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I wont be on here that much, please read and understand things ..

well peeps, i wont be on here as much, cause i'll be getting tons of new game this holiday season, so i'm letting you all know ahead of time... but if you want to keep in touch with me on a daily bases, sign up for the website, www.mygamemug.com its kinda like myspace but all for gamer's... i think gamespot is way old, and pointless in some matter.. not also that, you can't barely do anything on this site with out any fanboys or modd gettting at you for some stupid reason... and this site has alot of hater for some reason... so i've decide to barely come on here... so here's my notice everyone... i'll try to keep in touch with you all, and for those of you , who are on my ps3 buddy list that's also the best way of keeping in touch with me as well... have a safe holiday you all and may good things come your way...