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Well back to monday's again... i so wish we didn't have to work today..lol

well peeps, as you can all see its monday... blah, i mean double BLAH! well i'm at work now, and only two other people besides myself went to work today... i'm telling you no one loves monday's... and for the past week and one day, i've been feeling gloomy and a bit out of it actually... also i havn't been feeling like my crazy self... i don't mean that i'm sick or anything like that, i've just been feeling very sad for a while and have no idea why really... i had a talk with madtyger and she cheer me up big time, but i don't want to put any emotional stress on anyone.. but i want to say thanks for madtyger for at least listing to me... thanks madtyger... this will be a short blog, cause i really don't have much to say... well i've uploaded a couple of video of some games for your peeps enjoyment.. i hope you peep like them. well peeps, i hope you all have a great day, be good and safe... bless you all

oh my god, this is a must see

hey peeps i was surfering the net, and i came across this trailer... and i wanted to all of you to enjoy it as much as i did... if you a dead or alive fans or final fantasy fans, this is a must see... enjoy... just copy and paste the link onto your web browser, then come back to my page and let me know what you think of it...


back to terrible monday's again... shesh!

well back to crazy old monday's... i know alot of you peeps hate monday but hey the week has to start somewhere...lol well let me give you all a run down on the mini party this weekend. well i had mad fun with my nephew and his friends... but the only thing i was upset about is that, i send out 20 invite to someof my nephew friends and only 6 came to the party... my nephew was upset , so i explain to him thatnot everyone has good parent or maybe your friends were busy for the weekend... but the good thing is that he got over it and soon... so once the kids were starting to come over, i had the kids play together and i had a bit of converstation with the parent to find out more about them, like where there from or what type of bleieve's do they have etc... but these parent are very up front, and they trust me with all there kids... well let me put it this way, once the parent left it got really werid for me... i have never, i mean never seen a bunch of kid by the age of 9 year old, act like freakin adults... these kids didn't make a mess, they actually play spray string outside and not inside... they played game , and did not fight over who won the most or anything like that... i actually had the confindent to leave them alone, and everything work out fine... i just can't believe my nephew and his friends are neat as heck and lesss drama, the only thing these kids ask for , was for water, pepsi, and when the pizza will get here...lol... other than that, i had mad fun playing twister with them, play boards games. not also that one of mynephew friend is handicap and she's in a wheel chair, so it kinda bother me, when no one was dancing with her, but she look like she wanted to dance, but she couldn't... so i decide to ask her to dance, and man you should have seen the face of this little girl put... she looked at me, like wow, i never thought i could dance with someone... but i know once i got dancing with her, everyone saw how cool it was and fun, then everyone started to dance with her too, i've never seen a girl laugh and be happy so much... i know that littlegirl will talk about that party for days... i'm just glad that everyone had fun at the party... well the party started around 9am, people didn't get therelike 11 or so... which was good cause it gave me more time to set up some games and ballon's.... i also gave them candy bag with candy , penicel , erasrer, fake smile, and a couple of thing of little thing, like a spider rings, fake boucning rubber eye balls, etc... i wanted to give kinda a halloween, prep scare party...lol well the party didn't end till 10pm... well at least the clean up was fast as heck, it only toke me 15 minutes to clean the place up... also i wanted to explain to a couple of friend on my ps3 of the party , but i couldn't cause ps3 is limited to what yousay on the email... lol well other than the party my weekend was great, i didn't get much rest, but atleast it was something...:D well i only have 3 pizza left over and my roommate toke that to his work... cause for me i don't want to see pizza for the next two months...lol also i've been playing resistance on superhuman mood, and mad is it fun to play...hehe :D also i've been play folklore too like crazy... i like the online feature they have for the game, that you can make your own level and changelle with a friends as well... also you get point on playing other people level's and folklore's... i just can't wait till they come out with more content for it... i had to go the playstation website, and apply for the japanese site to get the download, cause in the united state's it hasn't come out yet. which kinda sucks really... but oh well...lol well peeps i have to cut it short but i know its monday and the day will drag on bit time... but you'll get throught it... just don't stress it... aight peeps's, big bear hug from this jock-geek-cuban... i hope you all had a banging weekend as well... also what did you peeps do for the weekend that just past by, i would like to hear about it... even if its boring as heck, i would still like to hear it... give me feed back on you all... well peeps try to enjoy the day, and bless you all....


well peeps you guessed it, its friday and its time to get paid, and deposit or buy some new games for the weekend or just stay up all nite playing games tillour thumbs or eyes cramp on us...lol well for me, i have tons of errands to do... i have to buy ballon , hot dog,string in a can, you know the one's the sting come out of a spray those are fun at party's... they can have a string war..lol i was also thinking of a water ballon fight..lol i also got board games yesturday of twister , and operation, and sorry the board game too... if they all want to play games, i have the wii setup already, and i already have four controller for it as well.. but now i just need some decrocation , and to order about 10 pizza just incase, well if they don't eat the pizza i know my roommate will...lol well i know today will be a long day, but if i keep myself busy it will go faster...the sucker part is that, knowing that its friday make's me wanna leave work already...lol man what a drag...lol well i already setup up my laptop with comcast now, now the only thing i really need to do is , get a router so i can play games on my ps3... i also heard that a 2.0 verion of the ps3 is downloadable... so i can't wait... well peeps that enough for now... i hope you all have a great day , and don't drive and drink or drink and drive... whichever come s frist... let your friend drive if your to wasted... just be safe you all... i'll see you all on the flip side... woot woot!

Thursday! Yes, finally more one day till the weekend woot woot!

well peeps its thursday and one more day till theweekend comes.... i'm so excited... i can't freakn wait, cause this weekend is going to be a blast... i might have around 20 little 9 years old running around, and maybe around 12 parent, maybe they will stay and some will leave its all good... i just have to keep these young mind busy from 9am, till 8pm.... just incase i'll also get the board game twister, i think it will be fun for the kids too... well peep wish me luck on that... well peeps so far my day is going well, i can' t complain at all... well so far in my folklore game, i'm already in rank 35 in that last two day, i think i might not play it anymore till i get wireless , cause i want to download the content if any of you ps3 user find out on the wirless has content for the folklore let me know fast...lol i guess this jock is major geek at times...lol also i can't wait till conan come's out as well... i really need some mature stuff to play as well.. i think watching sponge bob every nite is really making me feel retarded...lol i think the show is funny as heck but its so retarded on the things that they do... i evengot the sponge bob video game for the gamecube, oh man was that a big mistake...lolwell anyways... i'm sorry to cut this blog short , buti have to get back to work, well untill i get wireless... once i get wireless its a whole differentball game... well peep i got to run... hit me up the flip side peeps... also have a great day as well...


hey peeps its wednesday and its hump day, so grab a co-worker or a friend and hump there legs... just kidding... well its wednesday , which mean that the week is almost over with already... yahhhhhooo , its about freakn time huh? i don't know about you peeps , but i'm dieing for the weekend to get here already... i so need atleast an extra fiver hours of sleep and a 10 video game session...lol but that wont happen till saturday nite, cause on saturday i want to meet all my nephew friend , so i'm having a mini elementry school get together at my apartment, so i'll have to over stuck on hot dog's and pizza... i just hope they get the food in there mouth and not all over the place... i'll give you all detail on how the party goes this weekend, i think it will be fun and tired some at the same time.... just incase i'll set my wii on the main room with the big screen tv and let them play games till they pass out or take them to the park... cause i was thinking of taking them to go jet ski riding, but i don't think there ready for that...lol well peeps sorry for the short blog, my gamer a$$ need to get back to work... i have a crazy weekend, and i want to make sure my nephew has a blast with all his friends... so wish me luck on that, not also that... my nephew friends love naruto, thank god i have at least 21 dvd series of the show.. i just hope they don't attack me with shadow clone justu... cause if they do, i'll have to do my rasgena...lol well aight peeps , i hope you all have a great day , and be good and safe...

Tuesday BLAH!

well its only the second day of the week, and the day feel like blah today... i can't wait till hump wednesday, cause that lets me know that only two day more till the weekend... shesh i can't wait... i so could use the sleep and also relax a bit...lol well my normal day to day bases are mostly like this... 5am, wake up brush teeth and get dress for the gym, then get back home by 7am, then make a 20 minute breakfast witheggs and bacon that for my nephew at the same time i'm cooking chicken and steaks for lunch with brown rice and fruits, then put all away and clean everything, i'll take a 10 minute shower, then i'm out the door with my nephew, drop him off to school, that around 7:57am, then i have half hour to get to work, then on my lunchbreak that around 1pm, till 2:15 in the afternoon, i eat fast, then i drive back to my nephew school at 1:35 pick him up early so i wont have to deal with b.s. at the parking lots with parent waiting for there kids like voltures...lol then be back at work by 2:15 or 2:28 in the afternoon, bring him back to work with me, he does he'shomework, while i work , then by 4:30 in the afternoon, i go home.... i'll do some dinner around 5-6pm,me and my nephew play games till 8pm, then its bed time for him, but i stay up till 10 in the eveningthen i call it a nite... at least on the weekend i can relax from everything... for the weekend, itsvery much easyer for me... i just make breakfast by 6am, cause my nephew wake up at that time, then i go back to sleep...lol then i wake up by 9am, eat something, then watch some cartoon with my nephew, and maybewe decide to go out....lol... i think that about it... shesh, i can't wait till the weekend, also i that reminds me, i got folklore its very good, but only a couple trouble of the game... not much replay value and also can be very repetitive, but other than that its good. the game its good for a being an action /adventure game... there's only a few element of rpg in it, but its the closest thing we have to any good rpg game, beside obiliovion... i just can't freakn wait till any new final fantasy for the ps3 comes out... i really need a game with over 80 to 100 hours game play... but at least i can say is that folklore will give me atleast around 60 hours of gameplay but i just can't wait till the download content for folklore, i think that when its get a bit interteing.. well that all i got to say till tomorrow... keep it real peeps, and be safe

Argh, its monday again, shesh i hate monday's...lol

well peeps, i've finally unpacked all my boxes and system, and finally i can get some sleep... i think i over did it this weekend... now i just got to wait till comcast come to my new place and set up the wireless... shesh i can't wait... also folklore is coming out tomorrow , so i'm excited.. well peeps its back to monday , and you know its the begining of the week, and today feel like blah... i justhope this week goes by quick, cause the only thing i really need to do is , food shopping, game shopping, wash clothes and tons of sleep....lol well peeps sorry for making this blog short, but its been a hecktic weekend, but atleast i got throu it...lol i miss you peeps on my ps3 , i so wanted to play resistance, last nite online, but i don't have wireless anymore... i'm so sad...lol i'll get over it... well my crazy gamer, i hope you have a great day today , and also think postive, and stay out of trouble...lol oh before i forget, i'll be posting some video of my at my new place, some breakdance video or some popping and lockn... but there going to be quick video , not like a whole lesson...lol well i think , that about it...lol

okay the final vote are in, and you already know who won..hehe

okay peeps so far , for the past two week i think... ( still not sure) i've had this contest to help me pick out a ps3tag... i really and personally would like to thank each and everyone of you's that toke time to read my blog and answer them honestly and helpingme pick out a tag for myself.. thanks peeps... so for now on you'll be seeing my tag in forum and etc... with this tag, i should keep it for about a year or two, then i'll change it later, and again i'll have you peep help me decide, cause if not i'll have a different tag everyday, and drive myself crazy in the process..lol so again thanks... :D

well peeps its 11 at nite in miami florida... i might call it a nite... i still want to see what they have on the ps3 network, before i move the rest of my stuff and have no network, but just incase i'll buy a traveler pack to store my ps3 and take to someone house and download the content there... at least that's one way of doing it...lol beside i don't think myfriend would mind... come to think of it, my friends still own's me dinner and two movies...lol i'll have to track for that favor..lol well my crazy and bright gamer , i have to call it a nite... i'm mad tire, and i have to tuk the little one to bed a long time ago... well at least he like to read and do all his homework right away , so its one less thing to worry about... but hey that life, we make the best of it... beside he's a great kid, crazy and funny but great... you know what , i'll have the joy on see him throguht his life, and that really bring me joy.. well peeps have a great nite, and see or write to you peeps tomorrow..

okay the super duper final round :P

okay peep's from my last voting for my tag... this blog shall and will be the final round... okay so far the assain creed is wining so, but finally you guys have help me pick out a second one to changelle the assasin creed... so here is the last time and round for my ps3 tag's... its been fun really...hehe... okay peeps you know the drill... A is for good, and B is for bad.... please vote now...


2.tager.jpg picture by cubanchulo

from these two help me pick out the best one for me to use it in forum etc...onlyyou the voter have the power to vote and help me decide on which one i'll bring the respect... take all vote's now....

okay let me leave a little something for my blog as well, cause i know this will be a very short contest...lol well peeps i'm doing fine, just taking a day at a time... but its all good.. i hope you all had agreat week so far... so for me i'm still moving a couple of boxes,i think this is the longest move i've have ever had.... not also that, i kinda misplace the key to the new apartment somewhere ... shesh that just tell you, how crazy of a week it has been.... but i'm holding out pretty good... also i'm going to be leaving somemessage's on my ps3 for myfriends, so i can say good journey , cause i really hate saying goodbye, but i do know i'll be back on my ps3 network soon... i just want to be very respect to my friends and tell them i'll be gone from ps3 online... but i'll letting you know that once i get back wireless , its going to be on....also a few thing have crossed my mind, i was talking to madtyger about the new big thing called HOME for the ps3 network... i'm really looking forward to that.... there so many thing to do , and there going to be a bunch of new feature, i just can't wait till i get the home project in my hands and up and runing... and also my gender of game will change as well, i'll be buying more kiddy game, cause of my nephew as well... cause the other nite, my nephew saw me playing heavenly sword, and saw one of my action fight move with nariko , kick some dude in the crouch and then slang the enemy with the sword... my nephew saw it , and decide to try it on my roommate when he came over to help me with some boxes and the outcome was not pretty i can tell you that....LOL ( still pissing in my pant from laughing to hard) i think i rather have my nephew play withcard or pokemon...lol also madtyger thanks for the advise of the kiddy game, my nephew love jak and dexter games... shesh your a big time life saver...lol ( big bear hug for madtyger) i might get rachet and clank for the ps3 for my nephew too, but he'll only play that around me, i don't want him to get a monkey rachet and beat me down on my sleep....lol... i love my nephew to death, but i perfer when he does his naruto stuff, its to funny...lol i get a kick out of him...okay peeps enough of me, going blah, blah, blah, i probably bored you guys to death about it.... i know i can be a drag sometime, but hey that me...lol