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So its settled, me and mad_tyger are going to be co-op partner's 4ever

yeah peeps you read it here live and fulleffect, me and my home girl mad tyger, have decide to be co-op partner forever... we also made up thegroup name called B&P... so if you peep see that name online or in our profile, that will mean that we both are partner's in crime, and no one will stop us buwahhhhh...lolwell madtyger would say, we are kinda like trouble and chaos , when we play game's together, and sometime we don't play nice, well only if we both know you...lol but we both are a team that no one will want to face us... we'll both look you down from our boots and wish you never face us in a battle online.. we play all type of game together, he's an idea of what game we'll both be playing in the furture, Haze, Army of Two... so these title be on the look out, cause B&P will rule the world...lol but let me put it this way, one of us will not play with out the other, cause it would not be fair, also we both are in the samestate of mind when playing a game, we are always looking for each other's back... we never miss a detail, and if we do , i asure you that we'll learn from it... we both have good taste in game, and we both know how to have fun in games aswell... we both are very humble, but we both are not born yesturday either... we both like to be friends with all kinds of people, but when B&P get in game mode, we're not nice at all... well like i said, not inless we both decide not to bother you ...lol also we both will have the home feature soon, and we'll both have mini party in our home space on the ps3 working unit soon...so peeps that pretty much all i got to say for today, so long live B&P ... well i hope you all have a great thursday, and remmeber one more day till theweekend... woot woot!

hey peeps its hump day wednesday ... woot woot!

well peeps theweekend is getting closer by theday... so hump day wednesday is a reminder that the week is almost over with... just two more days peeps, and its time to relax... ahh i can't wait till this weekend... well anyways, let me get out of my dream state of mind, cause if not i'll never get anything done...lol well doring my errand for food shopping, oil change, hair cut, pick my nephew from school , go to a protein store, and then finally i got to toy 'r'us... let me put it this way, i never had so much fun with my nephew there... me and my nephew found those old school clown punching bag... and me and him , were beating the heck out of that toy blow up clown punching bag. it got to the point my nephew punch it so hard, that it bounce off the floor and the clown hit his face, oh my lord you peeps should have been there...you would have peed in your pant from laughing so hard... well anyways, i ran into the game part section of toy's "r" us...and man oh man, the game there were cheap as heck, or maybe i went on a good day.. so i decide to buy simpson game, cause i've always love the cartoon, so i was thinking why not... and i also got obilivion, everything pretty much came out to be 120 buck, because my newphew wanted some pokemon cards, and the dog ipod, which i think it was r-tard to get, but if that what he like that cool with me... i can't really tell him what he like or can't like... every person has there choices... well to tell the truth, as long as he get good grade that cool with me... a gift from time to time is not bad... well anyways, the simpson game is pretty good and funny as heck... but the only thing that sucks about it is the camrea angle if you can get over the camrea angle, then thegame is good. okay about obilvion, well i think it was kinda boring, not really my taste in a rpg , and i'm amajor fan of RPG, its just for some reason this game was not what i thought it would have been, but i'm still going to give it a chance,maybe i'm just not use of playing that type of RPG game... but i'll give you peep the rating of the game.. simpson i give a soild 8.0 if your a fan of the cartoon, if not i'll give it a 7.0... for obilivion , i give it a 7.0, but maybe it will get better soon then i'll change my rating on it...well anyways peeps, what did you peep's doon tuesday anything speical or creative or just sat home with chip and dip, and playing games... i would like to know, even if you didn't do anything at all... i would like to hear it... well peep that enough of me, blahing all day long... but i hope you all have a great hump day... remember just two more days peep, then its FREEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!! :D

Tuesday BLAH! but i'm taking the day off today.

well peeps its tuesday and the day is all blah to me, so i've decide to take the day off, and do some personal errand, food shopping, and maybe i'll get a game for myself today...lol well i'll make this short, cause i really need to be steping out the door.. i hope you peeps have a great day andmake sure you don't drive your parent crazy..lol oh and before i forget a big thanks for RiotAbandonmentfor hitting me up last nite, dude you rock, and also i'll hit you up on ps3 to play some resistance, it will be fun to play... woot woot.. well peepshave a great tuesday... and i'm sorry for making this blog short, you peeps know me by now not to make a short blog...lol well peeps , peace out!

A reminder, that i will be leaving GS, once HOME for the ps3 is running

well peeps its monday, and its back to a hecktic routine of life... shesh i so need a vacation...lol well back to the subject... yeah peeps its true, i'm planing on leaving Gamespot for good, once the HOME for the ps3 is running...HOME is kinda like gamespot, just ten times better... you can write your blog, make a private space for you and your friends ( online only) to visit and chat or play online game with one another... i justthink it will be way better than any gamer site to tell you the truth, well that if your a sony fan...lol but before i leave GS i'll at least leave some info for your ps3 usersand for user that don't have a ps3, and would like to keep in touch with me... so keep checking my blog for more info on that... well atleast once HOME is set up , i wont have anymore glithces or problems for that matter. well anyways, on the bright side of things... i'll be getting the game haze once it come out , cause i've been dieing to play it, and also Timeshift when it comes out on Nov 19, i hope it wont be delayed... also about haze, a cool friend of mine told me thatgame will also be co-op's so you can play with a friend online... which i think its great... and also i'm dieing to play a hardcore game with my friend online, you know who you are..lol so pretty much list of game for now till the end of 2007 will be

Ratchet & Clank :Tools of Destruction



The simpson game

that's pretty much it for the 2007 list of games for me, but for the 2008 i'll for sure get, at least to start off the year is..

Devil may cry 4

unreal tournament

Army of two

and hopefully any final fantasy that comes out for the ps3 and hopefully its soon..

well peep's that pretty much for monday blog, i hope you peep's have a good and safe monday...

Happy Friday everyone... Time to clean out my PS3

well peeps its friday, and this week has been the most dragging week of all time... not also that, its getting near the holiday's and i need to go x-mas shopping now, before it get crazy on decemeber... cause i really don't want tobe at the mall, for 8 hour's waiting in just oneline... no way, no thanks... i rather be smart about it, and go shopping this month, and get it over with already...lol also i've decide to delete alot of people that i don't talk toany more on my ps3, so i'm cleaning it all out... beside its a waste of space on my ps3, so pretty much if i havn't heard from ya in about two month, i'll just take you off my list... thanks goodness it friday, i so need some sleep... well for some of you peeps, there is a download verion of TimeShift on the playstation network for the ps3, check it out if your into a frist person shooter, its a sweet game... i might get it by the end of the month, hopefully...lol by the way, if you don't want to be delete from my ps3, hit me up with a comment, and also with your ps3 id....well peeps that's pretty much what i reallyhave to say... i hope you all have a great and safe weekend

finally some glithces are fixed... shesh, its about time...lol

wow finally i can actually read my pm, shesh finally... now the only glithces that i have problem with nowis editing my video for my friend union. well anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN PEEPS! well i'm not doing much for halloween, just walking my nephew around the block for candy, and that about it... its going to be a pretty boring halloween, but atleast i'll get some candy and play some scary games and watch some hardcore horror and gory movies...well so far , everyone at work is dressed up , but i'm the only one that's not dressed up, but i didn't care.. i really don't want to make myself look like an A$$, to be honest with you and speically at work. well i guess i'm not in the halloween spirit really... i guess i'm getting old.. beside i'm in a tight budget, so i'm limited to what i can do now... well if you read some of my old blog you'll understand why... i gotinvite to a couple of party, but i'm not really in the mood to go really, and i know it will be mad fun, and i havn't seen my friends in a very long time... but there some choices people have to make in life... not also that my nephew lives with me, and i don't think it would right to being him along... so i'll be the good uncle-dad and stay home, beside when he get older that will be the time i can enjoy myself too. cause by the time he get's a car, i think i'll be about 34 or 35 i hope, and that when i know i'll have a bit more of a freedom, but for now... only gym and taking care of my nephewis themost inportant to me right now anyways... sorry for being sour, but i do hope you all have a great and bangn halloween, just be careful out there, causeat nite is whenold the freaks come out at nite too... so just be safe and careful... also make sure if you go out, don't go out alone for nothing in the world. alway stick yourself in pairs or groups of friends... cause i only wish the best for you all and not the worst... well peep keep it real, and safe

wow, i still have glitches... and more stuff!

well peeps we're still having the problem with gamespot... but now i can't send my video to my union , cause a friend of mine wanted a favor for the union, its really sucks when you can't do anything on the site, specially if i already paid for the whole year on gamespot...and its sucks when you get so many pm, and you can't answer none of them... i'm about to crack...lol well at least a good friend yesturday keep in touch with me, and you know who you are...;D well enough about gamespot issues... cause if i keep talking about it, i'm going to seriously punch my computer in...lol well peeps its tuesday i think, which today feel like a friday to me... maybe its cause i want the weekend to get here already...lol aaahhh the late inmorning sleep, the quit soundless sleep, then the morning breakfast... hmmm good for the soul..lol shesh i so want the weekend to come already... well anyways, back to the video game subject...lol... well me and madtyger are going to get the game army of two, cause its a co-op and it will be great to play with a great gamer like madtyger, and i know we both can help out each other in the game... cause most player online, really don't care about helping other's in games... which i think its wrong in a way... i think only a few peep on the online games actually take the time to help... i just hate it when you play online, and everyone plays as a team , but yet everyone just goes off on there own... i just simply don't get it, if your playing as team , act like it... also if your playing online, please for the love of god, drop your ego trip at home... last nite i was playing resistance, and i couldn't finish a game ,cause little ego trip kid or adult think there are gods of the game... come to realitly people its just a game... shesh why do people take it to far... cause when i play the game, i just want to blow stuff up and hopefully i get some kill's, but the whole fun part of the game is when you have good none-ego trip gamer... well that pretty much all i got to say for now... so see you peep's on the flip side of things... and try to keep in touch... see ya lata gator's

Gamespot, has to many glitches and i can't read my pm or anything...

well peeps back to monday, and i have a wee problem with gamespot... for the past five years for gamespot, has been having glitches for a long while now, and i think its time for them to fix the problem.. so your wondering why am i writing this blog, its cause of that fact that i'm one of those game spotter that can't write or receivepm from the site cause of gamespot glitches... gamespot , don't you think its about time you fix these problem... myspace site , has more problem with the site, but they fix the problem less than a week.... so i think gamespot is going down the tube... i know if anyone asks me, about the site, i'll just tell them not to even bother with the site cause it not worth even your breath or time for that matter... well i just hope this blog get to you peeps, cause i will hate to rewrite this blog again, so far i've done it four time in three different type of blog, i just hope this one get throught to my peeps... i'll be giving out my msn so i can keep in touch with you peeps or if you have a ps3 that the best way of contacting me...well furthermore.. my weekend was great, i've played games till my finger hurt..lol well the eye of judgement is great, but the only problem is that , they need to come out with more booster cards for the game, then i also got clive barker's Jericho, which is a great game and long... over the weekend, i also end up getting conan, which is very good too... it reminds me of god of war but without the chain's swords ... but other than that the game is great... the next few games i have in mind are unreal tournament, haze, blacksite : area 51, little big planet, ratchet & clank and any of the final fantasy for the ps3... well that all i got to say... i hope you all had a great weekend, and i only wish the best for you... keep in touch peeps big bear hug for you all...


a.k.a. zeke

i finaly got some games, and i got them faster than order them online.

well peeps i had order the eye of judgement, and it got place on back order... so i email the ebgames, and told them to cancel my order cause there taking to long... so i decide to wake up a bit early and went to toy'r'us and got the full package of eye of judegemetn with camrea and abooter pack that came with it, and also i got jericho for the ps3 , cause i want something for the halloween spirit... well since they didn't have resident evil 5, so i might as well get that... i was really thinking of getting conan, but i heard you can beat the game in only or less than 6 hours of gameplay so that pretty much 10 buck an hours of gameplay, so i rather wait till the game get preowned so i can get it... i tried to get R&C but it was on back order at the store... so i was disappoint about that... but i can wait, beside i'm not made out of money...lol well peeps its friday and its pay day for some of us, and some of us for the last day of school for the week, woot woot, trust me peeps i feel your pain , i just wish the weekend where a weee bit longer...lol well that pretty much what i have to says for today blog, i'll give you more peep more detail on eye of judgement and jericho.. if i get anything else i'll hit you peep up, also i've upload some trailer for your peeps to check out... i've had to delete some of my video , cause of copyright etc... so i'll try to load them up again without the copyrights on them... so see you crazy gamer lata... peace out peep woot woot!

I'm feeling way better today, thank peeps

well from my last blog, i've been feeling very gloomy and a bit out of place lately... but i'm doing much better now, and trying to keep my mind focus on the things i have to do in life... so i've decide to hit the gym more, maybe try to buy a house if i can... it will be a slow process , but as long as i get to do it... but for sure i'll be playing the lottery..lol cause you never know.... well enough about all that , i don't want to put you peeps in a negative vibe or emotional stress for that matter... beside this is gamespot, i think you peeps want to hear about games...lol well peeps there're some good games coming out this month if you have a the ps3 and also on the ps3 net work check them out... they are conan, for adventure game which i might get later next month cause i want the price to drop and there is eye of judgement, which i can't wait to get, but i'm waiting for some feedback from a specail friend, and there's ratchet and clank which me and my nephew can enjoy together... those are the ps3 list for the month for me... i just can't wait till final fantasy 13 come out... shesh, i hate waiting..lol Oh by the way, i have my own office and i have wireless, so i'll be using mycompany wireless so i can play game on my psp, so if you have street fighter alpha 3 , look me up... well peep let me quicly finish my work, then i can start playing game here... see you all later.. and have a great day...