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I'm back! Let's get things started!! :3 *Moshes!*

So everyone knows i've been spending time with my fiance. All last week to be precise :P

Okay.. Funny story about what happened whilst purchasing games.. (Well i found it funny!! xD)

We went to Argos cuz Danielle wanted to buy me RDR and GTA4, so we went into town, went to Argos at 10am, we got in there and the place was basically empty.
So we went to the desk and Danielle gave the woman the numbers for the games she reserved. The GTA4 number was right but apparently the RDR number didn't exist in that particular Argos..
The woman kept checking and checking then suddenly me and Danielle turned around and there was a huge que waiting to be served! ..
I didn't realise we had been holding everyone up.. Some people actually gave up and walked out we were taking that long.. Then i realised the number was on a MASSIVE RDR poster behind the woman.. I pointed it out to her (yes, this was about 15 minutes later.. lmao) and she was like "OHHHH! I didn't notice that!" and she works there the damn fool.. -_-'' Hah.
So she put the number in.. and it came up saying "Not in Stock" .. In my mind i was like "FFS! We spent so long here, held people up.. seeing this dumb woman run around in circles like a headless chicken, and for what..?" :lol:

So.. She reserved RDR from another Argos.. (we purchased GTA4 from the one we were in) and since i'm not street wise at all, i had to phone my mum and ask her where abouts it was.. She gave me a bunch of directions, and me being a noobcake, thought i knew exactly where we needed to go..
So we walked.. and walked.. and walked.. and walked some more.. *1 hour later* .. Okay, enough walking.. LET'S WALK BACK! *Walks all the way back to the starting point, turns the corner leading the opposite way from where we went before.. 5 minutes later we arrive at the other Argos..* Yeah.. I felt like such an idiot! :P
And luckily they had RDR!!! So we purchased it. Yes, Danielle spoilt me. Again. :lol:

Anyway, moving on.. :P

We went to see Prince of Persia. It was a good film, i enjoyed it. I know a lot of people hate it but i found it interesting. I love the games and the film was decent enough to make me want to buy it on DVD (eventually!)

Whilst we were queing to see it, this girl (around 17 years old.. methinks) kept glaring at me and Danielle holding hands.. She then smiled at Danielle, Danielle smiled back then the girl glared at her again and gave her a right evil look, she looked down and up at Danielle with a disgusted look on her face. I wanted to go over and smack her! :lol:

And so.. we had a fun week, doing random funny voiceovers with The Lion King (i'll upload them on Youtube at some point), gaming on Left4Dead2. Taking the P*ss out of my driving on GTA4, and she was obsessed with a Mule on RDR :lol: Was hilarious though. ;)

But she went home yesterday.. When she got on the train, i tried to hold my tears back whilst i was walking back home but i failed.. and last night i couldn't sleep, i kept crying, i felt so lonely it was unreal.. But today i feel a lot better :) It's just that first night without her there that always kills me.

Okay, the Video of the Week is a video that i made that came 2nd in an AMV contest ^_^ Please watch it? I'm really proud of it. :D

A few Unions that i wanna boast about :lol:

TSKDNU - The first Union i started posting in :P All of my best Gamespot friends are there and they made me feel extremely welcome! ^_^ I love it! It's my home here on Gamespot :D

The Survival Horror and RPG Wonder Union - I started posting in this Union a few weeks back, we need more active members and since i'm an Officer i'm gonna do my best to support this Union. The members are friendly and easy to get along with! :D

The BladeMasters Guild - One of the newest Unions i've joined and i'm also an Officer in this one too. Random and interesting discussions. Want to be a part of a Union + Guild? Then this is the Union for you! ;) Friendly people, different topics. It's a great place to go to whilst on Gamespot :)

Other Unions that are definitely worth taking a look at ;)

The Elite Pink Union

The Gotei 13

BlazBlue Union

Games Dimension X

The Union That Never Was

These are the Unions i always lurk at ;) Just thought i'd share since i love them! ;)

I hope you've all been fine while i've been away.