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Hurricane Warning

hey peeps for those of you that don't know i live in miami florida, and we're getting hit by a hurricane... so i'm letting you know that i will not be on for a month cause of the fact that i don't know what type of damage this hurricane will do.. the last hurricane i got hit , i didn't have power for a whole month and a half... so this is a warning for some of you peeps that i actually play online game with on my ps3.. wish me luck on this time of chaos... i'm sorry for making this blog very short, but i know you'll all understand... to all my friends on the ps3 and on here i will miss you all untill i get back... i'll be online for this week, then i'll be gone till i get back or untill you see me playing games on my ps3.. well untill then, be good , be safe, and stay the heck out of trouble...lol.. bless you all, god speed!