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Another Blog Alreadyz!? XD

First of all, i hope you're all doing well and thanks for the nice comments on my previous blog. It's nice to know there's people out there who care, ya'know. ^_^
Sorry for being a complete and utter downer in the last blog. I'll try and cheer up. ^^

I'll start this blog by first discussing... CHRISTMAS!
I know, i know, it's only November AND i'm 19.. But still.. I can't help but get a little excited. If there's a chance i'm being bought a new game then i have every reason to be excited. :lol:

I've put on my list:

ONE: A Camcorder
There's a story behind that decision..
Me and my friends are looking to become famous on Youtube. I, myself, have made it up to 1619 subscribers, alone, with my AMV's. Now i've decided i also want to ACT.. I think it'd be pretty cool if it worked out.
Our ideas are mostly comedy. We'll also be looking to do dramas, short movies, trailers, home-made music videos AND we have an actual 1 hour 30 minute movie in mind, which i wrote myself. ^^ We're really looking forward to it.
Don't worry though, i'll still be making AMV's on my Youtube. That'll never end. :P

The other things on my list are..:
Fallout New Vegas
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
The Sims 3 (I hold my hand up to the fact that i like the sims XD)

I was going to put Fable 3 on there but.. I've been put off. I've asked my friends about the game and the majority of them have told me it's not worth the full price because of how short the main story is, just like Fable 2. So i'm holding that one off until it becomes cheaper. =]

I cannot buy ANYTHING at all until January. Which is depressing. Otherwise i would have gotten Fallout New Vegas already.. Due to the major problems that are happening in my life right now i have no money coming in. It's been a struggle to last 2 months without any money so far but by December it should be looking better.

My question is.. What do YOU want for christmas? :3

I completed Mass Effect 2 yesterday. I admit, i kept holding it off JUST BECAUSE it was so good and i didn't want it to end :lol:
You ever had a game like that? ;P

LOL, i bought Dead Rising 2 like.. 3 days after it released and i've only played it twice.... My friend is buying it off me for the same price i bought it for, new, from the shop. What a sweetheart he is. :lol:

Relationship news.. WELL, i'm not IN one persay.. but as in the interests of one, me and Laura are doing brilliantly, and she's honestly the first person i've ever chose over my gaming. Truth. Normally with friends or other relationships in the past, it was hard to part with my gaming for a whole day, call me an addict, but gaming is a big part of my life so i had to fit my relationship in between my gaming hours when it should have been the other way round :lol:
But with Laura.. Whenever she gets in touch, in any way, i stop gaming to focus all my attention onto her. Maybe this IS love and what i've been experiencing before was just deep liking? Hmm.. Makes me wonder. =]

LOL. This blog is looooong.. XD My blogs tend to be the way i'd say this stuff face to face, they're not short and simple.. Besides when i'm having a bad time like the last blog.

Nom Nomz to you all. :P