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Thee answers to all your questions!

( part 1)a friend of mine told me to do a blog about this matter, so that's the only thing you have to do is ask a question i mean any question and i'll answer it to the best i can.. so ask away... and please reframe youself from asking stupid question like, do cloud float or fly in the sky etc... you get the idea... also i'll answer all the question by friday afternoon, cause i want to make sure everyone has a chance to ask me something.

( Part 2)

well peeps i said you ask question and i'll give answer so here you go peeps... i answer all all of them to the best of my knowledge.. you'll see a Q mena question and A for the anwser to the questions...


Q:Favorite Game? and Color?

A: final fantasy , and the color black


Q:do u miss me?

A: of course i do mama, i miss our conversation in the morning time.


Q: Do you think you'd rather be a drug user or a rebel? In Haze I mean, lol.

A: Well i itred out the demo for haze, and i love the nector for the demo, but i would like to play the rebel as well to get the full feel of it... so far the nector has my vote...lol


Q:Are you a transsexual?

A: no i don't... maybe for halloween...lol


Q:Is Neji Hyuga your favorite Naruto character? If so, why?

A: well i love that charcater, something about him seem like my personality really... you can say, i see the furture and i'm a smart a$$ as well...lol also did i say i'm a genius..lol


Q:Favorite Game?

A: final fantasy

Q:Favorite Game Genre?


Q:Favorite Game Company?

A: square-enix

Q: Do you like Bleach? If so Favorite Captain Bankai and Character?

A: well i havn't seen all the movies yet.. but i do love the series... i'm trying to buy them all... but in florida we don't get much anime..

Q:Favorite Anime?

A: Naruto series

Q:Favorite Food?

A: i'm a health freakn, so i always eat right... so mostly chicken , brown rice, veggie's, yogurt's and tons of fruit and gallon's of water.

Q:Favorite Soda?

A: well i'm a health freak , so i don't drink soda at all.. not also that i don't want to get kiney stone from drinking soda..

Q:Favorite Primetime show(you know shows only on CBS NBC ABC CW like the local channels)?

A: well i take care of my nephew , cause i have full custody over here... so i barely watch any tv or show for that matter.. between work, gym, and taking care of a 9 year old who has time..

Q: Do you like RPG's?

A: i love RPG's , but my favotive is JRPG title's

Q:Favorite Sport?

A: soccer, baseball and some football

Q:Whos your best friend on gamespot?

A: i have two best friends on here, and i love them both to death, there are " madtyger " and "Samsengir" and there also the best gamer online as well...

Q:Favorite Union?

A: ESLS and PS3 nex gen


Q: favorite all time video game system?

A: i would say ps3, cause its fully growing to my expections... now they just need to stop delaying game...lol

8 )gara15

Q:Have you ever broken the law you know mistomers?

A: no i havn't


Q: Do you have an anime and a game that's overrated?

A: well i don't think any anime is overrated, but for game i would say halo

Q:Is Zeke your real name? I'm guessing cause of how you gave your user name.?

A: no its not, its a nickname given to me back in the days when i was in a breakdancing crew, and it been stuck on me ever since.


Q:a fighter or a lover ?

A: little bit of both, i would fight for the one i love..


Q:How long have you been into games?

A: about 24 year now and still loving it...lol

Q:Have you beaten GTAIV yet?

A: no not yet, but i'm plaining too even thou i'm not into it... but the mulitplaye kick a$$

Q:Are you married with children?

A: no i'm not married, but i have custody over my newphew, its a LONG STORY

Q:In terms of gaming...Are you into this Modern Stuff or more into Old School?

A: a little bit of both really... i love old skool and new stuff... as long as the gameplay and story are good i'll play it and most have a fun factor or changelle's

Q: Whats your favorite series????

A: i would say final fantasy series, cause it have the best story and gameplay and graphic's

Q:Whats your favorite movie????

A: well i would say Dark Crystal... its an old movie, but when i see it, i'm glue to the TV screen...lol

12) samsengir

Q: Don't you feel like you're suddenly being questioned by the Spanish Inquisition?

A: no i don't feel that way, and if it did i'll end up shooting myself...lol

Q:If you had a son, would you call him Jamie?

A: heck no! i would call him Zek or Tony

Q:Will you ever finish Burnout?

A: one day i will , and you'll be the first one to know, that a freakn fact...lol

Q:Have you ever met Patsy?

A: well i don't which patsy your talking about , but if i do meet her in person.. i would like to meet her and hang out with her... but if your talking about the midnite patsy, the only thing i can say is no comment...lol

Q:And would you ever have a Bolly Stolly?

A: well bud, i have no clue on what bolly stolly is, but if you tell me in a private email, i'll answer your question there and post it on here.


Q:Have you EVER bitten into a whole onion before-- peeling and all?? And WHY?

A: well to be totally honest with you , it has never crossed my mind really... i mostly chop them up and cook them with food etc... funny question thou...lol


Q:What's the best restaurant you've ever been to?

A: well mama, to be truthful to you, i don't go out to eat not inless its sushi, cause most restaurant are not clean, and sometime you don't know what your really eating, at least at the sushi place they make it fresh in front of my face.


Q:Wow, here is my question... HOw do you feel about all these questions?

A: no FREAKN comment...lol


Q:What makes u want to log into GS?

A: well to be totally frank with you, i would say all my friends on here... i sometime come online just to see how my friends are doing.


Q:And-and if carrots are good for your eyes...can they dial a phone?

A: i have no clue really , never really care for carrot well beside eating them...lol

well peeps thou are the question and answer you have been looking for , if anyone didn't get to ask a question feel free to ask, and i'll post your question and your answer on my blog as well...