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xdylancolex choice awards - ROUND 2!

Favourite Disney Actress

Ashley Tisdale – Maddie Fitzpatrick – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Ashley Tisdale – Sharpay Evans – High School Musical

Vanessa Anne Hudgens – Gabriella Montez – High School Musical

Brenda Song – London Tipton – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Monique Coleman – Taylor McKessie – High School Musical

Raven Symonne – Raven Baxter – That’s So Raven

Miley Cyrus – Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana – Hannah Montana

Emily Osment – Lilly Truscott – Hannah Montana

Anneliese van der Pol – Chelsea Daniels – That’s So Raven

Kim Rhodes – Carey Martin – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

xdylancolex choice awards - ROUND 1!!

Favourite Disney Actor

Dylan Sprouse – Zack Martin – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Cole Sprouse – Cody Martin – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Mitchell Musso – Oliver Oken – Hannah Montana

Kyle Massey – Cory Baxter – That’s So Raven/Cory in the House

Moises Arias – Rico – Hannah Montana

Zac Efron – Troy Bolton – High School Musical

Lucas Grabeel – Ryan Evans – High School Musical

Corbin Bleu – Chad Danforth – High School Musical

Phill Lewis – Mr Moseby – The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Jason Earles – Jackson Stewart – Hannah Montana

Billy-Ray Cyrus – Robbie-Ray Stewart – Hannah Montana


xdylancolex choice awards!!

heyya :P

I will be holding an xdylancolex choice awards! Each catergory will be listed in diferrent blogs due to it being larger the 20000 characters.

Don't forget to vote for all of them!!

love from xdylancolex

Next Category:

Topic - Favourite Disney Actor, When - Tomorrow

Bad News / 11 New Emblems and Leveling / Won't Be On Tonight.

heyya :P

Firstly i want to say, Dark_Eagle80, I'm glad you decided to stay :D

I have some bad news! :( My sister's account is no longer available! :cry: The reason for this is i think the Tv.Com staff think we are the same person since we have the similar user names, but we are sisters. I haven't had time to PM a staff or moderator since we have both been busy with homework and assignments. But we will alert them as soon as we can. :)

But on the bright side, over the past 2-4 weeks, i have received over 11 emblems and gained a couple more levels!! :D Yay Me!! :P I have received a: Comedy Emblem, Toddler Emblem, The New Emblem for my level (Land Shark), A News Link Submitter, 3 Housewives of Orange County Emblems, Show Editor, Person Editor, 1000 contributions Emblem and a top 1000 point score emblem :D (which i don't know how i got :P and i am now LEVEL 18 8)

And Tonight i won't be able to come on since we got a school dance on tonight in which we will be sleeping over at a friends house!! :D i can't wait!! :P we will tell you all about the dance when we get back 8) :D


hugs and kisses mwah mwah :P

lisa and jess xx 8) (xdylancolex, x-dylancole-x) :D

guess what . . IM AND EDITOR!! :D

heyya :P

hahah guess wat!! :P i finally got 2 editorships!! :D yay me (claps) :P my first editorship was for Andy Lee, who is a comedian, and the second editorship that i am MOST EXCITED ABOUT.. Disney Channel Games!! :D i am soooooo happy :P so please check it out and make some new subs so i can have the feeling of being editor :P heheh :D

anways..better go :P PLEASE COMMENT 8)

love lisa, xdylancolex :P xx

look who's back!! MISSED YOU ALL!!

heyya :P

i'm finally back, i got suspended and then for some reason so did jess, she didn't even do anything, but oh well!! :P lol :D I MISSED YOU ALL SOO SOO MUCH!! :) anyways...

thanks soooooooo much for all the baby names! :D it was a great help! for those of you who don't know what the babies name's Katie :D it's a cute name!!

well..we just got back from hockey training, we are really, really tired at the moment and i got hit in the knee with a hockey ball and now i got this huge bruise!! :( but it's all good!! :D

well i better go :P


love lisa, xdylancolex :wink: :P xx

the babies FINALLY HERE!!! :D

heyya everyone!!!

WE ARE SOOOOO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!! the babies finally here :D we spent last night at the hospital so thats why we didnt come on yesterday!! :P the baby is GORGUZ!!! she is soooooooo kute!!! i can't wait til she grows up!! :P

thanks for all you help on the baby names...we are going to the hospital again tomoz so i will give our aunty all the names to help her chose!! :D i will edit this blog once the name has been chosen!!! :P

love lisa, xdylancolex :P 8)

GreaT NewS!! :D finally!!

heyya :P

it's finally time, our aunty went into labour 15 minutes ago!! :D tonight we are going to the hospital to visit her since my sister is still at skool (i lost my voice) ... we are sooooooo excited :D :P

she isn't sure what she wants to name the baby though, so can u post ur ideas for names and i will give the list to her!! :D (remember it's a girl :P)

love lots, lisa, xdylancolex :D


wisH mE goodlucK :D

heyya :P

tonight is mine and my sister's first game of hockey for this year!! please wish uss goodluck!! i'll post again here is we win or lose!!  :P

love lisa (xdylancolex) :P


P.S. our aunty still hasn't had her baby yet :(

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