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Gaming Life.

Born in the 80's I can pretty much say that I have seen the evolution of gaming starting from what i have seen at that time: The Atari. then off came my first ever game that introduced me to the wonders of gaming: The NES, cannot forget the first game I played it was Konami Wai Wai World. This game started everything on my gaming life... remembered the time I always snuck out of school just to rent on video game stores just to play other games. (I do not have money to buy cartridges that time). Then off game the Mega Drive, then to the PS1... never thought graphics would impressive the way it was years ago.. speaking of graphics, one thing I am always been a fan of, was the street fighter series. Been playing it since the NES days with only 4 characters @_@ and 1 unplayable one which is Bison. It evolved to what we see as its latest evolution: Streetfigher X Tekken. On the SFxT I just read this article about the 12 characters being DLC's for me its nice they added them inside the disc. What sucks is why do they need to LOCK it??? Fighting Game is about skill. No matter which character they use as long as they excel on it they will win, as for the new GEM feature, its cool? but heck! it shows the same old lame reasoning of Capcom that " He who has MONEY, has POWER". Sad to say we players pay 60$ of our hard earned money only to realize we are restricted or even out skilled by people who can AFFORD to get better upgrades or characters... I have been playing for almost 3 decades and one thing that lacks on Games right now is the FUN FACTOR, games are supposed to entertain people and make people happy, all generations alike. They should be stress relievers, not stress givers. Gaming Companies have created this line to provide fun, on the business side it is to make profit also, BUT please bear in mind: DO YOU PROVIDE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION? Guess not... good games with good story lines, good soundtrack, good game-play and graphics exist only in a PERFECT world, and yet there is no such thing as PERFECT in this world of ours, even in Video Games that players want to see something perfect due to the imperfections of the world end up being RIPPED OFF.