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Wowza, an update from me? xDD

I've been playing a lot of Halo: Reach recently, i used to hate on it for NO reason and now i really like it XD Never hate on a game you haven't played ;P I've learnt from that. xD

Left4Dead2 as usual, new DLC Map releasing soon, excited for that. NOMNOM! =D

I really want L.A. Noire.. That's on my.. "OMGGGGGGG I WANT THIS GAME SO FUDGING MUCH!!" list. Which is the only one on that list at the moment :lol:

Also still needing to buy Black Ops and Fable 3.. ;P

The most O'WOW news though.. Is the trailer for 'Dead Island'.. Now this trailer takes Zombies to a new perspective.. At first i saw the title and thought "Omg ANOTHER Zombie game?? D:" but i looked into it more and became interested.. I then searched Youtube for a trailer.. And it made me cry.. The first EVER game/movie whatever, to do with zombies.. has made me cry.. If you haven't seen it, it's a MUST SEE trailer.. It's edited beautifully, the graphics are incredible and the music is stunning, everything about it is perfection.. A zombie game that finally shows emotion of defending/losing a loved one to the infection.. *Loves* It's a trailer i faved and will always remember. -- I want this game!