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The Walking Dead and normalizing blasphemy

The following dialogue lines in Episode 3 of The Walking Dead game really caught my attention:

  • "Oh [f-word] God"--Kenny
  • "God, you're just a real son of a [b-word] aren't you?!"--Omid

It is no secret that the percentage of atheists among decision makers in the gaming and media industries is far, far greater than the percentage of atheists in the general public. Of course you cannot easily prove such a claim, because nobody is obliged to declare any religious beliefs in the West, especially not at work, but anyone who follows the writings, announcements, and quotes of several decision makers in these industries can easily agree. Now, normally we would not have a problem with that; after all, matters of faith fall under free will. However, the problem is that these individuals actively put a significant effort, especially in more recent years, to push forward their views, subtly promote atheism, subtly undermine belief in deities generally and especially undermine monotheism. And in the last 3 years or so, some have been moving into the zone of outright blasphemy and insulting or mocking God, sometimes subtly in an underhanded manner and sometimes obviously, in your face just like that. And it's all being pushed forward and accepted by some under a false, misleading banner of "freedom of speech"; as if "hate speech" is the same thing as "speech", or as if hate speech against God or against billions who believe in God is the only allowed hate speech, but certainly not hate speech against a country or so...a country is apparently more sacred than God in those people's mind, or maybe they think that hate speech against a country can lead to war but hate speech against God and the believers in God cannot or should not lead to war! So basically, it is wrong to practice hate speech against a country, and no one can blame its countrymen if they wage war because of that hate speech, but if hate speech is practiced against God or believers in God, then that is alright and if the believers dare wage war because of it, then they're just overzealous fanatics! Hehe. See, the hypocrisy taught, propagated, and accepted by some people is just...overwhelming, to the degree of being bitterly funny.

Some readers may be thinking now in their mind that I'm blowing things out of proportion, but I assure you that I'm writing very calmly and rationally. And my words are not the result of two dialogue phrases that I heard in one game, but the result of observations of a trend that has been increasing lately. Blasphemous lines or in other words, phrases that directly insult God can be heard in games like The Darkness, Grand Theft Auto 4, The Walking Dead, and an example of a game that uses fictional names that insult, degrade, or mock God in a subtle, underhanded manner via portmanteaus (words made up from other words) that start with "God" is...Guild Wars 2! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, atheists actually mock and insult God habitually, even in games now, and even though they supposedly do not believe He exists! Why attack or insult something that--in your belief--does not exist? I can't find any reason other than sheer hatred and spite. So much for a belief system that allegedly wants to avoid war, because allegedly its antithesis caused war, eh?

Now, regarding the lines above from The Walking Dead, I completely understand the ways that they can be "explained away", and that's exactly why the lines became reality in the game's dialogue, I assure you. Of course such verbal attacks and blasphemy must be either subtle or explainable, otherwise the creators of the game would not have risked it; because at the end of the day, they want to mock and insult God alright, they want to push forward and promote their views alright, but they also want to make money while doing it. That's what makes them feel the most powerful and self-admiring in today's world. So yes, I know that Kenny's line was spoken at such a sad, sad moment--very emotional stuff, but also notice that the writers of the game did not just use the notorious, repulsive line that many atheists and polytheists parrot nowadays, "Oh my...[insert insult]...god", no, they upgraded that line (and that was always the plan, by the way) from "my god"...to "God". So the insult now is not against the so-called "god" of the real-life zombie who parrots the expression, it is now against "God"...it's not "my god" or "your god" anymore, but..."God". And what do we have before God? The f-word verb. Secondly, I know that Omid's line is supposedly meant to be the expression "God!", or "Oh God!", followed by the bantering, humorous swear against Lee, the main character of the story. I understand that that's what superficially or is apparently meant, but I just want you to read the line a few times, pay close attention to the little details: check the punctuation, that it's a comma following God and not an exclamation mark, for example; check the specific choice of swearing (sneer against Christian beliefs maybe?); ask yourself why "you're [just] a real..." and not "you're a real..."

My point is that the writers of such media productions do their work and send their messages usually in a subtle, covert manner. So if reading behind the lines doesn't come to you easily, then you need to really work on it to be able to see those underhanded insults and understand their covert messages. On the other hand, if you think everything is a coincidence and you don't like "reading too much into it", then I'm suprised you're even still reading this blog post; there's litte I can do for someone like you at this stage, and you just have to take your own journey into looking deeper at things and understanding the purposeful nature of everything in the universe. No, it's not about assuming; it's about seeing patterns in the repetitive productions around us, then finding the purpose(s) of each of those patterns.