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    Just read the review, did Fraxis pay for that. Head over to the forums at Steam to get some real in depth posts on some of the short falls of the game. At best 7/10 I might have expected from Gamespo...

  • Yenkin wrote a review of Sid Meier's Civilization VI.
    User Rating 6
    Great Early Access Release

    The Civ Franchise has always been a staple of my 4x games. I sat on the fence when I saw the huge price tag for Civ IV. But on release I decided to take the plunge, after all it Civ how bad can it be....

  • Yenkin wrote a review of The Elder Scrolls Online.
    User Rating 7
    ESO will fit a Niche MMO Market

    I love the world of Elder Scrolls and have played all the single games, and was waiting in anticipation of the release of the online version. Having had the chance to play the beta over the 4 months...