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Yes it's that time of year, the exam season.
So i completed halo reach and fable III during the christmas break and am now revising like stink.
Got 5 exams in 3 weeks. Then im launching myself into fable II, assassins creed brotherhood, enslaved and forza 3.
All sitting in my collection, still with their cellophane on awaiting my arrival.
Can't wait!

Gamespot users

Lately I've become very short tempered with other gamespot users, it seems to me that if someone posts on a forum theres always someone who tells them to post it somewhere else.
I though these forums were meant to be helpful, but no. People have turned them into a mass of rules.
Alright some posts are damn right in the wrong forum but it's the people asking which games they should play/ buy and being directed to the recommendations thread that annoys me. There are pages and pages of recommendations on that thread. I don't know how users are expected to trawl through answers to other users posts whilst trying to find replys to their own. And sometimes theres relatively small reply, because users don't check that thread often!
It seems like a ludicrous system.
I've started using the amazon forums. People there seem ALOT more friendly and willing to help, there's more sense of community and those people actually have humor!


Booked the flights....Finally. I'm going 2 Canada then New York. Just though I better post this in case there's any good games out there that are not out in the u.k.

Untold Legends!

Untold Legends Rocks!

I haven't played a different game since February and I've finally completed it and it rocked. I love that game, Who doesn't?