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Xbox One or PS4?

The PS4 and XONE are the two next gen systems coming out. PS4 coming in november 2013, along with the Xbox One. They both look pretty impressive. Their game lineup are pretty even too. On the PS4 the biggest exclusives are Killzone Shadowfall, and Infamous Second Son. On the Xbox One the biggest exclusives are Titanfall, and Dead Rising 3 in my opinion. Other next gen games that I'm excited for are Final Fantasy XV, Battlefield 4, and many more.

I'm going to buy the PS4 first. I'm going to buy it the first day of release and buying Killzone Shadowfall and Battlefield 4. Then later, maybe a year or two after the Xbox One's release I may buy the XONE. I do think that the PS4 is doing stronger than the Xbox One. The launch titles are better, bet more for what you're paying for and seems like the winning system in my opinion. What do you guys think? This blog is all my opinion. Write what you think in the comments.

Platinum Skyrim. Next Dishonored

Last week, I got the last trophy on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim which was the infamous "Oblivion Walker" where you have to collect 15 Deadric Artifacts from all of the 15 Deadric Quests. The bad thing about this trophy is that if you do not aquire the Daedric Artifact from a quest you must load a save and do it over. If you didn't save since then there will be a problem. This happened to me a completed the last Deadric Quest and I didn't get the trophy. So I had to load a save about 100 hours back to redo that quest. After a lot of work, I finally got the quest. Believe it or not, but this is my first Platinum Trophy.

I'm thinking the next game I'm going to try to Platinum will be Dishonored. I have about half of the trophies for the main game, but there a lot of DLC Trophies for the Challenge Maps, Knife of Dunwall, and Brigmore Witches DLC. I'll get the DLC when I get the chance, but for now I'm attempting to beat the game without being seen and without killing a single human soul. Doing this will grant you a gold trophy, and a couple silver trophies for beating it without being seen and kill less than 10 people and stuff like that. But I think if I really try at the game I will be able to Platinum the game.

I also have a few trophies left to do on Fallout New Vegas, so I might play some more of that game, even though I have already reached the level cap.

$30 eShop Credit Sweeeet.

Recently on the Nintendo eShop, there was a deal that if you buy and register Fire Emblem Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV you get a $30 Nintendo eShop credit. I already had Fire Emblem Awakening when I found this out so I went out and bought SMT IV. I register them both on Club Nintendo, and I get a $30 eShop credit code. Sweet, huh?

I only have the default 2 gigs of memory that the 3DS comes with, so I think I'll buy a 16 or 32 gig SD before I buy anything off of the eShop. I downloaded Fire Emblem Awakening off of the eShop awhile ago, which that has eaten up most of the 2 gigs of memory.

Yeah I haven't really played any other Shin Megami Tensei games before SMT IV so I really didn't know what to expect. But I'm really enjoying it because it's the great JRPG genre that I love.

Yesterday I was walking around town and I stumbled upon a garage sale and I found a star wars book that I am now addicted to... It's a trilogy about how Han Solo came to be and about all of the adventures he had before A New Hope. I always pick up whatever Star Wars book that I come across.

I am also getting pumped for 2014. Do you know why? I didn't think so because it is the 60th Anniversary of Godzilla, and I have been hearing rumors of a new Godzilla movie in development. Which I am excited about, because that is why I devoted my GS name to Godzilla.

I am also thinking of posting some videos my band and I playing some music on youtube, so you check that out and subscribe if you want. Zillaman101 on youtube, same as here. The first song we'll post will most likely be Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix, so I'll blog on here when I post it. It won't be the whole band playing, it'll just be the bass player and I for the time being.

If anybody has any ideas on 60s or 70s rock music we should play or any good downloaded games off of the Nintendo eShop, just comment down below.

Bob Dylan Concert

Last night I was at a Bob Dylan Concert. If you don't know who bob dylan is, he is a famous musician who was most known in the '60s and sings, plays guitar, piano and Harmonica. He's most known for his amazing song writing. He is 72 years old right now so this concert I saw may be his last concert. Bob played last and there were three other bands that performed before him. The first band was the Richard Thompson Electric Trio. Richard is a british musician and song writer. The band consists of Richard Thompson vocals and the amazing pink fender stratocaster guitar, Taras Prodaniuk on the Bass guitar, along with backing vocals, and Michael Jerome on the Drums and also backing vocals. The band was phenominal especially Thompsons guitar playing. The second band was My Morning Jacket. My morning jacket is an American rock band from Louisville, Kentucky. The band consists of Jim James (Which sounds too much like Jimi Hendrix's former stage name: Jimi James) who is a singer, song-writer and guitarist, Tom "Two Tone Tommy" Blankenship who is MMJ's Bassist, Patrick Hallehan on the drums, Bo Koster who was the keyboardist at this concert but is also is a percussionist and vocalist, and Carl Broemel who is a pedal steel guitarist, saxophonist and singer. MMJ is good by having some electronic stuff (which I usually don't prefer) rock and roll head-banging stuff and some of the more screamo stuff but doing all of it really well. The Third band that played was Wilco. The first two bands I was up front, close to the stage, but when I was listening to Wilco I was at the mile long line concession stand where I was trying to get some lunch. When I got my lunch, I sat down and ate it, but by the time I made my way close to the stage it was toward the end of their session. But from what I heard, they are a very well rounded band. Jeff Tweedy singing and guitar, John Stirratt on the bass, guitarist Nels Cline, multi-instrument player Pat Sansome, Keyboard player Mikael Jorgenson, and drummer Glenn Kotche. This is also a band playing quite a few of music genres and doing most of them well. And the last musician to play was -of course- Bob Dylan. Man he is getting old. But he still plays his music well. Bob has arthritis in his wrists due to old age so he couldn't play guitar last night so he sung, played piano and played some awesome harmonica. I had an awesome time and it's definately something to remember.

Thanks for reading.

Fire Emblem Awakening

The 3DS game that I bought is Fire Emblem Awakening. I am really enjoying the game so far. I love the free content that the game gives you every so often. With the mix of the turn based strategy and cool attack animations, this game is really, really enjoyable. I really hope this game is going to be long. It looks like it's going to be, but I don't know. There is also some DLC to buy so that's a plus. I also got the original The Legened of Zelda on the NES with my purchase of Fire Emblem.

Also, on Playstation Plus there is Demon's Souls on the Playstation Store for free. I downloaded that immediately and I am loving the game so much. Alright, I'm off to play my video games talk to you guys later.

I need help making a decision.

Hello everone! I have not blogged in quite awhile and I need help on which 3DS game I should get. March of 2013 has been the month for the 3DS; A whole bunch of titles have been released this month. I am stuck on deciding which of the following 3DS titles I should buy:

Castlevania Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate

Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

Fire Emblem Awakening

Which one do you think I should buy? I want a game that I will enjoy and have plenty of content to explore. Castlevania looks really awesome. I played the demo and I love the finishing moves and the puzzles. But I could see the game ending too quick. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon looks really fun and challenging. The multiplayer looks great. Monster Hunter looks like a game I would play a lot. The combat is awesome and the battles are nice and long. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is fun but I could see that main story having a cheezy ending. But the magnigate function could bring me almost endless dungeons to explore. Fire Emblem Awakening also looks like a game a would play a lot. The cinematics look very impressive. Fire Emplem Awakening also got the best score on Gamespot out of all of these choices. If you have played any of these games, tell me what you think, and if you liked it or not and why.

Yeah, almost all of my 3DS games I have played dry. RE Revelations I have gotten an S Rank in every Raid mission, Super Mario 3D Land I have done everything and unlocked the secret ending level, New Super Mario Bros. 2 I have beat the game 3 times and am going for all 3 star coins on every level. Heroes of Ruin I have to just beat the final level and I will have a %100 completion. So yeah I have played almost all of my 3DS games completely and I think I need a new game.

Comment and tell me what you think, Thanks for reading

Christmas (100th blog ^.^)

Well this Christmas is definately one to remember. I got a Capo, two full sets of guitar strings, a marshal amplifier, a vox wah pedal, a legend of zelda tab book for me to learn zelda songs on my guitar, Dishonored on my PS3, Heros of Ruin on my 3ds, and RE: Mercinaries 3d on my 3ds. Oh, and I got $40 worth of PSN cards. I'm thinking of getting 3 more months of playstation plus, and the new skyrim dlc when it comes out.

I haven't played dishonored yet, but I can tell I am gonna love it. (I've loved every bethesda game I have played!) Resident Evil the mercinaries 3d is really, really fun. But it really isn't it's own game. It's a mix of Resident Evil 4 and 5's Mercinaries mode. Resident evil 4 and 5's characters and maps,4 n5's zombies, but RE 5's play style. The frame rate at times is very pathetic, but the graphics are pretty decent. I love the characters you get to choose from. You get to choose from 8 characters: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Rebecca Chambers, HUNK, Albert Wesker, Jill Valentine, Barry Burton and Jack Krauser. (My favorites are Jack Krauser and HUNK.) There is no story or campaign mode at all. So really it doesn't seem like a full game. But I really, really like it, playing mercs mode on the go.

Heros of Ruin, I can tell I'll play this for a long time. It's your average Co-op RPG, but it's great for playing on the go. I haven't played it enough to write much about it, so I'll play it more and then blog about it later.

I also got some cool shirts, undies, and some socks.

So overall, this was a really great christmas. How did you guys' christmas' go?

What I'm hoping for Christmas

Well, there will be the sharing of gifts in a couple of hours, and these are the games I hope to acheive:

Resident Evil 6 - PS3

Borderlands 2 - PS3

Shinobi - 3DS

RE Mercinaries 3D - 3DS

Dishonored - PS3

PSN Prepaid Card

3ds Prepaid Card

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection - PS3

So, yeah I'll blog about what I got either tomorrow, or the next day.

My birthday.

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and I got some new video games.

I got call of duty black ops 2 on my ps3, assassin's creed 3 on my ps3, liberation maiden on my 3ds, zelda 2 the adventure of link on my 3ds, and super mario bros on my 3ds.

So far black ops 2 is great. Activision changed up the campaign, and multiplayer to make it even better, and zombies mode is back. I got the hardened edition, so I get to play on the nuketown zombies map, along with the multiplayer version of nuketown and a few new weapon camos. The game is fantastic so far.

Assassin's creed 3 is also fantastic. I thought bringing more and more guns into the assassin's creed franchises would make it not assassin's creed, but the new weapon and everything are really cool. I haven't played the game nearly enough to write a review for it but I know so far, that the game is going to be one to remember.

Liberation Maiden is a lot funner than I expected it to be. It's a really great game, being an $8 download. It doesn't have that many stages to play through, but the playthrough value is good. Definately a great game to play in the car while traveling.

Super Mario Bros, and Zelda 2 the adventure of link are both excellent NES classics. Super Mario bros just brings me away from all of these new mario games, and brings me back to the best mario game. Zelda 2 is probably one of the hardest zelda games I have ever played. It's actually a side scroller, and has a leveling up system that you use to make your magic, health and sword damage stronger. I actually like it a lot.

Christmas is coming soon, check here again next week for my christmas gifts.