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Survey says!

well i havn't been on much , but i wanted to put this up for the heck of it... beside's the point i'm actually bored at work..lol here goes...lol

a mini survey about me

section 1


1) Full name: zek i don't like to give that out yet... we havn't been on a first date yet...lol

2) Gender: Male

3) Place of birth: miami florida ( yea baby)

4) Favorite color: black, green, blue

5) Birth day: Jan 3rd, 1979... yes i know i'm an old fart..lol

6) Hobbies: Games, anime, time with family , gym, and kick boxing

Section 2


1) Have you ever been on drugs? yeah in my ghetto's days... but that's all in the past.

2) Do u say curses? oh heck yeah... but i do know how to control it.

3) Have u ever stolen something? not that i know of...

4) Have u ever smoked? i'm quiting really..

5) Was this quiz a total waste of your time? Kinda but i have no other thing to do at the moment at work

6) Do u still want more questions? nah! kinda thinking of a game i should preorder ahead again...lol

Section 3


Me and video games

1) 1st game ever played: i think it was on my artari, its war games something like that.

2) Whats your favorite game? final fantasy

3) Whats your 2nd favorite? to many..

4) Whats your favorite series? final fantasy

5) Whats your LEAST FAVORITE Game? shooter game really... even thou i'm good at them...lol

Section 4


1) Whats your favorite website? i don't have any

2) Whats your second favorite? hmmm i'm not answering this one...lol

3) Whats your least favorite website? i would say gamespot, cause all the b.s. and also mods

4) How many websites r u members on? 28

5) Which website do u like, but never really go on? japanprobe.com

6)which site do u normally go on? my bank account...lol

Section 5



1) favorite animal: black pather, wolf, sugar gliders

2) Which animal r u most afraid of? i would say bear

3) which animal is cute, but vicious? cute? a bear

4)Do u have any pets? yes i do... 1 dog, and four sugar glider's, two parrots, and two mini bird (i forgot what ther're called)

5) Do u want pets when u grow up? i have to many of them... why you want one...lol

6) whats your least favorite pet? i would say cats , cause they don't do nothin at all, but sleep , eat and ****... nothin good come out from them.

7) which animal r u most like? tazmanian devil... don't ask but my temper says it all.

8.) Which animal would u most want 2 be? non really cause they'll all be hunted or killed..

Section 6


Love and Relationships

1) Have you ever kissed guy/girl? shesh who hasn't...

2) have u ever kissed someone of the same sex? only if i was getting a million dollars out of it

3) How many boy/girl friends have u had? to many to count with my hands and feet...

4) What was your longest relationship with someone? 6 years

5) Have you ever cheated on someone? i don't believe in that, if i'm not interested in a person i'll let them know fast.

6) DO u plan to marry in the future? well i have no clue really, i'm still waiting for the right person..

7) do u plan to have children in the future? well yes and no, if it was an accident than yes, but near furture NO!

Are single right now? of now, yes i'm 110% single.. wait does that include booty calls...lol

9) Are you a Virgin?i'm far beyound that...

well peeps i hope you enjoyed my mini survey of B.S....lol you all can copy and paste it to see what all your friends have to say... oh man , i'm so bored at work its not even funny...lol

see ya later's

well peeps its that time again, so i'll make this short, i'll only be on here for only special events , so stuff like TGS or console release etc... i'll be on this site... so if anyting hit me up on the ps3, cause that would be the best way of contacting me... i'm sorry for all the union i've been in, and i'm very sorry that i will not part-take in them anymore.. my account on here will remain active, but i'm only be on for short periods of time... i wish you all the best...

Happy V-DAY everyone!

well its been a while since i posted something... so i just wanted to say happy v-day, and i hope its the best v-day ever... as for me, i don't have someone to share my v-day with , so i decide to share it with all you peeps.. also on a side note, i'll be home tonite, wondering what i should play on my ps3... if you ps3 user that don't have a v-day date , hit me up on the ps3 , and let's jam out on some gaming tonite... other wise enjoy you v-day!

What the heck is happening to the site?

well i'm back from vacation time, and once i get back... i find out alex narrvo is leaving, okay that's the last straw... so i'm letting you all know that i will no longer part take on this site after the HOME PSN come out, so i'll post my ID psn screen name on my profile... i'll leave this acccount active just incase some of my friends on here get a ps3, and they can look me up.. but i'm sadly to say this site is not what it use to be... but atleast i can say is that, i've met some very humble, loving, and crazy friends on here, and i care for each and everyone of you... but this site is killing all my hope and dreams for game, example... kane and lych, was all right wack job of a game, come on peeps, who the heck wants to play a game where your suppose to be kane and lych, then once you die, you turn into a cop... that just turd..lol and also assasin creed, that game was a major let down, and they gave it here a 9.0 are you crazy, the game was atleast a 6.0 to me... well anyways you get the idea... well peep's i'll be here for the rest of the month till feb 22 of this year, after that i will no longer part-take on this site.. its just thing's have gotten really werid around the site, not even that i'm a paid memeber and the past four month, i had a normal account access... so enough is enough, beside why am i going to stay with a website that can't even take time to repair the sites and its glitches... on myspace.com has a million glithces a day and they get it all fixed with in a day or a week... so far on GS , its has taken 4 year and still its all messed up... so you probably thinking i'm mad right now, and i'll be back... well to tell you the truth i wont... once home for the ps3 system come's out there will be no need to wonder on this site... i'll find million of user on the home for ps3 system, and make friends, and write blog etc... home has everything a ps3 user could want.. so to all my crazy friend look me up when you can, also make sure when you hit me up on the ps3, make sure you leave a detail on how you found my screen name, and make sure you leave your GS screen name as well so i knowwho you are... i don't want any werido's on my ps3 buddy list... well peep's , big bear hug to you all and best of wishes this year...

Hey you!

hey peeps, i'm sorry i havn't been online as much... i've had the best two weeks of vacation, also my birthday was yesturday and i'm paying for it big time too... i have a bit of a hang-over but i'll be fine.. also by the way i'm 29 year's old... daym i'm turning into an old fart... well anyways x-mas is over with and finally.. now i can pay my bills again.. also i would like to know what gift's you all got for x-mas and also how did you all enjoy your new year's as well... my new year's was mild, nothin new really , well beside the fact that i've played game's more than 20 hours a day...lol but the vacation just had to end, so now i'm back to work on a friday , but the good part is that i still get paid... yahooo! well anyways fellow gamer, i wish you all the best 2008 , and also for the more year's to come...


PS3 X-mas holiday wish list for PS3 user's, and insight on what i've been up too

wellpeeps i've been doing good, just hangn down low for a while, trying to get x-mas shopping done online and trying to focus at work ( which i havn't...lol) well nothin new over here in miami florida... pretty much everything is same old.. well anyways here is a mini wish list for all those gamer for the ps3 system... this wish list is a bit for everyone from children to adult...

1. Uncharted drake's Fortune ( teen-Adults)

2. Rachet and clank: tools of destruction (kids- adults)

3. Unreal tournament ( adults)

4. Folklore (teen-adults)

5.Heavenly Sword ( teen-adults)

6. Rock Band ( kids-adults)

7.Call Of Duty 4 ( teens-adults)

8.Assassin Creed ( teens - adults)

9. The Darkness ( adults)

10. Resistance: Fall of Man ( adults)

11. The Orange Box ( teen- adults)

12.Ridge Race 7 ( kids-adults)

13.Dirt ( kids- adults)

14.Rainbow 6 Vegas ( adults)

15.Marvel Ultimate Alliance ( kids- adults)

16.Untold Dark Kingdom ( teens-adults)

17.The Elder Scrolls IV: Obilivion ( teens- adults)

18.Guitar Hero III: Legend of Rock ( kids- adult)

18. Warhawk ( teens- adults)

19 online playstation network download: Everyday Shooter ( kids- adults)

20.The Simpson Game ( teen's-adults)

21.Sonic the Hedgehog ( kids-adults)

22.Ninja Gaiden : Sigma ( adults)

23. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Adance Warfight 2 ( adults)

24. Transformer ( kids-adults)

25. Need for Speed: prosport (kids- Adults)

26. dynasty warrior: Gundam wings ( kids-adults)

27. online playstation network download: Super Stardust (kids-adults)

well here was the mini wish list for gamer for theps3...lol well i just hope these game helpyou out on your wish list for x-mas this year and it will also help to pick out game's alot easyer too.. oh before anything, i want to say a specail thank to a very good friend of mine.. madtyger, i wanted to say thank's again for the x-mas gift and birthday gift too, but don't worry i didn't open my birthday gift yet... but i wanted to thank youfor the shirt and rainbow vegas 6 book novel... that was a kick ass gift, and i'm on chapter 4 already and i open it last nite...lol well this x-mas will be a bit different for me, cause i'll be getting my gift this weekend, cause my whole family is going out of town, and i'm staying home... ( final some alone time..lol) well for my x-mas gift this year from my parent i'm getting the blo-flex dumbell weight and a bench, i really didn't want game this year , cause i always get them on the same day they come out... so i'm happy with what i got. at least it save me on going to the gym, and work out at home, but i'll still go the gym, cause i need to work out on my legs too...lol well this blog might stay like this until the end of the week cause of the holiday x-mas party's and garther of friend party's as well... so i'll be booked for a while, but i'll still check my account on here, so don't worry just PM if you wanna chat. oh by the way , for you first person shooter, i give Unreal Tournament 3 a 8.5 or 9.0...lol well i hope you all have a great week, and keep in touch you all... not also that, i would like to hear after x-mas on what you all got... peace out peeps


hey peeps, this is a warning for some of you ps3 game system users... me and one of my home girl got an freind invite to be on our buddy list for the ps3 system, but the thing is that, i just don't let anyone i don't know into my friends list... so i email back the person , and i didn't get a reply, so i delete his screen name from my list, then the next day he send me back another friends request, so i decide to email that person back, and yet again i didn't get a reply back, so i totaly put that person on my block list... but he comes the warning and freaky and creepy part, not also did i get the same person friends request , but my home girl got the same person screen name as well... so my home girl did the same thing i did... she asked him, do i know you? and the guy was like we talk a couple of time, but yet he didn't say how or when or where for that matter, then the next thing you know is that.... he email's her back saying can you send me a pic, so you know that person is no good at all... beside we are not stupid, who the heck will give out information to someone that they don't know... not also that the person screen name is BLACKKNIGHT666, so for all you ps3 user, be on the look out for this person... i don't know if this person is an adult or a pervert or rapist, we have no close, but i just have to send out thiswarning, and i also toke off my email address and my PS3 ID screen name as well, so i put askforit, so that way they get the point... i just want everyone to be careful out there... we all have to be safe from werido's...

i'm sorry to give out this info people, i just want you all to becareful... other than that, i hope you all have a great turkey day, and have a safe and joyful weekend, and try not to get to fat...lol cause i'm cuban, and we eat till we pass out , epeically for this day...lol:D well peeps see you all on monday morning.... big bear hugs to you all

sorry ! but it happens again

well peeps, i'm moving again, cause of the fact that my roommate is a major disgusting pig... well my home girl madtyger knows the whole story, and she agree with me, its time for me to move, also i'll be saving 800 buck when i move back to my parent place again... shesh i can't wait... if i actually take pic of the place, you people will puke on the site of the pic's. don't get me wrong, my roommate is a very good person, and has a good heart, but i aight going to clean after no one... the only person, i'll clean after is my nephew cause he's only 9 year old... but we're talking about a grown man here, that can't wash dishes, clean the bathroom or at least knows how to clean the house... if it wasn't for me cleaning, we would have dust bunny all over the floor, and man hairs all over the place... its really disgusting... if you have to much body hair, for the love of god, please trim or shave... not also that, i hate it when a guy uses the restroom, and leaves it all wet... that just plain all sick to me... thanks god for colox wipes... so yeah i have to really move out as soon as possible.... so i might be working half a day all this week and the next, so i might not be on as much... so i'll be moving back and forth alot, but the last thing to move will be my ps3 and tv...lol well anyway back to a normal subject... well peeps i've been good, same old same old... i'm going to have a long week, but i'll get throught to it... just pray for me peep, cause i'll need it for sure...lol i'm deeply sorry so what i had to write on here, but most of you people would understand... not also that, i hope this also teaches you people , that no one will live with a disgusting person no matter what.... well anyways, i want to know what you peeps have been up too? its been a while since i've talk to you peeps...