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PSN talk

Ok any one remember the event that happened to PSN,yah no the hacker attack causing it to be shutdown.well as cool as it is to be "updated" i think the length of its maintenence is becoming irratitating.Plus PSN is also losing loyal PSN fans to the xbox. Really ive could of spent the 3 weeks wasted to get xbox live. But still though, I want our PSN back!

And you guys. What are your thoughts on this?

bulletstorm:if you got bullets,you got a storm!

I heard of bulletstorm on TV before (by the way,the way they say FPS are getting boring iskinda funny)And i have to say,i was pretty impressed. So than i downloaded the demo and played it...I was blown away.

Then the ending to the demo had got me even more excited. "hey d***tite, this game aint going to pre order itself" Not only did i get a giggle and even more excitment,i recieved stuff for the full game.KABOOOOOOOOOM!

I rented it a couple days ago and so far so good.Ive never played a FPS that gave you such creative ways to kill enemies.The whip is such a great toy in your inventory.Basicly you press the L2 (or LB if its the Xbox version)and you attach your whip to an object or enemy,and pull towards you were they go in slow mo when there helpless bodies get close to you.Than all the skill points and combos come.Shoot some one in the n**s and kick rm for points and a combo.Kick and enemy into a plant eater and watch him get eaten.Or open a door on a roof to unleash giant rocks on your opponents.Or whip an enemy into spikes (fatality)

Dude theres so much more combos , i cant think how these dudes made it up,it adds a whole new layer of excitement.Plus story mode has some LOL humor in it and some pretty awesome moments (how about unleashing madness upon 9 dozen enemies with a giant "godzilla"look_a_like robot.)

Despite having to pay for online (i rented it so i couldnt:{ )people who dont play atleast get a decent amount of maps,Thats right,you can still play online.From what i played so far,lag was not apparent and only experienced frameratedrops in multiplayer.

So ill wwrite the review later

To all LBP2 owners and friends who own it.

I have currently released 2 games on LBP2. Metal gear solid DLC 3 and Jet Moto Online. Metal gear solid DLC 3 is the sequel to Metal gear solid DLC 2 and the 10 dollar pack in the Pstore.Its about ocelots plan to get a metal gear to destroy LBP for good but you snake and your 3 friends are going on an epic adventure to stop it.Nowim telling you,some of the levels are hard and i dont think i did the best snake impression (lay off! im only 13 :))but inn some tricky situations you need to think,plus the last 2 missions are minigames (Act 7:snake vs. ocelot has you fighting ocelot in an arcade style while act 8:the epilogue has 1 player driving a awesome gun filled van while others use a creatinator to help and survive.)So please play it, i worked on the music variety and puzzles so it would be enjoyed plus one of the eight levels has a key to a massive multiplayer minigame were youll survive to have the highest score,good luck hunting.

Jet Moto Online is a massive online racer i made. I choose 4 jet moto tracks to recreate on LBP2,made a menu and level linked you to one of 4 of the tracks.Currently only one track is avalible and thats Slickrock gorge from jetmoto 2 but soon hot shot,and others will be avalible. You drive with X you hold the left stick to drive on that direction and use turbo with triangle..almost like the actual game! I want this to be really famous because it seems as if im the only person on LBP trying to bring back the soul of such an awesome racer.So play it, i worked real hard on it and give credit to C2CAR and XD_MEATBALL_XD for there help in making it.

Thanks for reading dudes, ill be on LBP2

little big planet 2

i got little big planet 2 3-4 weeks ago, and so far its been great.Though i found the new create tools to be confusing (the tutorials should be better)Its been awesome to make such incredible levels and games. The review will be poping up soon and check out my "sackboys prehistoric moves" review. thanks


modnation racers 2 ideas.

i have some good ideas for modnation racers 2.

Stunt mode:New stunt mode allows you to perform completely over the top stunts in wild stunt tracks PLUS mkae your own stunt track.

Deeper,and more creative:Shape your mods body parts,shape your kart and add more kart parts,create stickers in a more simple to use sticker editor,and create your own race/stunt tracks with 130 new props.Want to make it rain and thunder?want big puddles?want to make your own ad bill board?want to add fire?you can do all this and so much morein modnation racers 2.

User generated content:share your creations with millions around the world,plus compatibility with the original mods,karts,and tracks.

Create modspot:Tired of the original modspot?well now you can create your own.Add ramps,doors to game modes,share stations,best of the week.All with your own flair.

Coop create:create mods and karts together(4 dif mods 1 player on each),and work together to make the ultimate race/stunt track.(coop create)

Coming soon in i dont know.

Thats what my ideas for modnation racers 2. thanks for reading.

REDO! Condemned 2 bloodshot review Redo.

Alright now its rare for me to re review video games But i think i might redo the condemned 2 review as looking at it now i find it to be poor. Though not only will it be redone i will also include a PS3 review (coming after or along the redo)

Pink floyd the wall DVD 8.0

One day my dad rented Pink floyd the wall on DVD and since i wasnt familiar with pink floyd at the time. i stuck around to here more of the music.But i was shocked in a wierd way when i first saw the movie.(and it was the longest 1 and a half ever) So when the credits rolled, my dad asked"what did you think?" I said it was abit of a trippy ride. he said he mostly liked for the music.

What kinda anwser is that?

So i spent alot of time with the CD and watched it on Fuse.I finally understood it and now got the DVD . So its reviewing time.

The Movie: The story is about a rockstar named pink floyd, a dude with a bad past. He barely knew his dad because he died at war and his mom was overprotective but ditched him when he was sick. Not only that but hes also going through a failing marriage. So to avoid the out side world, he builds a wall. (pink floyd the wall get it?)The movie moves on through Pink floyds music with little dialogue in the scenes.And 15 minutes of the movie shows off Gerald scarfes animation (where one involves 2 fighting flowers.). The movie is really trippy, as there is so many odd moments in it. but The movie follows along the music really well like Another brick in the wall parts 123.But while Pink floyd the wall may be brillant, at times it can be overblown or way too heavy handed. But the music and story work so well. So overall i enjoyed pink floyd the wall.


The video: Pink floyd the wall is remasterd and restored in HD and put in what i call a double black bars perspective. Everything looks much better than the original release. Though the thing is this DVD was released in 1999. So its only remasterd in a 90,s retrospective. So theres still grain and scratches on the screen. But then theres some scenes that look uncleaned and still look like the 80,s version. (example the animation in dont leave me now)but at least it looks better. Gerald scarfes animation is briliant in a twisted way and while the following issues above hamper these abit, it still does a good impact in the movie.


The sound:The music is perfect! i liked every song in the CD and the movie leaves the same impression on my face (even the songs that werent on CD). The sound has been remasterd in surround sound and the results are almost flawless. There was only a slight problem. If your listening on headphones or surround sound steroes, youll here alittle sssssss noise in the background. But i kinda forgot about the sound after 3 minutes in the movie.


Extras:The wall even has alot of extras. Thers easter eggs,the deleted scene of hey you, the documentary otherside of the wall, trailers, a music video,and movie images. Also roger waters and gerald scarfe delivier a sweet commentary track. Its sweet but at times they can go off topic and near the end they kind of remain speechless for alittlebit, but its cool that the movies company could get roger and gerald to talk about the movie.The easter eggs are just little sound clips that make references to the movie, the cd, or a new one. (hint input 9)but these i found to be a waste of time. Another is that youll be digging through menus to find some of the special stuff, but once you get to it, its worth it.


Overall:Pink floyd the wall isnt for everyone, its incredibly trippy,it can be heavy handed and overblown sometimes. But the music and the movie made me truly blown away. So buy (or rent if you must) Pink floyd the wall. Because there is somebody out there.

PS3 review coming up.Plus over 100 reviews celebration Part 1/3

so after sinking my teeth in my PS3 games. Youll be happy to know that almost ten PS3 games will be reviewed. That includes dead redemption (need to wait aliitle bit.)

2.Red dead redemption undead nightmare

3.Rachet and clank future tools of destruction.

4.Little big planet (game of the year.)

5.Monster madness Grave danger.

6.Lego indiana jones 2 (already reviewed check it out)

7.Assassins Creed brotherhood

8.UFC undisputed 2010

9.Move game

Oh the answer to a complaint. "christmas is over, just start a new blog already, just saying" I was playing my PS3 alot, so i wasnt on here as much. so i wasnt focused on gamespot.

Kudos guys. I realized i just recently wrote over 100 i put down some noticables,changes,thought,etc.

1.Review or cry trying!

In a way, i found expressing my thoughts on games to be great. I was eleven and just started realizing quality of games. i was 12 when i joined gamespot and maybe you can tell but my first 6-7 reviews were not quite well said as i hoped. But eventually i started writtng better and i found my reviews to be morepleasently said.

Like that last couple of words i said right?

2.Leveling up to write.

The computer i used when i started was my dads moms computer (a windows 98 ) it had no usb drive(meaning no uploading videos which sucked) and the PC games looked weird and most wouldnt play. But since noone hardly got on it. i could leave my profile idle and level up while i was at school. Then came my first review, Rock Revoulution. (which was a 7.0, then 6.0,then 5.5)it was short and (before i updated it.) now i thought it was written awfully, it gave ya the basics and got the job done. (by the way i only used the 98 for alittlebit.)

3. The Good...The Bad...

You probally already know where i got the idea of The good...the bad... i liked how gamespot did that, but the site never really asked if we wanted to do that. so then i did to say what was good...then what was bad.The first review i did that in was Guitar hero smash hits on the PS2. Lets look back at shall we?


smash hits would be great if it werent for crashing bugs and missing features

The good:artistic and funny cartoon cutscenes. Cool looking guitar,drums.bass,and microphones(monster drum kit anybody?).
a great list of old hits now in full band!

The bad:Crashes alot. Dated music studio.

Before guitar hero was a game with fullband support. It was just guitar and bass. Now they put all the smash hits songs from GH,GH2,GH3,GH 80,s,and GHA into one game with full band.(isnt that great!) Now lets get to the bad stuff. The ps2 version likes to crash. Crash as in the game just stops. When i finished creating a guitar.CRASH!When i was doing some thing with my guys face.CRASH! During Killing in the name by rage agianst the machines.CRASH! Its frustrating, and do you really want to get up to restart over and over again? The character models look dated. And the back grounds are yet again pre-renderd. Again it looks weird with great xbox360 back grounds with dated PS2 models . Now the good things. The animated cutscenes are drawn well, and all of them are funny.The instruments are cool (monster drum kit anybody?) . The old songs are now fullband. How sweet is that? A few songs are Heart shaped box by Nirvana,Monkey wrench by Foo fighters,Through the fire and flames by dragon force and more.
Now this game can be fun. Any one could enjoy the PS2 version if they can forgive one major problem. Crashing issues!

The review is abit harsh, but it was enjoyable. As you can see it displayed the good(artistic and funny cartoon cutscenes. Cool looking guitar,drums.bass,and microphones(monster drum kit anybody? a great list of old hits now in fullband!) and the bad (Crashes alot. Dated music studio.) I liked the idea, and still use to this day.Thanks and look out for the PS3 reviews and Part2/3 of 100 reviews celebration!

merry xmas

While its almost that time in the year and thankfully i get to celebrate christmas a day earlier.

I wont be on here for a couple of days, due to christmas and the may be PS3 that ill be playing (that is, if i get one,)So later guys and have a merry christmas and a happy new year!