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New games + Disappointment.. (Only a little)

So.. This week has been good, my games finally arrived so i decided to kick-back, relax and play for the whole week.

So i started off by playing some Fallout 3. The game started off really good but after being in the wasteland for so long, my actual body started to feel drained! I understand why: It's the wasteland, there's hardly gonna be anyone around.. but i was just walking.. walking.. walking.. and still, nothing.. Not even monsters to leap at me from no-where.
Some of the side-quests are a little confusing and it's hard to find your way around but it's always nice to have a challenge. :)

After a while i decided to leave that and try Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is one of those games where you start off not liking it but then you eventually grow into really liking it.
The only problem i really had with it was how bland the characters were. I loved the female main character though (who you play as if you choose to make a female) and i seriously love her voice! O_O

The only character that seemed interesting was Liara because she became quite valuable to the plot and spoke a lot too. (and because i had the relationship scenes with her.. it was really cute!) I had Wrex in my party throughout the whole game which made him quite interesting at times..

I was also disappointed at how short the game was! .. I completed it in 20 hours and some of those hours were taken up by side-quests and i got lost in the Citadel a couple of times (lawl).. So.. When the achievement came up saying i've completed to game i was like ".. Wtf what?? :cry:"
But the good thing about BioWare games are they they have so much replay value! I could just go through the game again choosing all the options that will make me a right ***** just to see everyone else's reactions to my characters behaviour and to see the outcome :lol:
I love you BioWare! You're amazing at making games! :D

I loved comparing the characters actions and such to those in Dragon Age and i admit, the facial expressions and the physical contact in Mass Effect were better than they were in Dragon Age, but the voices and personalities of the characters were a lot better in Dragon Age than in Mass Effect (but i loved the main female characters voice! as i mentioned before) so when you think about it.. both games surpass each other in different aspects.

Overall i gave Mass Effect a 9/10 on Gamespot. It was gonna get 9.5 but things like 'length of gameplay' and 'characters being bland' knocked that .5 off.

Now i'm gonna get Mass Effect 2 because i enjoyed the first one a lot. I've also heard ME2 is a lot better than ME1 so that's fantastic! :D

On other gaming news..
I really want Brutal Legend! I tried the demo cuz my friend was like "The game is so awesome!" etc etc all the time.. after playing the demo i was like ".. I want it!" :lol:

This year, so far.. I can't wait for The Sims 3 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood to release. I may have more games in mind but i can't think of them right now :P

Video News!
Okay.. The only video that i've put on Youtube since my Death Note video.. Is the short Lion King/South Park lipsync video.
I've been working on a Collab with a Youtube friend and we both have a little more to do then that'll be finished, so i'll put that in next weeks blog :)
1474 subscribers right now.. I'll have to think of something for a 1500 subscribers video.. anyone got any suggestions? :P

That's all for this week really.. I'm just gonna go back to playing Fallout 3, hopefully i'll get into it more :)