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Sony News Central-A Must Read!

hey peeps, i know alot of you PS3 owner or user have been wondering if there will ever be a good union for sony? well now is your chance , to get all the feedback on sony stuff you can ever think of... well now is your chance, don't let it pass you by... sign up for my union.. its the best Sony News Central Union.. This union has pretty much everything you can think of, from gameplay video, or product that's best for PS3, PSP, PS2 and any Sony product.. also by the way if your not sure about product or don't know how to use them or even gaming assistance to help you pass level like rainbow six vegas etc.. we'll be more than gald to help you out... Heck they even have a tech-support number to help you get contact with sony personaly for hardcore tech support and hardware.. to sign up for the union, go to my section of union on my profile to sign up, remember don't let this opportunity pass you by.. SIGN UP NOW!