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What we found

Me and my brother had some time to look for xmas presents: What we found

  • 360 Elite
  • Rock Band
  • Assassins creed
  • CoD 4
  • NBA live 08'
  • Halo3
  • 19" Magnovix TV
  • 2 Controllers (pink white)
  • 2 play and charge kits (black&white)
  • Wii Play
  • Hannah Montana Wii (sister)
  • Ghost Squad
  • PSP case
  • B-BAll

360 or ps3

my brother wants a 360 but i want a ps3. which should we get? well if we get a 360 for xmas than i am going to buy a ps3 with my money. but if not i might go out and buy a 360 for my brother.

360 for christmas

Me and my brother are hoping we get an xbox 360 for christmas and were cant decide on what games to get for it. If you have any ideas comment.