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Cosplay Convention.. WOOT!

Firstly, I promised KillerKyote i'd post this Wolf Human picture of me that my friend (Kim) had drawn for me 2 days ago (Can't remember your Gamespot name Kyote ''fail''.. XD)

She told me the Japanese in the picture reads
"Lightning, Lottie, Okami, From Kim" xP (Her words, not mine) xD

Oh and the reason 'i'm' saying "Bumble Bee" is because of Halo: Reach, she had yellow as her main colour in armour and her tag as 'Bee', so i started calling her Bumble Bee Bum o.o So she then changed her tag to 'Bumb' for Bumble Rofl.

I personally love this picture, i requested it through a game of Halo with her, she was happy to accept, plus she put the Xbox controller and headset in there too, which made me love it even more XD You'll notice this pic as my Signature too.

It's also part of my Youtube background:

In other news, i'm going to a cosplay convention on saturday with my friend ^_^ I'll take pics xP

Games i've been playing recently:

Halo: Reach (as always, mainly with Kim XD)
L.A. Noire
Red Dead Redemption
Lost Odyssey

That's all for nao ^__^