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Christmas Daaaaay XD (Updates. Yummeh)

Yes, It really is 4:38am as i write this and the reason i'm still awake is that i was determined to get 100% completion stat on Red Dead Redemption BEFORE i obtain new game(s) for christmas, otherwise i may have just given up! XD
I had been stuck at 99.5% for weeks, I kept checking things and re-checking and i had done everything.. Or so i thought..
Turns out, the Strangers tasks were to blame for my percentage. It specifically says 18/18 for Strangers Tasks to complete but i never knew the "I Know You" stranger DOESN'T count into the 100%, so technically there's 19 strangers but only 18 of them count towards 100% completion. I tell you, it was a pain! There was a stranger on the faaaar side of the map, at a place where you NEVER have to visit through the story, wander around there or even go PAST that location, so it was easily missed.
That aside, i've just obtained 100% *Achievement pops up* HOORAH! THE RELIEF! xD

I'm still tipsy from drinking through the night, though i've had a lot of water since then so i'm gradually sobering up, ready for the day ahead. *Feels hungry right now* xD

I asked my little brother what he wanted for christmas and he said "Ummmmm... A Nintendo Wii!" and i couldn't help but grin at him since i KNOW he's got one allll wrapped up. Can't wait to see his face later! ;P

Moving on, since Lightning, my hamster, passed away a few months ago, i have stopped myself from getting a new fuzzy (tis what i call small, fluffy pets. Hah) but my friend has surprised me.. She has bought me a new hamster for christmas =D
She will be bringing her round in January when she can get the train down here, sure is epicly nice of her ^^ I've already given her a name -- THUNDER!
Original of me LOL. ;P
Here's a picture of her...

N'awwww! ^_^ Heh!

AMV News:
Not much going on recently, but i did upload this today that i made, Tis very short but i hope you like it ^^

Relationship News:
Me and Laura are now officially a couple. We got together last saturday when she stayed over. We took a long walk near the beach that night, hand in hand, fingers laced, it was a full moon reflecting off the sea, walking through the snow, it was truely beautiful. Perfect ^^

I hope you all have a great Christmas!

-x- PEACE! -x- ;P