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More Wii Sports Resort

OK, I tried curbing my enthusiasm and mellowing my "fanboy-ish" behavior, but Wii Sports Resort is flippin' awesome. Every evening after work I play Wii Sports Resort. Almost every time that I fire it up, I end up playing something different. With all the sports included, that's not hard to do! This morning I played some "Swordplay - Showdown" before work and it's fantastic. It's almost like the Star Wars light saber game that everyone immediately imagined when the Wii was first announced. (As I described it earlier, the "Showdown" mode of the "Swordplay" game is a cross between the "duel" mode and an on-rails shooter.)

All week I've been playing the "non-game" of "Island Flyover" It's pretty much like flying a paper airplane all over Wuhu Island. You're job is to find various points of interest (and you can unlock a few other things). There are 80 points on the island to find. And you can eventually unlock three different times of day to fly. That's a total of 240 points of interest to visit! (It's the same 80 each time of day.)

"Wakeboarding" is another of my favorites. It's simple to do, but surprisingly hard to succeed in.

The 3-on-3 game in "Basketball - Pickup Game" is really great fun. The controls are really simple, yet it's fun as heck. I normally don't like sports video games like this because there are always too many buttons to remember. This time the button presses and motions are simple and easy. Hey look, I'm actually doing well!

I thought that since bowling and golf were returning (from Wii Sports) that I'd end up playing THOSE, but I barely touch them!

I know it's not the PS3 with Blu-Ray graphics, but even graphic-whores have to admit Wii Sports Resort is awesome fun!

Wii Sports Resort review

The original Wii Sports was an incredibly fun ''tech demo''. Wii Sports Resort is similar in that it's incredibly fun, addicting, and one of the best reasons to own a Wii!

You can read the full review here.

Gertsmann fired over review.

I am no fan of Jeff Gertsmann. He has a history of anti-Nintendo bias. That being said, GameSpot firing him is both understandable and extremely bad karma.