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About sexism.

Well.. where to begin.. since a young boy i have been indoctrinated to believe that boys are the root to all bad.. We were repeatedly told so. Not only once or twice or even thrice but a lot of times, not even was it uncommon that "positive"sexism ocurred from teachers' side to help girls further. Many teachers preferred girls and treated them better for this reason. Now our society has gone wild, for us proper males (gays and trannies not counted)  we have to submit to feminity or else we are being sexist? But what if women are subject to masculinity then is it not considered opression or sexism in it's worst form? I've thought like this for a long time; If I want a relationship then I seek a woman's companionship but if I seek a friend only, then I'll go male only. For many guys both ways are fine (friendship-wize) but what can a woman who is not sleeping with me provide me than a man can not? Sure if there is that one exception then I'm willing to go that direction. I've had numerous female friends before..

About the strong women talk..

There are strong women, there are physically strong women and there are also good female soldiers. However, if compared in most situations, a man outdoes a woman in the same environment. Most men are incredibly much more powerful than a woman who has trained the same. We simply have a totally different body build. Take most sports for instance, although men play rougher, women are simply not exactly in the same league.

Don't like this fact? Well live in your fantasy as most feminists surely do. For the exact same reason (and other reasons too) there are less female characters who are as tough as most given male characters. Also to be honest, many males do prefer other men when it comes to having someone to relate to.

Well if we were to make a female character based off the generic real-life female, I'm sure there would be a lot of people complaining how sexist it would be! If women don't want to be seen as sex objects, begin to change at yourselves first then. If women want to be treated the same way, then treat them the rough way we treat other guys! Because as it is now, women are treated way softer than men. Force all "ladies" to be soldiers once in their lives, No lipsticks, no mascara, no make up. The real world. Let them lift as heavy weights at their jobs as men do. No discrimination just as heavy regardless if their body can take it or not.

As for the we are all sexists, as soon as you begin to assume that because I am a male so I should stand up to prove I am not a sexist, then you are a sexist. As soon as you give woman a spot because she is a woman due to feminist-quota solution then you are also a sexist. There's so many ways that you could be a sexist so that it sort of make everyone a sexist, should we aim at a complete zero level of sexism? No not really.

Personally I feel disgust at the worst cases scenario of sexism, however.. low level sexism occurs in every person's mind, and is this truly a problem? Not at all.

This is low-level sexism

Men seeking women only as a partner or for sexual needs

Women seeking men only as a partner or for sexual needs

Men thinks women care about money and their offspring more than anything else

Women thinks men only care about money and their hobbies/things

Men think women are stupid about technology

Women think men are stupid about family-planning

Those are some examples of what I consider low level sexism, what I would like to add is that;

I personally don't care at all if someone finds me sexist, it doesn't hurt me to call me sexist. I will continue paying money for games that i like and maybe you think of as "extremely sexist."

This is all within my rights. Do I also consume other things that are considered demeaning to women such as porn? Yes I do, and I especially search for all that imagery that applies to my specific needs. Does this make me a rapist? because what it means is, the girl on the photos must submit totally to my viewing needs.

This also applies to me playing video games, I often kill annoying characters in games if I can. Would I like playing an otherwise good game if the main protagonist was an ugly middleaged feminist? Not at all. Would I ever support women equality in gaming? Mostly not! Why? Because women in gaming is an extremely small population of people. Women who play simple games like on android or iphone aren't counted as "gamers."

And since this hobby started off as a mostly male's club, then I will continue supporting it as such. Male games are seriously way more kickass than some feminist one would ever be.

Now you probably think I am the biggest sexist douche on this site, but let me tell you one thing. Even if that would be so, there is no sexism in games! Games cannot be sexist! Sure they can have such portrayal due to who has been doing the game, but that is nobody's concern. Regardless if something has been made with feminism in mind or anti feminism, limiting art by your standards is much more scary than any sexism ever could be. People should and actually must be free to express their own ways in digital and non digital ways.

Do I assume all women to have as shallow personalities as those seen in more extreme examples of games/movies? No.

But just because someone depicts some gender with over-sexualized extremes doesn't mean the person is more of a sexist than you, neither does it imply anything about that he/she would be sexist at all. An artist takes his own canvas and puts it onto his own whiteboard, does the so called art change to appeal to its viewers? Yes, but there is one huge difference with a game and a movie compared to real life and that is; it is fiction.

And it goes like this; If I don't like a feminist game.. What do I do? I refuse to buy it! Should I go to legislators and require it be banned? Not at all!

Now go play some Dead or alive 1, it had some bouncing boobs in all its glory! There's also Dead Or Alive Paradise for psp!

or why not Some Duke Nukem 3D?

Or what about that awful Cluster's Revenge :)