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I guess my girlfriend and I are over =/ after 3 years...hah..pity.
Talk to you guys later.


How my week is going..etc.

It's 5am and im still awake writing this, i might have insomnia or im just to adjusted to sleeping late. I've been sick all week so i missed school. it's my last year and im fcking up already =p i prolly won't make it through the rest of the year. Sorry im not going to college like most of you lol it's not for me.

I failed my graphic design class last year, yeah xD i never turned any of my work in, well i did turn in some assignments. I only like making things that i like, if i don't like what i design i trash it and thats what i did all last year. I've been off and on with designing ever since. Going to college for graphic design was an option but idk it's to late now.

I'm still with my gf that i met in 9th grade, were still going strong. We have our wars though =p

Im normally playing on xbox live, i mainly play black ops for now. Im waiting on bf3 and mw3, cant wait.

I don't really like my name on there it was just something random xD i'll be name changing soon.

I'll try to make more blogs from now on so i have something to do when im logged in, regardless of how many comments i get.


No, I'm Not Dead.

Sup Peeps, stopying by to say hi and what's up, and to also let all of u know
I'm Not Dead. hah

Been Busy With School And What Not.


Eagles ftw?

well, eagles beat the giants 23-11 lol..pwnt..i think they are gonna make it to the superbowl..cardinals=easy win :D

I have a bad headache at the moment..ill talk to all of you later


Vampire Knight!

It's a great anime, although i finished watching it yesterday..
i do reccomend u guys check it out..honestly..this anime almost got me to cry:cry: check it out =]
season 1 ep 1 here: Season 1

season 2 ep 1: season 2