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A Must Read ...

well peeps, i don't know if you notice, but i havn't been on here for ages... its cause i've moved on to way better site than this site, cause i hate going onthis site, and having some xbox or nintendo or ps3 fanboy reporting me forsome of the comments and post i do on here... so if you guys/girls want, you can caught up and talk with me and see what i've been up too... so the two website i go on everyday is www.1up.com and www.playfire.com you just need to sign up or just to see my profile , just go to search and put in my screen name zeke2040 and my profile will show up.. i think those site are better then thisstupid 13 year oldkiddy web base website, cause almost everyone on here has a maturity level of a 5 year old... so for you real friends of mine you can look me up on those site.. if your a hater like most people on here, you can have this site... its down hill anyways... thanks peeps and have a great day..