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Games for gamers.

This post will be fairly short, but I've felt for some time now that I should share what I think about regarding a number of issues. We who see this as a problem are ignored and put aside as insane and just plain dumb and so forth. But in all honesty, pretending to be "modern" will just end up falling flat in the end. Enough of political correctness already!

There are loads of games that are made for a specific group of gamers, if those who aren't a part of this group feel the urge to yet play such a game, then do so but hold your mouth and accept it for what it is! Violent games aren't targeted for women or kids. So if you are a woman and feel discriminated upon for any said sexism in such games, please make your own game that certainly none of us hardcore gamers will play.. You dislike how few women are working in the field? Well try make girls more interested about games first! And not some crappy social "games" such as Dj hero. And to be honest, as a gamer, I much prefer male-made action games rather than some liberal-woman made think liberal crap game. If a woman however think like a male and make a game that fits us, I'll certainly play it.

Games such as Tomb Raider may feature a woman as the main character but it's still a game for men. Seems too that ugly women are jealous of beautiful women whether it be in games or not? And shall we see behind your lipstick who you are as a true person, please don't have your whole face covered with crap at the same time that you are trying to convince us you are more than that. The creator of Tropes vs Women is a perfect example of this, she goes on and on about some stupid ideas she has, yet her whole face is covered with the crap and she doesn't try to hide it. Had she been a game character, she would probably complain how sexist that one character is.. How brainiac!

"Sexism in gaming" isn't a problem, at least not if one is on about the pixels, polygons or whatever fills the screen. If one is too sensitive about hearing some words on the online front, then don't enter a server. Sissies hath no place to enlist. Buckle it up!

Honestly speaking regarding female "elite" gamers, how many are they? Not a lot, and so is it normal to assume most female "gamers" aren't really "gamers".

As for those female gamers who adhere to the situation, kudos to you!

Like the saying goes, If the mountain won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammed must go to the mountain.