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Phew.. I'm back? o.o (Update bwahaha)

Yes.. I haven't posted a blog in a very long time. :lol:

My fiance came to stay with me for 2 weeks, fun fun! We've made a book together, starting from a picture of where we met and the rest is full of pictures, funny quotes we've said, all sorts about us! It's awesome stuffs. :D

She drew this picture for me the other day. Omgawd tis seriously epic!:

Isn't it just awesome! XD Of course i would think that.. It's The Lion King.. but she has awesome drawing skills ^_^

Hmmz!.. NEW VIDEO!? Well, it's been done a while, i haven't got round to make a new new new one yet xD But this is my newest Death Note AMV . I hope you like it! :)

At the moment i've been playing:
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake (completed it the other day)
Sacred 2

and a little bit of Left4Dead2 and Resident Evil 5 with my friends :)

I also downloaded the 2 DLC levels of Assassin's Creed 2, i was craving to play MOAR! xD Can't wait for Brotherhood :)

I downloaded the RE5 DLC levels: Desperate Escape and Lost in Nightmares. Both great but i prefered Desperate Escape just because it was constant action, i didn't stay still once in fear of dying lmao :lol:
My friend, Jay (who i was playin' co-op with), kept dying.. I was like OMGAWD! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN! :lol:

It was fun. Bwahaha.

My fiance is getting an Xbox 360! If she wants me to share her Gamertag then i will do when the time comes. :D
She was playing RE5, Sacred 2 and L4D2 with me and friends online while she was staying over.
It was hilarious XD Me and Danielle are such good friends as well as a couple. I love her so much! ^^

I hope you've all been okay! :D