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My First Ever Gaming PC is Coming!!

So I finally broke down and got a real computer!! After about 2 months of playing WoW at less the recommended specs, I figured it was time to bulk up my system. And i'm not talking about more RAM or a better graphics card, i'm looking at a whole new machine entirely. I have one of my buddies building it right now and I should have it here in my possession in about a week. Here is a the rundown of what im getting:

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+ 2.4ghz 512KB

BFG Tech GeForce 7600GT 256mb 128-bit PCI-E (two of them running in SLI mode)

16x DVD-ROM/48x CD-ROM

NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard


250gb Hard Drive

650W Power Supply

So yeah I'm pretty freakin excited!! Gonna go this weekend and pick up the essential PC games; Battlefield 2142, Half-Life 2, Star Wars: Battlefront (an old fav!), etc. Oh man so excited!!! Finally, after being a console gamer for almost 20 years, I step into the world of "real" PC gaming.

Hi Everybody!! Hi Dr. Nick!!

So I created my first website. Never took a class, never read any instructions, just balls out creation with no real thought. And i'm pleasently surprised how well it came out. It is my World of Warcraft guild forum site. Stop on by and check it out. Let me know what you think.

And thanks for playing!

The Burning Crusade Trailer

Last night, at the 2006 VGA Awards, many new games had their respective trailers shown off for the first time. Among these were such upcoming greats as Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, and Bioshock. With both trailers showing a very enthusiastic response from the audience. But one trailer stood out among the rest, a trailer that was also accompanied by a chorus ensemble and many drooling fans. That would be the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade trailer.

It opened near the end of the show, despite being advertised all night that it was "coming up next." The trailer opens with a roaming shot forward on a dusty plain, in the distance you see a faint blue light. As we move closer to the light, we see that it is actually the Dark Portal swirling around in all its glory. A looming voice booms that he has been sealed away for years and is now been angered that we want to enter "his" realm.

The trailer then moves to the new races and a little glimpse into what the Draenei and the Blood Elves are about. Very cool btw! From there we strike forward into many powerful battles involving the Draenei, Orcs, Blood Elves, Undead, and more, with the battles focusing on both the melee and the magic aspects of battle.

All in all a very powerful trailer and one that has left me very excited for January to come. With the new "Before the Storm" patch being released and incorporating a bunch of the upcoming features from the Burning Crusade expansion, things are looking up for Azeroth once again. Are you ready to step through the Dark Portal? Maybe, and maybe not!

Click Here for the trailer on YouTube.

WoW dude!

What have I done?! I thought that it would never happen to me. I thought that I was completely uninterested in MMO's and they had nothing to offer me, the FPS gamer. But it looks like I was wrong. A buddy of mine at work gave me the free trial of World of Warcraft last week and told me to atleast try it. So I installed it and started playing. WTF man! In a little over a week, I have already created 3 characters and I still continue to play everyday. Not all day, but atleast once a day. I cant get this game out of my head. It hooked me and I cant put my finger on what it is that has done it. I love the world, the whole environment kicks ass! So huge and expansive! I like the friendliness of the lower level players. I like the idea of skills and professions. I dig having minions (I mostly play as a Warlock). I love starting mini-groups and questing together. I've already made a few friends and they are very helpful. I made friends with a Shaman last night and she was very useful in keeping me healed and very much alive. DYING SUCKS! i hate having to run back to my body to respawn, but it is a cool factor to the game. I'm on a personal quest to find the Dark Portal, just because I want to see it. I've seen it in screenshots and I wanna see it in game. I've only dueled a few times and have only won once, but i love that they are honorable duels and you dont kill your opponent. Im only a level 9 right now with my Orc Warlock, and my Undead Warrior is at level 13, but im really enjoying the game and am looking forward to getting into some raids. It would be nice if some of my 360 friends wanted to play, but they prolly just need more prodding, like i did!

If you play WoW, I play in the Crushridge server and hope to see you on there. Oh yeah and, "FOR THE HORDE!!!"

The World of the Vision Cam!

So I got it! Amazingly I got the one of two cameras they had at the EB by me. I can officially say that after owning the cam for less than 2 days, I have already seen nudity, hand puppets, and drug use! Now I dont mind the latter of the two, but some dude waving his junk in front of the camera for all to see is a little much. Come on MaxIsGay, I really dont wanna see your tiny little wee wee!! Get a life, get a woman/man, and show it to her/him. Nobody wants to see a picture of your ass, no matter what you write on it!

Other than all the grossness you can expect from random morons with cameras, its really fun to play with all your buddies. Unless they are boring and dont do anything. Then it just looks like your watching someone watch TV or something. Well, back to work for me. I'll be on UNO, and i'll be buying Bankshot Billiards tonight so i'll be on that too! See ya then!

PS: Fusion Frenzy 2 and FEAR demo now on the marketplace!

Wii Launch announced...I called it!!

Ive known it all along! I knew Nintendo would launch the Wii in November, I knew they would launch it with both the "Wiimote" and the nunchuck attachment, and I new Metroid 3 wouldn't be available until next year. But, and this is where im a little confused, Zelda will launch with the Wii, but the Gamecube version wont be out until December! So i'll be getting my Wii on launch date, will you! Wii can do it people, lets get out there and preorder!!

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