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I'm so bad..

Just spent $4k on a laptop... ah well soo worth it! :)

Sony Vaio F series (237). Damn sexy machine!

Goodbye Raptr

Well, I've officially given up on raptr and will be uninstalling the client. It's been far too buggy and doesn't always load all my trophies/achievements so I've found myself a new site to collate all this data.

Give a big welcome to my new Playfirepage!

It just feels so much more stable and, for lack of a better word, mature. Layout is clear, clean and simple and records all the information perfectly. Plus the social aspect seems a lot better too!

New Phone!

Sold my iPhone 3GS a couple months ago as I was going to switch to android, managed to find a Nexus S for an additional nz$90 on top of what I got for the iphone and it just arrived today! :D

It's still charging but I'm already loving it haha

Big changes coming in a couple months

Well in a couple months I leave my job and my apartment and changing city!

But before the move I'm off to the UK/EU for 5 weeks! yay, can't wait. Going to be weird being jobless and homeless and then going on holiday but oh well!

Can start looking for a new place and job when I get back

Getting so close to my FFXIII platinum!

Well it had been a while since I finished FFXIII and had put it down to play some other games but I always enjoy doing the missions after the end game and taking down all the big bosses that are always stronger than the final boss.

So I've been working my way through them all pretty quickly, only real troublesome one so far is mission 41!

But it's now soo close :) I only have about 4 more missions to complete, and then only about 3 (of the ones finished so far) need to be re-done to be 5star, which should be easy with the golden watch when I get it if needed. They have definately been fun to take down though!

After the hunts? finish the crystarium's and upgrade everything!

Far too much to play, Far too little time

I don't usually go buy another game until I've finished the one I'm playing, but somehow this has seemed to get away on me for the first time! I've found myself jumping between games lately, Possibly from lack of time to sit down and have a decent few hours at a time on games to get back into the story.

But then I also find myself going back to games I have already finished as well! So who knows...

Looking forward to full fuse integration.

Now that raptr is pulling through PS3 trophies, they are all starting to appear on my gamespot page which is great! I love being able to have everything pulled through into one place. Now all that needs to happen is for the PS3 menu to appear on the achievements page rather than only seeing most recent/rare ones.

Design wise - still so many pictures with incorrect see-throughy-ness (it's a real word, honest). And the Fuse signature option would be nice if it showed more than the last 4 achieved. Maybe last 10, plus the rarest (as it does now).

I've been +ed

So I joined Playstation + last night the moment 3.40 had installed. So far, I'm loving it!. I have only gotten a few games off PSN before (mostly full games normally released on disc) so this subscription is a great way for me to play other games on there that I haven't tried before. I wonder what other things sony will come up with for this service!

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