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Merry X-mas Everyone!

hey peeps this is a quick blog, not to much to write about... i just wanted to wish you all a merrry x-mas, and i hope you all have a great and rememorable x-mas ever... i hope to see you all soon on the psn with new games... a little side note on what i've been upto on the gaming world.. i've been very busy with gaming, you can tell if you bother on looking at what i'm playing list..lol so far my thought on naruto for the ps3 is great, i just wish it had multiplayer online or at least some trophy's...lol Resistance 2 is a very good game, i just didn't like the story mode, it kinda suck, but who know the experience might be different for you.... dead space oh lord that game was mad fun to play, if your into horror games, give dead space a chance its very good... and i got the platinum to prove it..lol LBP well the name just say it all.. i think LBP is great and fun, with freinds and family.. that game is must pick up.. also if fighting game's are your thing, you can alway try out street fighter II remix, on the playstation store.. the game is great, the online fights are great as well.. that a must pick up as well.. also their adding street fighter II remix trophy before street fighter 4... Mortal Kombat VS DC universre is not bad at all... but my advise is to get the europian verion of the game, its bit more gore and you can actually see some of the character's fatality... the U.S. verion doesn't show them much... well that's pretty much... wow i was supose to have a little bit to say... but i guess us hispanic have alot to say...lol well everyone happy holiday, and try not to drink and drive , and play safe... untill next time...