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Tis the 1st of Decembeeeeer! *Dances*

6:30am :: Ah, Let's start off with some good old chatter.

1st of December, the snow has been falling consecutively for over a day now and it's absolutely beautiful i must say! Me and Laura love watching it. We're going to have a walk in it sometime, snowball fight, a kiss under the snow flakes etc. Cute! ^_^

Since i all asked you what prezzies you want for christmas.. I HOPE YOU GET THEM! I'm sorry i can't get you all something so.. How 'bout a cyber-hug instead? *CLINGS TO YOU ALL FOR A GROUP HUG!* [[ No, I'm NOT drunk......... *shifty* ;P ]]

Well, I've played and completed Enslaved [ The newest game i have ] and it was pretty good ^^ I was a little disappointed with the ending but it was still fun and interesting all the same. Characters are lovable, graphics are beautiful, gameplay is oookay. So a top-notch game overall.

Playing more Left4Dead2 (As usual) and i've finally been able to play Multiplayer on Red Dead Redemption *Shakes fist at game ports for secretly closing on me for aaages*

Now time for a 'joke'. When i told Laura this she was literally rolling on the floor laughing, i'm not even joking. Especially when i re-phrase the 'Caps Lock' part XD It's our 'new thing' that we share.. Some of you may not find it funny sooo.. beware. ;P

Do you ever look at a keyboard and think… "I've never seen you before"?
"Hi, I'm Scroll Lock and I got used once but.. it was by accident.."
"Hi, I'm backslash and I've uhm.. never been used.."
"Capslock, indoor voice.. indoor voice.."
"Oh.. Sorry.. Uh, hi I'm Caps Lock, it's been 3 months since I've been used.. and I'm only ever used in arguments or breakups…"
"Hi, I'm End.. I've been used once and that was in a 'press any button to continue' situation.."
"Hi, I'm Insert.. It's not my fault she disappears when you press me!"
"Hii, I'm the squiggly thing. ~~~ I guess the last time I was used is when msn was BIG and everyone used me in their usernames.."
"I get used to much, I have a permanent thumb mark! HAHAHAHA! .. What're you looking at? You stupid keystroke ;P SPACEBAR!" *laughs along with Enter*

There ya go. I have another one for you next time XD

PEACE -x- ;P