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well time for the final round to help me decide on which tag to keep...

well peeps from my last round, i had three tiebreaker and one good one.... the rules are simple , its the same rating as before... A is for good, and B is for bad... the one that is not a tiebreaker will be on display, but you most help me decide on the tiebreaker to changelle thefirst one on display. here it goes...

display, will go to changeller runing up...


1.ps3Tag_v5.jpg picture by cubanchulo

2.tager.jpg picture by cubanchulo

3.ps3Tag_v54.jpg picture by cubanchulo

well that all of them, please help me break the tiebreaker's

i also want to send out aspecail shout out to some cool peeps i've met on here, and i'm letting you all know i got you all in mymind, and i only wish the best for you peeps as you wish the same for me

madtyger,Iboo1, Dhyan , Ibiza563, mobel... you peeps rock!

thanks you girl/guys... i wish this week is great for you all... and please keep in touch me, i might not have wireless at home for now well till after this friday, but i'll check it here at work... i love all your crazy gamer freak.... also sorry for making this blog short, it just kinda hard, playing game, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of a 9 year old that think he's naruto every ten second... its a big changelle but i do know god is on my side, and he's helping me out big time... not also that, my list of video game will be changing too, i'll have to start buying kiddy game for my nephew... i don't think a 9 year old should be playing god of war or playboy manison...lol so little big planet isnumber one on my list that for sure, and its look mad fun too....lol well that all for today peeps.... big bear hug to you all

a final round to help me pick out my ps3 tag... but here's a twist's

well peeps i've counted my vote's in , and i have two tie breaker and only two of them got straight A's all the way through... but here's a mini twist and easy... on the two tag's that got all A's all the way through, will be remade and you decide from the old one's to the new one's. On a remind you most also vote for them to be my tag as well... the rules are the same as last time... i'll give you an example... A meaning good, and B meaning bad.... aight.. here goes...







etc.... i hope you peeps understand my example... its very easy... also remember number 3 and 4 are the tie breaker's...

well here it goes...

1.ps3Tag_v5.jpg picture by cubanchulo



remakeps3Tag_v58.jpg picture by cubanchulo

3.tager.jpg picture by cubanchulo

4.ps3Tag_v54.jpg picture by cubanchulo

well that's all of them peeps.... i hope you all enjoy your weekend to the fullest, don't drink or drive... please be wise on the road as well... you might be the perfect driver, but maybe the other person is not... so just be careful out there...

otay now round two to help me pick out a tag for me?

well peeps i'm sorry i toke to long to get back to you guys/gal's... i've been mad busy with work, gym, nephew and life, also here is round two of my tag's pick... the voting will be the same as before... next to the number just place the letter A for good and B for bad.... here are the winner, and let see if you can me pick one out... aight peeps here is goes...

1. ps3Tag_v5.jpg picture by cubanchulo

2.ps3Tag_v5_kingdom_hearts.jpg picture by cubanchulo

3.tager.jpg picture by cubanchulo

4.ps3Tag_v5-1.jpg picture by cubanchulo

5.ps3Tag_v54.jpg picture by cubanchulo

6.ps3Tag_v53.jpg picture by cubanchulo


okay peeps the last two tag's are on the tie breaker from last one's pick's... so vote and help me pick one out....

its thursday, one more day till the weekend... finally...

well finally one more day till the weekend... shesh, i so need a break from work.... well anyways,i kind of need your help peeps.... i want to pick a great tag for myself... i've made a couple of them, but i can't decide on which one to put up on my furms etc.... help me pick one you guys... here it goes...

1. ps3Tag_v5.jpg picture by cubanchulo

2.ps3Tag_v5-2.jpg picture by cubanchulo

3. ps3Tag_v5_kingdom_hearts.jpg picture by cubanchulo

4.tager.jpg picture by cubanchulo

5.ps3Tag_v5-1.jpg picture by cubanchulo

6.ps3Tag_v51.jpg picture by cubanchulo

7.ps3Tag_v52.jpg picture by cubanchulo

8.ps3Tag_v53.jpg picture by cubanchulo

9.ps3Tag_v54.jpg picture by cubanchulo

10.ps3Tag_v55.jpg picture by cubanchulo

11.ps3Tag_v56.jpg picture by cubanchulo

12.ps3Tag_v57.jpg picture by cubanchulo


aight peeps help me pick one.... i'll start taking votes on these on my comments. i'll take votes from A or B... A meaning great, and B meaning bad.. just put the number next to it.. here is an example....

1. a


and so on, you get the example... so vote and help me out... also the vote will be in frist thing monday morning...

wednesday ... shesh just two more day s till the weekend.... WOOT WOOT!

well peeps its wednesday and only two more day till the weekend, i can't freakn wait.... also Dhyan thanks for agreat one hour game last nite... but i need to practice on my shooting... resistance is mad hard, so i'm going to be practicing till my finger fall off, not also that i'mnot used of playing that game online... so i have to build up my ranks big time. well so far my day has been blah, nothing new really, well beside i got my new place, and i'll be moving in by the begining or mid october... also a reminder, that i might not have wireless at my new place, till i set up my comcastic...lol but trust me i'll be on as soon as possible. well peeps sorry for the short blog today, but i got tons of work to do at work.... so hit me up on my ps3 or on here.... i hope you all have a great and safe day... and for you kids going to school.... stop putting gum on the teacher chair, and start throwing it at her hair...lol just kidding don't do that.... well maybe...hehe...lol aight peeps i'm out of here... i might stay online, to check out some game... but i'll leave gamespot open if you peeps would like to talk aight... see ya peeps later

specail thanks to madtyger and Dhyan

i want to say a specail thanks for yesturday for madtyger... cause she toke the time to help me set up mybluetooth on my ps3, thanks chica... i own you one, otherwise i would be talking to the mic like a retard...lol and also thanks for the chat as well... and a speical thank to Dhyan for the great half hour game yesturday nite, before i went to bed.. dude hit me up anytime to play resistance it was mad fun... a speical thank to your peeps as well for wishing me luck on my new place and also the support for getting the right to have my my nephew to live with me... i guess i'll be uncle-dad..lol well anyways i'll know in two weeks when i have to go back to court again... let's see how it goes... otherwise peeps, i hope you have a great tuesday and stay positive... life is to short to be negative all the time... always look at the bright side of things... cause trust me its has help me out in the time of needs... also there only three more days till the weekend, man i'm always counting the days of the week...lol well crazy gamer's i'll see you all later , oh and also i'm going to put a couple of ps3 tag, and i wantyou peeps to help me pick one of the best one to put up on forum i'll be posting it on my blog.. lata Kat's

AAAAHHHHHH i hate monday's, but i'm lucky today

well back to dredful day today... i know how you peeps feel... i bet your thinking, do i really have to go to school, or do i really have to show up for work... i wonder if i should even wake up today...lol well lucky for me, i have another day off but the sad part i have to go to court.. but that will be fast thou... so wish me luck on the court part.... oh that remind me, i already found a sweet place tolive now... so i also have to go and see the apartment manager to see if i got the apartment or not... but i honestly think i got it, but you never know.... well peep's i have to get running, so i can get all this done and fast... so see you peeps on tuesday... also take care, and make sure you eat right, and try to stay out of trouble...lol lata peeps

finally level 14 woot woot!

well finally i'm in level 14, shesh it toke forever.... well this weekend, i've gone off and bought need for speed carbon, but i was actually looking for rige racer 7 but at least i was able to download the demo on my ps3... so i can get some practice in , so when i play online with it... hehe... well my weekend, is chillin thank god... nothing hecktic, just nice and chilaxing days off... also i'm spending more time with my nephew , and he might be living with me as well... i can't get into detail, but you all get the picture... also i found a new apartment as well... so maybe in the next couple of month from october till december i might not have wireless from the apartment, but i will have internet at work, so its all good... so i can keep in touch with you peeps... well peeps enough of me going on blah, blah,blah... lol i'm a clown...lol well peeps keep it real and safe you all... just remember don't drink and drive...

thanks god its friday and i've got heavenly sword... woot!

well peeps its friday, and its time to relax and enjoy the weekend, cause some of us work very hard, and study till our brain hurts...lol like i said again, thanks god its friday.. WOOT WOOT, pull over that A$$ to phat...lol well peep as you can see i have the video game for the ps3 heavenly sword... here is a bit of my thought about the game... well first of all the game is great and beautiful to look at... but there not much to do... it kinda remind of me of god of war 1, not many thing to do and you can reply the game over and over, but there a couple of special feature but i didn't bother to check some of them out... but the fall down of the game is that, you'll beat in one afternoon session of a hardcore gamer.... i think i beat the game last nite in about 5 hours.... the only reasonyou can beat it that fast cause the game get you mad hook on the character and storyline.... this game is a real epic game, but they should focus more on level's and more bad guys... other than that the game is good... but don't put any high expections.... cause maybe the game was good for me, but maybe not for you... everyone taste in games are different , but on my personal rating i would give it a 8.0... but i have a feeling that playstation store online , might have a couple of add-on onto the game itself... well i'm hoping for the best.... well peep see you all frist thing on monday or sunday morning... till then, have a great and safe weekend...

its wednesday and i'm taking the rest of the week off...

hey peeps its wednesday and i know this week is freakn dragging.... so just bare it for a few more day... then the weekend will come, and then woot partytime...lol well i'm kinda excited this week, cause i'll be getting the heavenly sword today... so i'm kinda hyper for this game... i heard so many good review... so i most get it... but i'll give you detail later when i get the game, or first thing on monday morning...i'm so going to play that game till my thumbs break off...lol this is an epic game, and the girl in the game is hot too.... that's a PLUS in my book...:D well peep i'll mostly see you on monday or friday morning... cause i got two day off, and i've been stressing a great deal... not also that i'm also relocating to a new location again... the place i'm living in now is nice, but my roommate is a major pig, not also that my roommate like to have midnite party with his friends... don't get me wrong i like party , but the one's he throw's.... i would never part-take in at all.... well anyways, i'll be relocating like i said before, and also my wireless connection will be disable for a while till i get comcast... so my peeps on my ps3 , please bare with me... trust me , i miss chating you peeps on my ps3, and i'll be playing game's with you all shortly... i'm really pushing some hard time on me, but i know i'll pull throught all of this... well peeps i hope you enjoy your day today, also try not to stress from life or school or life issue when it happens, life is to short and most live it to the fullest. well i got much love to all your crazy gamers... peace out peeps...