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xXxLightningxXx Blog

The weekend begins.. WITH A JOKE!


A blond is involved in a car accident, the police arrive and one says to her "Excuse me, Can you tell me what happened please?" The blond looks at him "Sure" she said "What happened was, i was just driving along this road when suddenly a tree appeared out of nowhere, so i swerved to the left, Then another tree appeared, so i swerved to the right.. Then ANOTHER tree appared so i swerved to the left! And then ANOTHER tree appeared so i.. -" The police suddenly intterupts her "Uhm.. There isn't any trees around here for miles.. That was just your air freshener swinging back and forth.."

Okay! Hope you like that joke XD

So, it's the weekend.. And already someone is being a homophobe! I was at college this morning and someone blurted out a lame gay comment at me -_-'' So i said to her "How can you say that? When you're the one who's so far back in the closet you're in f*cking Narnia" Yeah, that shut her up! xD

Me and my girlfriend:
We're doing great ^^ No arguments since our relationship (only little ones but that's natural ;D) She says hii to you all xP

Gaming, as always:
I've nearly completed Assassins Creed 2
Playing RE5 now and again to slowly clear it xD,
I'm in the middle of Star Ocean: The Last Hope yet again
I haven't played Dragon Age: Origins yet ever since my saves got deleted but i'll probably play it tomorrow xP
Fable 2 i've been playing now and again this week
The first Assassins Creed.. Hmm.. The last time i cleared it i did every, single repetitive thing in the game.. Now it's been deleted from my saves i'm not sure i wanna do it again! DX

Need to get my PSP fixed, my friend broke it at college last year =/ I miss it like crazy, it's a cracked screen so hopefully it won't be expensive to fix.

I've finished writing my film, shown it to a few friends and they cried reading it, HOORAY! (That's the impression i want to give with it xP) Written another short story, i might post it in a blog.. Since it's not THAT long but i don't know if any of you would wanna read it anyway xD So get back to me on that one if you want to read it.

And finally a shout-out to Coolion ;D (talkin' to him on msn right now, muah ha ha!)

Hope you all have a great weekend, don't game too much! Luffles! ^^

:: Lightning ::

Start of a new week

Monday, the worst day of the week i say. I'm sat in tutor and i recieved a complaint about my Photography, saying that i've missed that many lessons that it raises concern, well, my solution is.. QUITTING THE SUBJECT! I've never really gotten into it anyway.. I do anything i can to get out of doing work in it =/ Plus with me being so ill recently i've missed a hell of a lot.. With my other subjects it's either: Work hard to catch up, or: Give up college and look for a job =/ Hmm..

Anyway, the sh*t stuff out of the way, let's move onto the good!

An old school friend got in touch last night, she text me out the blue ^^ I was suprised! She was one of my closest friends in school and we're meeting up after college today ;D Should be good. Muah ha!

Started Star Ocean: The Last Hope again, WOOHOO! I'm lovin' it, again xD Though i'm progressing a lot quicker this time round, unfortunately, since i know where to go and what to do etc xD And the boss battles are still as long as i remembered xD (oh joy! the almost 2 hour long final boss battle when i get to the end!)

Anyway, i must go, got 'work' to do..................... yeah xD

Hope you're all doing well!

:: Lightning ::

Weekend of gaming, Twilight Vs. Underworld, A rant!

So the weekend is almost here (in college whilst typing this) And knowing me i'll probably be gaming all weekend xD

That aside, for now, i want to talk about the disgrace named Twilight, no offence to Twilight fans but seriously.. WHAT is Edward??? He's not a vampire that's for sure, i don't care how old he is! I see him as a fairy -_-'' What sort of vampire walks into the sunlight and sparkles, hm?
The constant talk of the series are driving me insane, some of my friends are OBSESSED with it! Okay, i admit i sometimes become obsessed over something but that something is worth being obsessed about o.o
Twilight would be better if vampires weren't included, the writer should have made up something else because i'm telling you.. Changing a mythical vampire is the mistake of a lifetime (in my opinion) Plus, Bella is whiter than Edward! O_O

Now i'm comparing Twilight to Underworld, i know the movies are nothing alike but it's the vampire issue i'm on about.
At least in underworld they LOOK like vampires, ACT like vampires and LIVE like vampires, in the dark, will burn in the sun, quite vicious etc

I know some things deserve a change but i feel that if something has been around for so long, you shouldn't change it..
I know people will disagree! xD

To end this rant, the books are probably better (i haven't read them) but the films, so far, are sh*t! Everything about is terrible! The acting, the characters, the CGI.

So overall, I love Underworld, Hate Twilight. There we go, rant over. WOOHOO!(i'll probably get flamed for it)

Anyway, i finish my lesson in 15 minutes xD Then it's back home.
And if anyone wants to add me on Xbox Live: LightningOkami

Hope you all have a great weekend! (I'll probably post another blog on sunday o.o) And i hope you're all doing well =]

Hoorah! I'm back! ^.^

Wow, I'm finally back after being away for a week. Me and my girlfriend, Danielle, had an awesome time! ^_^
Even just taking a walk with her, lacing her fingers with mine, made me feel extremely happy :3 Here we are!

Fable 2 finally came and i'm really enjoying it!

My birthday tomorrow.. I'll be 19.. Gawd time flies eh? I still remember being 10 and my best friend, Chloe, jumped on my back, screaming "AH! A SPIDER!! LOTTIE, SAVE ME!!" Bwahaha, Good times, Me and Chloe have been best friends for nearly 17 years now ;D Woo!

AND!!! My friend bought me Assassins Creed 2 for a birthday present! ^_^!! (THANK YOU JANNA!)

I've had a good week.. Had an argument with my friend though but it's all sorted out now =]

Got extremely drunk on friday night with some of my friends for my birthday bash ;D Was awesome! Though my friend said that when we got home i crawled up the stairs, crawled to my bedroom and flopped on the floor.. giggling at a pen.. o.o Lmao. I'll probably end up posting a random pic of that night on here eventually ;D Oh and she filmed me laying on my bed talking a load of cr*p O____O

(Me with 2 of my best mates, Katy and Sarah! ;D)

So the week is over and it's back to college tomorrow.. JOY! =/ Starting maths this week, every wednesday.. Really not looking forward to that!

But at least i have 2 new games to enjoy! ;D I'm LOVING Assassins Creed 2 atm ^_^

Also written a new video storyline which i'll start making this week, interested? Well i'll tell you XD:
The Lion King: Scar singing/lipsyncing the song Bad Romance by Lady Gaga as he stalks Simba as he's growing up, Simba even see's him in his dreams eventually xP In the end.. Simba can't take it so he runs and kills himself.
WEIRD HUH!? ;D But i like the idea haha xP

Hope you've all had a good week while i've been away!


:: Lightning ::

I won't be here for a week...

Starting from tomorrow i won't be online all week. Reason being my girlfriend is coming to stay with me, so all my focus will be on her and since we'd have missed Valetines day, i'm going to treat her to something =] But shhhh! ;D
(And before you ask, Yes i'm a girl and yes i'm a lesbian. All sorted ^^)

So it's half-term.. Been to McDonold's twice in 2 days, not good! XD
Been gaming, as usual.
Been trying to make a new video.. But my inspiration has drifted away somewhere.. D: I think i'm letting my love-life control me at the moment..

Writing is going well though, wrote a few new pieces. =]

I drew this last night, Thought i'd share it with you as a 'leaving for a week' prezzie ;D

Okay.. It's nothing much but i couldn't sleep at all, So i sat up, switched my lamp on and drew it xD I love Disney, I admit, Tis Pongo from 101 Dalmatians if you didn't guess by looking at it xD.

Well nao, Time for me to browse my Unions for a while xD I'll miss you all!
Hope you're all doing well! ^_^ *Much Love*

:: Lightning ::

Argh! I need to get this out of my system! (GET READY FOR A RANT!)

So here's the thing..
Mass Effect 2 is now out to the world and i've been reading reviews and such about it.. And the thing that REALLY p*sses me off about peoples opinions on games is when they add the words "This game is sh*t" (for example) .. A word of advice: You may give YOUR opinion but it doesn't make the game itself sh*t! -_-''

I may not like a certain game but i don't go around saying it's sh*t.. Others could absolutely love a game that i hate so the game can't be sh*t in any way possible.
Yeah we all have opinions on our likes and dislikes about a game, all games have their ups and downs.
But i read someones stupid review on a website on Mass Effect 2 earlier, giving it 1 out of 5 and saying that the game is crap.. Due to reading so many reviews on how brilliant the game is, this reviewer probably doesn't even like the genre of this game, probably played for 2 hours max or doesn't pay attention to a game at all, just the gameplay. And using that to try and make out that the GAME in itself is incredibly poor makes it a load of bullsh*t.

You see where i'm coming from, right?
I didn't mean to rant but it really annoys me.. DX
People work hard to make these games and there's NEVER 100% chance that everyone in the whole damn world is gonna like it!

So please don't judge something technical through personal tastes.

Sorry about that, really needed to rant about it..

And so the week comes to an end..

The good news: I'm finally feeling better! HOORAH!
The bad news: I have to go to college tomorrow.. Ugh..

I don't mind college but tomorrow is my longest day and it's gonna kill me since my body clock has gone really weird.. I didn't get to sleep until 7am today and i woke up about about 2 hours ago XD So i'm f**ked for tomorrow unfortunately..

Oh well, I'll just gulp a can of Relentless and hope that solves my problems, it normally does xD
Plus.. I wasn't able to go out and get Fable 2.. Due to my sleeping pattern D: But i'm demanding myself to get it, maybe tomorow after college, I'll rush into town and buy it, even if someone just grabbed the last copy i'll beat them up .. Okay maybe i won't beat them up xD But the point still stands: I WANT IT! D:

Oh btw, I'm getting Xbox live soon.. I might send a message to my friends on here asking if they have it and if i may add them once i do get it xP

;; Lightning ::

Overcoming my illness.. and other things.

Okay, I've been ill since Saturday night and i'm only just starting to get over it!
Headaches, sickness, dizzyness, earaches, temperature, you name it. =/

I've been stuck in bed most of the time.. Now it's reached Thursday (5:45am!?) I'm starting to feel slightly better, Though i'm not doing myself any good by sitting up on the computer at this time in the morning xD
But yeah, sleeping problems due to the illness, Hardly been able to sleep and i'm gonna try once i've typed this xD

College seems to be going well but no matter what i ALWAYS manage to fit my gaming in between. I can't live without games and that's the truth!
I'm a writer, a gamer and an AMV maker all in one, so it's busy, busy, busy with my college work also. I don't like to fall behind with anything i do, so i try and fit everything in even though i'm meant to be concentrating on my studies.

But so far, i'm halfway through my very own book =] Which will hopefully be published! So my college work seems to be going out the window xD I guess in the end i'm just gonna focus on boosting my English since i want to be a writer when i'm older.. Plus i've written my own film, i wonder if i could sell that? I've also dreamt of writing storylines for games like Final Fantasy, is that strange? xD

Anyway, If you're reading this you probably want be to shut up XD So i'm gonna head to bed and get some sleep, I need the rest!

I hope you're all well! ^.^

:: Lightning ::