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New Year


Today is the first day of 2011 and i must say 2010 was a very bad year for me.. I am hoping this year is different.

Since i've met the love of my life, Laura, a few months ago, i have been majorly happy, so the end of 2010 was an amazing ending to a year for me. I hope this year will continue to make me happy, if Laura remains by my side then this year will the best year of my life so far ^_^

Had no sleep last night, i was on my Xbox with 3 friends from 11pm up till 5am, all drunkards on mics, chatting away whilst playing Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood together, all on the same team, gawd, funny stuffz i tells you. O_O
I've also been drinking energy drink ALL night and morning, still got another big bottle beside me *gulps moar!* Trying so hard to stay awake today, need to get my sleeping pattern back to normal. ;P
Though.. My head keeps drifting.. I keep having to concentrate a lot and shake my head to snap awake again, otherwise i'll end up passing out. D:

New Year's Resolution:
People always make them things like.. "Need to stop smoking" or "Need to stop drinking" or.. "Need to look for a job, Make new friends" etc etc, the usual stuff… But mine is just to make Laura happy.. That's all i want.
I want to concentrate on the most important thing in my life, her. =] I love her with all my heart. ^_^

Short Story Moment:: [[ If you're homophobic, Yuu may not like it XD ]]
I sit on the bed and glance over at Laura stood beside my door.
"Sit down.." i say to her quietly, seeing her nervous posture, all hunched up, shaking with nerves, i couldn't help but smile at it.
She walks over, i get up and close my door then walk back over to the bed and sit beside her. I take her hand in mine and start to stroke it gently with my thumb, i keep my eyes fixated on her hand, her soft skin amazes me with a rush of nervousness about my person. I smile as my cheeks begin to turn red from blushing.
I take a moment to glance up at her, she bites her bottom lip slightly as her whole body shakes.
"What's wrong?" i ask her..
"I just.. Can't stop shaking.. Nerves, yet i'm so happy.." she stutters as a reply.
I smile more and place my hand on her cheek, for a moment my heart skipped a beat as her smooth skin is finally beneath my fingertips, like i had always dreamed.
Ten minutes pass by quickly and we've hardly moved, both of us too nervous to say anything, shying away everytime we lock eyes onto one another, i whimper quietly and glance back up and into her eyes, running my thumb over her cheek as i lean in slowly and she follows my lead without hesitation.
Before i knew it, our lips had touched gently, they tingled as my body shivered, i started to kiss her as she kissed me back…
Our first kiss was so mesmerizing i shall never forget that moment for as long as i live…
We are getting closer to a long future, one step at a time.

Ah, I love writing! ^___^