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I've been following this site for years and I have never seen any actual threats or violence targeted towards anyone, writer or otherwise. That doesn't mean it hasn't happened, but it is hardly the epidemic these guys make it out to be. I've seen way more missteps by staff and moderators than I've seen from posters. What I do see are people strongly not agreeing with people, insults, mature and immature logic and general trolling. If you cant handle that, then you may want to just unplug that router from your wall and stay inside where you belong. Hurting someones feelings is not crime, wishing someone would shut up is not a threat, and losing an argument is not a legitimate pretext to censoring someone. There is a lot of Intolerance and ignorance everywhere and while it is distasteful, backwards and plain silly, it is a persons right to be in the dark ages as long as they don't deny others access to what we all have.