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Back from the dead? With a 360!?

Eh. This website is kind of boring now. I was bored, so I decided to blog. Now, youtube is where it's at for me. But, I've taken a break from making youtube vids to dedicate myself to my new XBox360! Which beats the s*** out of Wii, since I realized that Wii is a piece of garbage. Lol!

Umm... Yeah, it's early, and I'm bored. And that's about it for now.

Oh... Gamertag... Well, I don't actually have Live yet, but when I hook my 360 up and make a gamertag, it'll be KillXemHeartily. And I'll probably only have Halo 3. Or Guitar Hero 2. Whichever I feel like getting. It'll probably be Halo, though.

Yup. Goodnight!

District Pre-Aud results!

I got 2nd! w00t! 2nd out of 20. I knew the kid who got 1st was gonna beat me, since he knew the song long before I even looked at it, but I still came within 12 points of him! (On a scale of 0-180). My score was a 141, and his was 153, which are both pretty good scores. Well, I'm gonna beat him at District Chorus now! I've made it my goal! And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then I'm sorry. :twisted:

Okay... So at this point...

I feel like I'm just gonna keep putting the political blog off until I'm just ashamed to actually do it.

I'll prolly do it tomorrow.

Anyway, school started... And as a junior in high school, I realized that I really have nothing to look forward to this year in school, except district choir. Oh, on the subject of district choir, my rankings looked like this (out of 20 people, and 30 at all-states), District Pre-Auditions: 5-way tie for 6th. Districts: 4th. Regions: 2nd. All-State Choir: 9th. And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, just check my list of previous blogs and Ctrl + F Districts, Regions, All-State, or Chorus. then you can read alllll about that. Then again, why would you do that to yourself? XD

And now that all the good seniors have graduated, I can improve those rankings drastically! (I'm shooting for 3rd, 2nd, 1st, 4th)

Umm... Anyway... In other school news, right now my schedule is 1st block- AP History (Yes, that's Advanced Placement, as in there's an AP test at the end of the year, and if I score well enough, I get free college credit!), 2nd block- Intermediate Theater (My first real theater class I've taken in my high school career. w00t), 3rd block- A days: Chorus, B days: Gifted (1. A and B switch on and off every day. 2. A class for kids that are the opposite of special ed.), 4th block- Honors Trigonometry (Kinda fun, actually. The homework is killer, though. I get at least 40 problems a night. Did I mention that the problems are very tedious?)

Yes, I only have 4 blocks a day, but each block is at least an hour and a half long.

2nd semester: 1st block- Honors British Literature, 2nd block- A days: AP History, B days: Musical Theater 2. 3rd block: A days, Chorus, B days: Wellness. 4th block- Physics.

So, in all, my classes aren't terrible... But since I've already decided what college I want to go to, and since my GPA and SAT scores are more than enough to get in... I basically have no more aspiration for high school. (By the way, I'm going to Penn State University Park [Also known as Penn State Main Campus])

Oh, and even though I can already get into PSU... I'm taking the SAT's two more times this year, for two reasons. 1). I want to max out as high as I possibly can. 2). I'm dying to obtain the elusive perfect score in the Math section (because I can live with my English and Writing scores).

So, I'm listening to a song called Sleep, by Eric Whitacre, and now I'm inspired. Goodnight.

P.S. Enough about me, how are you all doing?

Captudon Farucuron! (Captain Falcon!)

So, I tried x-attacking him off of the stage in F-Zero GX, and as a punishment for my actions, he actually froze time by shouting not "WRYYYYYY", but one thunderous "YES!", ripped my racing machine apart with only his nipples (which took me several painstaking hours to assemble, by the by), FALCON PAWWWWNCHED my character halfway through the ground, assembled every other racing car in a line right in front of my character in less than a second by merely flossing his teeth, unfroze time by threatening the skeleton of Albert Einstein with his SEX APPEAL('time is irrelevant, my ***), and sped up every single machine with a dulled down FALCON PAWWWWWNCH that gave them all a 10,000 km/h boost.

That's 28 cars that drove over my character. In less than a second. 28 FALCON PAWWWWWNCHES IN LESS THAN A SECOND!

And then it was the Blue Falcon's turn...

Naturally, we all know about the horrors of being run over by it TWICE with TIRE TREAD MARKS on your face afterwards (EVEN THOUGH THE BLUE FALCON HAS NO WHEELS!), but this was something no one expected. It actually DIVIDED BY ZERO right as it drove over my character, thereby creating a time paradox. The Blue Falcon actually harnessed the power of a time paradox in order to create an infinite amount of itself, continuously driving over my character at a rate of OVER 9000 Blue Falcons per second. This time paradox also prevents me from ever turning off my Wii, and now all I hear out of my TV is one long, drawn out "SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!"

All because I tried to x-attack him. Learn from my mistake. My character, James McCloud, sure did. And that's something of James' that Fox can't follow. Aparoids my ***. An Aparoid knoweth not the fury of the Falcons.

I made that up last night for the people of the gamefaqs Brawl boards. It got about 25 comments before it was deleted by mods. =P Oh, and I've been playing much F-Zero GX lately.

Why there need to be high taxes/ My favorite SNL skits/ The blog of all blogs

Okay, John McCain is an idiooooooot. But Barack has the right idea. The economy is in a terrible state. It's not dead... It's just in a coma with severe internal bleeding. Our national debt is so high that we can probably be bought and sold by Europe several times over. Taxes need to be raised so that we can actually gain some economic, and therefore political, power back into the US. For, as we all know, money is power. I'll elaborate more on the positive effects of higher taxes soon... But I will say that as long as we raise anything that ISN'T gas... We'll be fine. And it needs to be a slow and steady process, or else we'll just crash into a depression. The game of economics is a very precise one.

I've been watching the most unforgettable 101 SNL (Saturday Night Live, for those of you who are culturally challenged) moments on the E! channel, and I want to tell everyone some of my favorites, and a couple of lines/situations from each one.

-"White Like Me", Starring Eddie Murphy. Eddie discovers the high life of a white man when he goes around diguised as one. Taken from the novel "Black Like Me."

*Eddie goes into a downtown convenience store and puts a newspaper and some money on the counter*

Cashier: What are you doing?
Eddie: I'm buying this newspaper.
Cashier: Nobody's around. Just take it. Go ahead! Take it!

-Matt Foley, Starring Chris Farley. Chris imitates reknowned motivational speaker Matt Foley, and gives advice to a wayward David Spade.

Chris: Let me give you a little situation about my life! I'm 35 years old, I am divorced, and I live in a van down by the river!

-The Sinatra group, Starring Patrick Hartman. Pat impersonates Frank Sinatra in a conversation between Sinatra, Shinea O' Connor, Billy Idol, and a few other impersonated artists, as Sinatra begins mocking everyone in the group.

Sinatra: You don't scare me! I've got CHUNKS of guys like you in my stool!
Billy: Alright! I'll rip your bloody head off!
Sinatra: Steve, go kick his ass!
Steve: What!?
Sinatra: You heard me! Kick his ass!

-The Cowbell Scene, Starring Will Farrell and Christopher Walken. Will and the Blue Oyster Colts are recording the album for "Don't Fear the Reaper" for Chris, with Will repeatedly having problems holding up on the cowbell.

Will: I'd be doing a disservice to myself and this band if I didn't perform the HELL out of this cowbell!

Chris: I've got a fever! And the only prescription.... Is MORE COWBELL!

-Schwetty Balls, Starring three people I can't remember. Pete Schwetty is on a radio show advertising his ever so famous holiday treat... His "Schwetty Balls".

Pete: At this time of the year, there are many holiday treats, such as Zuchinni bread and fruit cake... But what I like to whip out at this time of the year... Are my balls.

Pete: My balls are made from a secret Schwetty recipe.

Radio DJs: *Eating the Schwetty balls* Mmm... These balls are so moist!
Pete: No one can resist my Schwetty balls.

And the best part is, you're probably thinking he's talking about his privates!

Well, those are five of my favorite SNL sketches ever. Check 'em out online, or just watch E! to see all 101 moments!

Okay... So I lied. My political blog wasn't the next blog... But I'll get to it! I'm just waiting for a friend to get back from vacation... (Liz... =P) Anywho, I guess the topics will be the recent Russian/Georgian conflict, and why the world would be German if Hitler was assassinated. I guarantee they won't disappoint!

So, I was playing Melee today...

And it made me realize that Brawl sucks! =P

Oh, and I main Ganondorf in Melee now. Why? Because 1. I don't care in the slightest, and 2. There's no better feeling than chaining Ganon-bans as fast as you can in Melee.

But don't worry, I'm still playing the pathetic excuse of a game known as Brawl.

And no, I'm not kidding. And yes, I'm going to enter a Brawl tournament soon. XP

What should I blog about next? (And this means YOU!... Have to read and comment)

You read the title. Now, decide. It's all political, mind you.

-Why the world would be German if Hitler was assassinated
-The rise and inevitable fall of the USSR
-Nuclear warpower and warfare
-The fall of the US, and eventually China, as superpowers.
-The recent disputes between Russia and Georgia
-The War in Iraq
-The Presidential race
-The dispute between the Israelis and Palestineans

I know, I know, it's a pretty big list. And I barely have anyone who actually comments on my blogs... So everyone gets two choices on what I blog about next.

Until next time, don't let the cyber-man get you down.

I am a... Rock Legend?

Guitar Hero, anyone?

I've been playing a lot lately, mostly TTFAF expert.

Been on practice mode for that... I can pretty much beat it on a regular basis on quickplay now... But I can't get out of the 300k range. My highest score right now is 360,000, 3 stars. On "slower", though, I can usually score around 550,000, but then again, it doesn't really count.

And don't worry, everyone, I'm still brawling, and I'm still Ratchet and Clanking.

Until next time... Don't eat the yellow snow!

P.S.: Anyone figured out the meme, yet?