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Haven't posted in so long!

Sorry for being so unactive recently. I have A LOT of problems going on in my life right now. Mostly to do with my parents but i'm not gonna bore you with the details.. These stressfull times have been happening for 2 months now..

I wanted to let everyone know that i'm still hovering around from time to time. I'll hopefully be fully back soon. I will get back to posting regularly as soon as i possibly can.

Due to a lot of stress with these particular problems i was kicked out of college. Which has also upset me.

More upsetting news is that me and Danielle broke up over a month ago, she cheated on me so that was a sign to end it. I'm over it now though so no worries.

I have my eye on someone else so my life is starting to pick up, this girl, Laura, is there for me fully through all the stuff i'm going through. She's helped me out SO much and we both love each other as it goes..
Yuu may think it's too soon after Danielle but you can't help what your heart feels, right? =]

I hope you're all doing well and sorry again for not being around.

Luffles you all

:: Lightning ::