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Back into PCs more..after a lot of college and DJin...

Honestly i want to write some stuff but i don't really care to take the time atm... my rank atm is I Feel Asleep!! so i guess it suits :) i feel good sittin behind a rig of mine again since my macbook got stolen eh about a year or so ago. Forget it lol Lifes good, my new account thidias is active too i just utilize two accounts. So ya i need some recommendations on good free games atm. I know about Savage2, Knight and Blade, Soldat, Wolf:ET, and maybe a couple more but give recommendations... Hit me up on facebook im corey reel. Peace up a town down... DJ Jude aka Thidias

Not going to be on much for a few...

Well, hey guys. My Family and I are moving into a new house, so for the next few days I'm probably not going to be able to be on much. I'm not exactly sure when the Internet and everything will be hooked up at the new place, but hopefully it will be sooner than later.
Also, the Sims 2=crack.
I'll catch you guys later, i'll do a better journal later on in the week.

Status - Running in Circles and Dragging my Heels...

Rofl, I don't know about that title, I just felt like going with something weird and emo.

Anyway, DAoC is going good. I was having a problem with it, but I figured it out. At first I joined an RP server named Nimue. I found it strange that I never saw any lower leveled players running around. But meh, I kept playing and got to level 7. But eventually, I grew tired of questing, but low and behold no one to group with. Then I discovered that Mythic had incorperated a system called /level, which allowed a player once he had reached level 50 (max level) to automatically level a new character to level 20 just by typing /level. And since Nimue is an old server, everyone had /leveled. But, then I made a new character on a server called Gareth, which is what they call a "Classic" server, which doesn't allow /level. So, i fire up a new toon, Fireforged the Dwarven Viking. I'm at level 4 right now. I would be higher, but I got into a great guild and i've been talking to them alot in game instead of playing lol. I ordered the Epic Edition of the game, and once that comes in I will have access to bunches of good things, including "Task Dungeons" which my guild is going to help me run through to help me level.

Now, in other new, I am ordering some new ram Friday!!! FINALLY! Well, that is, if I have enough mullah. I'm planing on ordering Corsair Value Select 512x2 ram, which i've heard from many people kicks butt. This will up my FPS in CS:S, as well as make my DAoC playing experience much better. I only ever lag when loading a new area, and its only for a second, but it is ANNOYING!

I also really want to pick up some new games, single player wise. I need to rebuy Morrowind, and also buy Oblivion, since I still don't own it. I want to buy Gothic II and play it before Gothic III comes out. I'd also like to preorder Dark Messiah and get that, since that game is really awesome (well, the demo is). And after all that, I need to start saving for a car, which means no spending for a while (lame!). Anywho, i'm hungry, and I want to play more DAoC. I'll be seeing ya around.

Insomniac, ALL NIGHTER!

Well, I have school in 4 hours, but sleeping now would be pointless. Instead, I've been up playing Counter-Strike:Source! :) I decided i need to quit playing CS:S for a while, so I cam to Gamespot. I need RAM! My PC is pretty decent except that I need more RAM!!!! Right now I only have 512, and it sucks to play CS:S with 512. Hopefully soon i'll be able to drop some money on a new set of 1gb of ram.

In other news, I've been talking with the admissions guy at Full Sail alot lately. If you haven't heard of Full Sail, then WOW! Its a college in Orlando, Florida that has a really awesome game developement program! Its really expensive, so I need some good grades and I need to get a lot of scholarships and grants, or at least thats what I hope to happen. I'm not sure how student loans work, but I don't think getting one for $65,000 would fair too well. :( Besides the cost, going to Full Sail is going to be amazing! I can't wait!!!!

In other other news, I'm still learning to Program, and I hope to start my first project soon. I've discussed some future plans of mine with some people here on Gamespot, and these future projects mainly revolve around the MMO genre. But, for my first game, I think i'm going to make a Diablo-esque Story Driven RPG. So, when I say story driven,  I mean that you'll spend alot of time reading, unless I can get some people to record voices. More plans will most likely be posted here in the future, so if you are interested in that at all, then stay tuned!

What else to say? I'm trying out Shadowbane. I figured that its free, so why not try it you know? Well, even though the graphics are crap, and even though the gameplay isn't that good, I myself have somehow found something in Shadowbane that I like. I like the character developement aspect, which is why story driven rpgs are so great. The first story driven RPG that comes to mind is Morrowind, but thats just because Morrowind is one of the greatest games ever made. Shadowbane also reminds me alot of the D&D tabletop game, which is by far one of my favorite pasttimes. If you've never played the D&D tabletop game, then you need to, because its so awesome. Well, I called this a rant, and thats what you got, so enjoy.
Until Later Sometime,

Well what do we have here...

Well i got my PC Upgraded! Its nothing special, just a 7600gs, but meh it works pretty good. I can run CS:S and DoD:S and WoW, all of which i bought :P I'm level 16 in WoW, i'm a Tauren Warrior on Twisting Nether. The names Krot, look me up :D Also, DoD:S is a really fun game! I really like it, almost as much as CS:S. So, sorry i havent been very active here on GS, i've just been enjoying my new rig. But anyhow, thats all i have to say as of right now, ill ttyl all later.

My Game Studio, Upgrades, more...

Hey everyone. First of all, i'd like to introduce you all to Shut-In Studios, my game studio. A few of my friends are I started it up a few days ago. So far, we only have a blog set up, but we'll probably end up getting a full host and domain name soon. We have forums set up too, so if you'd like, register and start some threads. It would be much appreciated.

Also, i ordered some quick fix upgrades for my current rig today. I got a 7600GS and a copy of windows for a fresh format. I also ordered WoW, so i can finally get my own account!!! w00t! :) So long school, hello Azeroth! :P

So, check out my Studio, its going to be pretty snazy. Pretty soon i'm going to post one of my MMO ideas on there, so stay tuned!

Rig Plans, MMOCU, other tidbits of stuff...

Alrighty, so my last work check STILL hasn't come in the mail! :( I was supposed to pick it up last friday, but my work decided to be lame, and a long story short, they mailed it!!! :cry: So, thats why i was waiting to post this belated Entry, but i decided i might as well do it now. I have about $200 away right now, and hopefully that check will be for another $200 that i can save. I'm getting all the hours that i can, trying to get this rig before the end of September. So, the rig will probably change before i order it, but heres the tenative specs: Antec P180 Mid Tower Case Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe Socket AM2 Motherboard XFX 7900 Gt Enermax Liberty 620 Watt Modular PSU AMD X2 3800+ Socket AM2 Patriot eXtreme Performance 1gb Ram Western Digital 250gb Harddrive Lite-On Combo Drive Windows XP Pro Saitek Eclipse Gaming Keyboard Logitech MX-518 Gaming Mouse Total With Shipping- $1,309 So, like i said, it may change by the time i order it, but if it does it will be so that its a tad cheaper. Its a good build, i just hope i can get it soon! I'm building it myself, so that should be fun! Also, after i get the above, i'm going to save and get another gig of ram (same kind and everything for duel channel) and an X-Fi sound card. :D Also, if you haven't yet, please check out my union, the MMOC! Its all about MMOs on all consoles, and i've been working hard on it for some time! So, thats all for now, sometime this week i'll post with how much my check was and everything! Until then, ~Corey

Well, looky here...

Well, in recent news, i reached my 7500th post yesterday! Party time :) 3/4s of the way to level 22, that should be cool. I'm also planning on writing a few more reviews shortly, so stay tuned for that. Also, i have approximately $200 saved for my PC, and i get payed Friday. I'll post again friday with complete PC specs (still debating on a few components) and the money i put away to save. Until then.

Attention, everybody.

Oh damn, the water main pipe in my house broke and my basement flooded. I am staying in a hotel and don't have a ton of time on the PC. So, i'm saying this to everyone, i won't be around as much, at least for a day or two. Sorry, i love all of you at the HCU, MMOC, and TES Elite! Don't hate me :(

The Job is going good!

Well, i've been working there for about a month now, and its going really well. When i get paid this friday, i'm putting some in the bank, buying a concert ticket for June 23rd when It Dies Today, Haste the Day, and Chiodos is playing, and buying a new Graphics Card and a gig of ram! w00t! I'm getting an XFX 6800 xt off of Newegg. I still have AGP as of yet, but as soon as i can i'm upgrading my entire system, as i've stated before. Well, drop me a line, and i'll talk to you all later!