand my point.

Many of you may be familiar with the person who sprayed others with Pepper Stray at a midnight opening just so they could get an X Box. I bring this up here not to celebrate that person. Their actions were despicable! But it did involve gaming which is the mainreason forthis site.These folks are the greedy. Did they exemplify the Christmas Spirit? Where was the "...goodwill toward man"?

The countdown has begun to Christmas Day and the time will pass quickly.Enjoy it for all it's worth. For 1 month--8% of the year--we should all aspire to higher standards.many of us will at one time sing Christamas Carols. Be sure to mean the message you are singing in your heart. Your singing will be much better and more believeable.Have a great Holiday season and remember the reason for the season!

Let "merry meetings" and "delightful measures" abound!!!

The Elder Scrolls V--Skyrim (How Sweet it is)!!

****This is not a review and does not contain spoilers***

Hello my friends. old and new. I hope everyone is doing well. I have been fine but I hate the cold nights we are currently having here in the NE area of the United States. That days are trying to be warm but they are now short, I realy hate cold houses.

My Daughter and her husband keep their apartment at approx. 76 degrees and that is TOO hot --for me. But not them I guess. Speaking of Hot----

Skyrim was released yesterday 11/11/11. I had preordered my copy from Amazon for same day delivery. I love that option!!!!99 cents well spent!! The game appears to live up to all the hype and promotion it has received. If you like the WRPG style of game---or if you like the Adventure style of searching and striking out on your own in a foreign land type game, then this is for you. Bethesda has never made a bad Elder Scrolls game and this one does not start a new trend.

This title, as do many WPRG's and others let s you customise the look of your character. I also like that. That way everyone can put together the hero as they see fit. Or Villain. It's an open world game so you get to choose.Of course this is the Elder Scrolls and breaking the law TOO many times might not be a good idea.

I also kept my character a Nord. The Nord's are from Skyrim. But I am really a Daggerfall/Morrowing player and I wanted to be a Dunmer, a Dark Elf, as they are from Morrowind. But in the end I just could not do it.

Shortly after creating my characterI realizedI was going to DIE! Not I don't mean Demon's/Dark Souls die where MAYBE you can gain your souls back. I meanOFF WITH THEIR HEADS, Marie Antoinette style.

But that's enough about the game.I want your thoughts on what you think of it or any of the other newer releases of the Fall/Christmas Season (Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, COD 7(?????---something is not following the motif here!).If you have to wait until Christmas trying teling your folks that an early Christams gift would be nice.

Take Care and God Bless. XO

Infamous 2 review

Hello All,

It's been a while sine I blogged.The TGS weekend to be exact. I hope alll have been well.

I wrote and posted my review of Infamous 2 at http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/action/infamous-2/player_review.html?id=777602&tag=all-about%3Breview1.

I'd make the address short and just put "here" like so many of you do but I don't know how to do that.

We are now getting onto the "meat" of the Christmas new title release season. Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, and the not-to -muck-anticipated. COD title. More have spent their money --and-have higher hopes for- Battlefield 3 than do MW3. That's a fact. I'm not trying to tick off MW3 players.

Check out the photos I posted lately. I know some of you have and it is apresiated. They are all wallpapers-so enjoy. 1440x900 resolution they are. Lonhtime friends wil know who I have an eye for!!

Let me know what you are planing to get this Christmas season.Or perhaps you already received an early gift. Cool!

Take Care and God Bless


Remembering Elder Scrolls II---Daggerfall

Earlier this week Elder Scrolls 2 --Daggerfall turned 15 years old! I know it was a cause for celebration atBethesda but sadly many gamers have forgotten the title. AS for me it's the only Elder Scrolls title that I don't own.I even have an unopened cpot of Elder Scrolls (1) Areaa, but not Daggerfall.

To me the series came in to it's own with Elder Scrolls 3 --Morrowind. A grand adventure on a grand scale.So much to discover, so much to do. Want the main quest, that's fine. Want to carve out your own identity, that's fine also. Oblivion may have perfected the art started in Morrowind, but Morrowing was great.

Which leads me back to Daggerfall. The title itslf is still downloadable on some retto computer gaming sites.Just be sure youhave aprogram which slows down your powerhouse PC.I want gamers to discover the title on their own so I am not going to much into it. Even to me some parts are sketchy.But it still a celebration worth noting.

It would be interesting from gamers actually played the title a long time ago and what their impression were of it--at the time.

It's 2 months till Skyrim's relaese and I know we are looking to the future. But for a moment let us rememebr the past.

Catherine and Vacation.

Hello to all my friends, old and new.I hope this day finds you well and in good spirits. I've not postedlately due to the fact that I was going on Vacation. 3 weeks ago I went with my family to Ocean City, Md. It is one our favorite places to go to. A long 6 hour drive down and about an 8 hour drive back. But well worth it.To those of you who live in warm weather areas or by a beack, like Portugal for instance, I envy you. i love it at the beach and the boardwalk soooo much.

The Dew Tour 2011 was Ocean City for 2 days while we there. That was very cool to see. The heat was over 100 degrees but there was a lot of free samples of variour flavors on Mountain Dew.A llt of companies were there ttelevising the x-Games.

Seeing as how I had to save for vacation I could not order the "Love is Dead" edition of Catherine. I still want the shirt. If any of you don't want it let me know as I am looking for one without having to pay and arm and a leg for one.I did get the CD and Artbook though. I love the title but am only on Day 4. The nightmare for Day 4 that is. I really like the voice acting. It's the most fun I've heard voice actors have in a game since Persona 3 for the PSP was voice acted.Travis, Troy Baker, and Laura Bailey (even Johnny Yunng Bosch) do a great job. That just adds to the game itself. But this is not a review. I may do one later. BTW, I believe theperson who does the voice of Katherine is also Yukari in Persona 3.Have'nt looking into wiki about it yet though.

Have you seen the news today where Square lost boatloads of dollars in the first quarter. i believe they deserve that. They seem to think that FF players have unending patience. They are wrong. Stop dangling products over our heads and making us wait over a year for the title to come out. Dundeon Siege 3 was the only title of signifigance that they have released this year. On another site I believe the Jimquistion solves all there problems. Google that to see what I mean. Warning--some of the languege may be harsh and not for younger folks.Here's a clue Square,----go back to being Square soft and release titles gamers WANT to BUY and WANT TO PLAY.

Square has been resting on their laurels and he gamers have finally spoke!!!!!There are far too many good choices out there right now. What are some of the titles you are playing or are looking forward to?l

Summer is winding down. Iknow it does'nt end until 2/3 of Septare over and that's a bit away. But here in the US even the College are moving backin their dorms and classes will be starting shortly. Do any of you have any major plans left for Summer? I'd be interested in knowing.

Lastly I have seen Rise of The Planet of the Apes today and Captain America last weekend. I liked them bot. I don't try to analyse films too much. I look at them as a 2 hour diversion and if I'm enteetained then the film works. If not, THEN it's a a bad fil,. These were not.I would suggest checking out one if not both of them.Just as most of you don't believe the gaming critics, don't also believe the film critics.

Take care my friends and have fun also.Stay safe and stay well.Or get well if you are not.

Frustration with Steam---but a good ending anyway

Hello to all my friends new and old. I hope this day finds you well and enjoying all life has to offer.My work gets me home at 7:30 PM and by the time I eat and clean up there's not much time to write a blog. After all, after a full day of working I need to let off some aggression by gaming! That's why I don't blog more in case you are wondering. But still, It's great to sit down and put my thoughts down for you all to puruse.

I beat Hunted- The Demon's Forge last weekend! I thought it was a really good title. During this week I also beat the game again as Alara, the female character.(Voiced by Laura Bailey .She get credit for the voice acting. Unlike Nier where she did Kaine and got no credit for it). I thought the game was better than all the reating I read for it. I gave it an 8 half way through the game but it should get a 8.25 or 8.5. I'll post a review on it in the near future.I still playing it trying to get more trophies. And I have'nt even palyed on e of the used created dungeons or Corporate done dungeons.

What have you all been getting from the Staem Summer Sale? I got Torchlight for my Son and myself,Hydrophobia-Prophecy for myself. And----The Last Remnant. And that is why I'm ticked. I got the title today 10 minutes before the sale ended.Now I have a new Alienware Aurara desktop computer. Ar least it was new in January. Th initial D/L speed for the title was 2.3 M's/sec. Not bad.In about an hour the d/l was done--and then it started again! I mean what gives, This time the D'l took about 6 hours. It kept stopping, there were large gaps between info being sent--too much of a hassle for $9.99. I realize that the new offerings came up approx 1;10 and that the second D/l had to contend with all the other traffic on the site. But that time is ridiculous!!! Sorry Steam, Valve whatever you call yourself, BUT THAT WAS JUST PLAIN IGNORANT.D/l's should be 1st come 1st serve. And why would'nt you let me keep my 1st D/L?ARRRGGGHH!!!

Sorry friends but I just had to vent and it does no good to do it at my house. It may do no god here either but at least I get to say it.All in all I have no problems wit their site, but I hate these special events.From now on though I wil pay full retail price for large meg games rather than put up with the ineptitude on Steam!

Casey Anthony gets released form jail this Wednesday.To me this is a travesty of Justice. I believe that if she didn't have a hand in the girl'd death, then she know who did it and that STILL makes her Guilty.And if she's protecting them that makes an accomplace,Look at O.J. He was fount Not Guilty in the criminal case and Guilty in the civil case, His like now is in the toilet and in the toilet is where it wil stay. he will never be able to pay his bill or the money he owes. This Anthony twirp willnever again have or lead a norman life. I hope she enjoyed batting her eyes and twirling her hair for the camera on Thursday. IT REALLY WAS NOT ENDEARING! But enough if that topic. I just had to say something.

Keep in touch this Summer/Winter either by PM or responding to blogs. Let me know what you are up to and what's on YOUR MIND. Infamous 2 will more tham likely be my next Ps3 title to play--after I get further in Torchlight.

Take Care and stay safe!

JRPG's you may never see!!

Hello to all my friends. I hope this has been a great weekend for you.This one wasn't as eventful as the last one was for me but it was still fun.Killzone 3 has triple points this weekend so I got a 7 or 8 levels in that title. Mt son told me that on Friday night when I came hoew from work.

My daughter, on the other hand found this piece on information regarding JRPG's and the Wii. Below is the link and it explains it better than what I can---


I will do as the author says and I believe it is importand for all JRPG fan to take part in this. Maybe you are not a fan of the Wii.Or Nintendo as a company. But your comsole may be next!And looking around Ladies and Gentlemen, I don't see a lot of JRPG's for any curent gen consoles. There are many RPG hybrids and a lot that like the player to thing the game is cousin of a RPG. But they are not. There are a lot of Western, WRPG's on the market. But this is about JRPG's.The true RPG'ers know what I'm talking about.

It's embarrassing to me that our own site , here at GS, did not get this started. But rather a competitors site.But so many, gamers and staffers alike, discount the Wii and consider there to be 2 major consoles. That's a shame. I would expect the gaming community to be more professional in their approach to the Wii. The problems with the Wii are many and that is an entirely different blog. This is a blog with a call to action.

Hopefully many of you will be with me and follow up on the link. Also pass it along to your friend and post it unions you may belong to if the union warrants the news.

These seem to be great titles and NEED to be released. Don't let Nintendo pull the same stunt they did witn Earthbound on you again.Folks are still bitter, and mad, that Nintendo only ever released one title on console. Their argument as to why didn't hold water then and this issue does'nt now either.

Have a great week. Take Care and stay safe!

Happy Anniversary and Happy Father's Day!!

Hello to all my friends, old and new.The weekend is almost over here in the US as I write this. I hope all had an eventful one and a safe one. For those of you who areoff school for the time, have fun and enjoy the coming Summer(it's in 2 days) for those not on break or who are working-well--try to make the most of it. I want to start by saying that I hope all the Father's out there had a great Father's Day! The Mother may oftentime be the backbone behind the family, but if that'd the case the father is the driving force behind it.This is not always true but is a lot of times.(A lot of time is reversed)

As for the Anniversary part today was my 30th ANNIVERSARY!!! We had gone steady for 3 years before we got married so it seems as if 30 years was some time ago.And ther is very little I would have changed in those 30 years. i oftentime give folks advice and one of the pieces of advise I give is "Try your best to live life with no regrets". I have always practiced what I preach.There are no -do-overs. No"Continute form last save point?" in life.The moment is here , it is gone. I can parapharse "Carpe Diem" but there are others of you who can say it much better!

This ties into gaming how? Ahh glad you asked that. Well my daughter got me a very nice hardbound book for Father's day. "1001 Video Games you should play before you die". I have only glanced at it a bit but I'm alreadsy amazed at the number of titles I have played and forgotten about. Mainly in the Atari 2600 and Atari Computing days.Asteroids is in there but not the 2600 version, the authentic Atari Arcade version.Good!I would recommend this book if not for reading them as a book of reference. It starts with the Earliest titles made and goes to 2010.

My son got me "Dragon Quest V Hand of the Heavenly Bride" for the DS for the holiday. It's the only DQ/DW I didn't have.I'm in the middle of DQ VI right now so this one may have to wait. But still very nice!

For Anniversary I gave my wife 3 Troll Beads with Diamonds encased in them. One white, one black, one pink.She was very pleased. I received Chobits, the complete Collection on Blu-ray. Hunted the Demon's Forge(with Assasain's Pack) and inFamous 2.And I was happy. All in all a very nice weekend.I had considered 30 to be an inportant anniversary which is why we a litle more overboard than what we should have.

I started Hunted tonight. I like it so far, it's Bethesada, what's not to like? It not quite Diablo but it will feed your hunger while you waiting for Diablo 3 to come(if it ever does).And since I have beat inFamous I can start the second title without skipping any backstory parts.

Sorry for the long blog--AGAIN! I wrote along on last time and didn't get many responses. Rut I appreciate those that did and your opinions were well taken. Hope you all made it to the end of this one. Let me know what you're playing and what you have on hold to play. A lot of times in the Summer gamers are outside more and spend less time gaming. but this has so many great release-so out and some coming shortly--that the systems are competing pretty well against the beautiful weather.

Have fun and take care.Stay Young. I have.

What E3 isn't and what it could be

Hello to all my friends. Both new and old. I have gained a number of friends over the past month and that is a great thing. The success of any socisl networking site is the people and the bonds they form.The site has one of the best, if not THE BEST, support groups anywhere. It always amazes me the way total strangers from all walks of life come together to support each other and cheer each other on. I could go on but enough about that.

2011 E3 is inthe history books. I liked wayching the coverage here and on G4TV. I hope everyone else got a chance to keep up on the events surrounding the week. Attendance was very good.Not the best ever, but up from last year.I myself am looking forward to Bioshock Infinate, Dark Souls, Dragon Dogma, Rage and Dungeon Siege 3. What are some of the title you are looking forward to the most? Ooops..I almost forgot Catherine.Then there were some title that just didn't excite me all that much. I want Ghost Recon to be good, but I'll stay sceptical. The others I won't mention as to not offend anyone.

Despite attentance being up, the number of booths was about 100 less than last year. That's 33% less sponsorship for those who like fractions. That is just uncalled for. 2011 has been an excellent year for gaming. And the onslaught of great titles coming out, for all systems and handhelds, is not slowing down.Some areas of ther world are coming out of a recession or the ecomomy is not that good in some. But through it all, GAMING thrives!No matter where you. No matter what you do. No matter what your circumstance. We all have the need to be entertained.But 100 less exhibits seems to give the impression otherwise. I am very disappointed at these numbers. These was ground-breaking news announced at E3. But some companies wanted no part of it.

Which brings up to "what E3 isn't". Well for starters it isn't the show it was a few years ago when there were a lot of vendors and tables set up. After 2007 a lot of folks pulled out and decided to skip E3 altogether. Some have lived with this decision now for 4 years.Others less than that.Nis America held their press conference last Friday, before the start of E3. In a sense "stealing some of the thunder" of the show.Without sponsers, with out tables, without people, there;'s no show.Ahh....

But that leads us into the greatest sin of E3. It not open to the public.I seem to recall the E3's of the 80's when they were held in Las Vegas and they were open to the public. How times have changed! Not for the better either. Not don't get me wrong. I am fully aware that the press needs days to themselves to go in and get their stories. This need to be done with little outside interference. But the reason JGS (Japanese Game Showing)is loved more than E3 is is that one a select number of days it's open to the public.

Putting the public, the potential consumer, in front of your new machine or software means a lot to the customer and the customer will likely remember their experience with the product.Thus they will be more likely to buy that product when it is realeased if they liked what they saw, Could it be that the reason a lot of vendors have puled out of E3 is beacuse they CAN'T get their product in the consumers's hands?I like watching the coverage of the show as I said before. but it's not the same as a hands-on approach would be.Look at capcom,-At JGS they are HUGE!! Numerous dispalys. Mdse for sale, trinkets, CD's, Jackets,..Same with Square Enix and others.Major companies don't even get a chance to sell gaming related wares to the gamer at E3!

E3 could more consumer friendly. The press has access to all the major hardware and software companies each and every day of the year.The press will get advance copies of the titles, demo titles, trinkets and souveniers from the game sent to them. Waivers will have to be signed to get the above and secrecy clauses will have to be adhered to. but that's the nature of the business. The comsumer, the gamner, gets nothing gratis like that. No shirts, no hats, no CD's ect. So why not let the gamer have their few dqys where they can go and freely walk around E3.

Attendance would rise--again. But more importantly table would be full and most of the vendors that left in 2007 or after would come back.Little by Little.

In closing. I don't mean to put dowm E3. On the contrary, I want to make it biger and better.The vendors that have displays there leave with no customer feedback for the many thousands of dollars invested(for their space).I want it to be the E3 it used to be. I also understand the press has a job to do as said before.For the most past the gaming press does and excellent job. Except for those who review games. But that's a whole different blog! So I 'm not beating up on them but it could'nt hurt to get visitor reaction in your stories. it would make your story seem more real and more intimate.

In anxoious to hear what everyine thinks. That is if you read this blog in it'd entirity. Hopefully you did. Have a great weekend and a great week to come.