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@KBFloYd: Best thing for gamers would be more games as these numbers show. Most gamers don’t give two shits about crossplay, they want more high quality 1st party and 3rd party games and that’s what Sony is giving them.

most gamers dont give shits about crossplay because most dont even know what it is.

i bet if you take a poll and question everybody who owns a console and asked them if they would prefer crossplay and explain what it is . the majority would vote yes.

its up to us the hardcore gamers to start the movement but all we are getting is defending our favourite company. if this was nintendo i wouldnt be defending it.

i can't believe what you guys are doing.

Yeah it would be nice if Sony supported crossplay with other consoles (it already does with PC BTW in games where MS won't). But that pales in comparison to companies like MS not investing in good first party games and instead cancelling and releasing unfinished and mediocre experiences. That's holding gaming back much more than refusing to support crossplay with your competitors. As a gamer I am interested first and foremost in games and Sony has been doing a very good job there so kudos to them.

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@i_p_daily: But isn't the Xbox fans point that Sony games are too short and have no replay value? Well it certainly has replay value as those numbers show. In fact if you compare it to Forza Horizon 3 it actually is a longer game in main story since FH3 lasts 17 hours. So FH3 can also be beaten in less than a day.

Or are Xbox fans going to change their narrative once again?