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Seriously.. OMG!!! ...

... Late Blog. :P

Nothing much to report this week.

I finished Red Dead Redemption, giving it a perfect 10 on Gamespot. Reason being, i saw past the minor flaws with the brilliant gameplay, storyline, characters, voice-acting and ending. I cried at the end which definitely made me give 10/10!

I'm still playing GTA4, haven't finished that yet.

Another thing..
I sold my DS today.
My mum asked me to let my little brother borrow it whilst he went on holiday with my parents and she'd give me £20 and i didn't like the fact that my 5 year old brother would have the console i paid £100 at the time for (with my birthday money) somewhere else for that amount of time.. (i'm very protective of my consoles).. So i thought, since i hardly ever use it and it's just sat there gathering dust, i asked if she wanted to buy it off me properly for £50.. She didn't agree, so we haggled on the price and in the end i sold it to her for £40 and gave her 3 games with it, she let me keep 3 others (the ones i actually play! lawl) and she said i can still borrow the DS ;)

To me, that was a perfect deal! Now i'm gonna use the money i got for my DS to buy Mass Effect for my 360 then use the rest for Mass Effect 2 once i've cleared the first one. And i still (sorta) have my DS! So it worked out great for me :lol:

Okay, The video of the week is one i'm very proud of! It's my newest video and It's been popular among my subscribers and one particular Union on Gamespot ;) It's a comedy, lipsync and a storyline video all in one! It has gotten great feedback so i'm gonna make more :D PLEASE WATCH! You won't be disappointed! :P

That's all i've gone to say this week really.. I hope you're all having fun gaming and looking forward to the new games to come! :D