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Back to gaming..

Since i've now cleared 2 of my games i have gone back to Dragon Age: Origins, Hoping to clear it at least once xD

Since moving back to it my brain came to think "How did i even go through a day without playing it??? O.o" I'm now hooked once again xD

I do have a few games i want to go back to though.. Some of my Ps2 games for instance..

Person 4 being the main one. I MUST COMPLETE IT! I miss it a hell of a lot! Dx

Final Fantasy XIII (13) (Information)

I've heard good things and bad things about this game but.. It's Final Fantasy, it's a must buy for me no matter what!
I've heard it's kinda like FFX in some ways yet some FFX lovers don't like the look of FFXlll.

In my opinion.. FFXlll looks awesome just by looking at the detail in scenery and characters, the character art looks perfect! Battle system seems okay but there's one thing that's not in FFXlll that puts me off.. And what i'm about to say is probably the main good thing about all RPG's..

In FFXlll there's no towns to explore, no shops to buy stuff from.. Which is a disgrace i may add Dx
I love towns/villages about RPG's.. Travelling a distance then coming to a new town feels SO satisfying! *Quick! Let's stock up on items! BUY NEW WEAPONS!* ..

Otherwise FFXlll looks like a game that will satisfy me in other aspects, tough battles, hard boss battles to really stick your teeth into and you must work hard to complete them :3
But.. I've heard that this game consists of running in an area, battles, more area, GC cutscenes, more area, BOSS.. Then repeat.. Which is really dissapointing.

Also.. Storylines play a huge part in RPG's.. Which, apparently, FFXlll lacks.
If Square Enix had concentrated on the story this game would have been a masterpiece by the look of things. (EVEN WITHOUT THE TOWNS! xD .. Yes, it bugs me aha.)

And another thing.. Only being able to control one character (Lightning)in battle may get annoying, maybe.

But since i haven't played it myself yet.. I can't really comment on the game itself from my own opinion..
So i'll probably write a review about it once the game actually comes out and i buy it.

(Oh btw.. The information above is from people who have the import PS3 version.)

Buh-bye for nao! ^^

Okay.. Let's update..

Since i now have an Xbox360.. I need to update my favourite games since it's been a while since i last wrote them..

Okay so.. (They aren't in order)

Assassins Creed (Xbox360) (Still need to try the 2nd one)
Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox360)
Kingdom Hearts 1, 2, 258/2 days (Ps2, DS)
Shadow Hearts 1, 2, 3 (Ps2)
Resident Evil 4 & 5 (Ps2, Xbox360)
Okami (Ps2)
Final Fantasy X/X-2 (Both Ps2)
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core (PSP) [ZACK!!:D]
Breath of Fire 3 (Ps1/PSP)
Star Ocean: Till the end of time (Ps2) [The Last Hope may be added since i've started playing it.. But all in good time]
The Legend of Dragoon (Ps1)
Jak and Daxter 1, 2, 3 (Ps2)
Ratchet and Clank 1, 2, 3 (Ps2)
Sly Cooper 2, 3 (Ps2) [Still haven't played the first..]

[There's probably a few more but i'll edit it when i get home methinks xD]

Game on my 'about to get' list:
Fable 2.

And btw.. I can't wait for FF:13 :3

Dragon Age: Origins.

Got an xbox360 Elite for christmas, along with Assassins Creed and Dragon Age: Origins.

And i just gotta say about Dragon Age that it's AMAZING (so far). I'm seriously loving it. :D

(Oh and i love Assassins Creed too hehe :D)

That's all i gotta say right now xD

Dragon Age: Origins

I have yet to get a console to play this game but i've been excited ever since i heard about it!
I'm hopefully getting a 360 for christmas (even though i want a Ps3 more.. the expense is out of the question)
Anyone else got any views on this game?

Most comments i've read are great ones, some are really bad.. I guess it depends what you're looking for in a game and this, to me, is exactly the type of game i've been looking for ^^

My Fave Games So Far!

My Fave Games! (NOT IN ORDER!)


Bully [Canis Canem Edit]

Shadow Hearts 1,2 & 3

Suikoden 2 & 5 (4 Is A Total Letdown...)


Breath Of Fire 1,2, 3 & 4 (5.. WHAT WENT WRONG!?)

Legend Of The Dragoon

Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2

Jak 1,2 & 3 [Including Jak X]

Ratchet & Clank 1,2 & 3

All Crash Bandicoot Games

All Spyro Games [Except Enter The Dragonfly]

Aterlier Iris 2:Azoth Of Destiny

Star Ocean:Till The End Of Time

Sly 1,2 & 3

All Prince Of Persia Games

Some Resident Evil Games.
& A More!