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I'm very disappointed with Sony's decision to sell "downgraded" console in Europe. and I'm also sorry to hear about the money differences between a complete PS3 in japan to downgraded-PS3 in Europe. Also, since I live in Israel, everything costs here a fortune! so if the downgraded console will cost 425£ in Europe (while the complete console costs 250£ at japan), here the downgraded EU PS3 will cost 500£+ why ? cause we are being ripped off here, the same will happen just as it was with the PS2, XBOX\XBOX360 and Nintendo GameCube. it just not worth it! it will be best just to find some1 who takes a trip to japan and ask him for it, or for those of us who got Japanese friends who can buy and send it to them. that way we will get the full\complete version of PS3 in a reasonable price. Also, If I may to suggest the reason is partially ideology partially politic maybe ? because I don't see any other reason for them to do this. (it just doesn't seem right nor make sense)