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Mixed emotions..

So, It's the start of the week, exams are coming up and i have mixed emotions right now.

First emotion: Stressed

This week is going to be stressful for me and for others since EXAMS are constantly running in our minds and making us panic .. Or is that just me?
I'm really annoyed at one of my teachers at college (ICT)! She told everyone else in my lesson 2 weeks ago that they had some more work to do and told them one by one what they needed to do, so obviously i thought i had completely finished all of my work, so i was happy about that.. But it turns out that i do have work to do but the thing that has p*ssed me off, is that she decides to tell me today when everything has to be handed in at the end of this week! :evil: So everyone else got 2 weeks notice but me. She hates me, i swear. It's really annoyed me!

On top of that, i have to prepare for my Media Exam. Which is next Monday. :roll:
I've been revising for English too but i really need to revise for Maths this week since that's my biggest weakness and it shows since i haven't passed it yet and it's my 3rd year in college! :( Yeah, I suck.

Second Emotion: Extremely Happy
Yeah, I am extremely happy beneath all the stress.
The reason, is because my fiance is coming here next Saturday and staying for a week. :D
I won't be online
much during the holidays for that reason, but i'll quickly come on everyday to check messages and say hi :) So this time i won't be leaving you. Plus, I have a Video Contest to judge! Over 60 videos to watch and rate :lol:

Third Emotion: Upset/Hurt
The reason i'm feeling this emotion right now, is because i saw my ex girlfriend today, she slagged me off and shouted at me from across the road while she was with a few of her friends. I ignored her. So she came over with her mates, stood in front of me, came right up to my face and tried to p*ss me off..
I didn't say anything back and her friends gave me a pounding. :(
It was 5 of them against me so i had no chance..
I'm alright though, So don't worry about it. Just a little sore here and there but nothing a few nights of sleep won't fix. :)

Video Editing
I made a new video over the weekend! I'm pretty pleased with it.
For all the fans of my videos here, you can find my new one here :D

Me and 11 others are making a video together (MEP - Multi-Editor Project) and i know it's gonna look awesome when it's finished! I'll post that one in a blog once it's finished, Just thought i'd let you know cuz i know some of you watch my vids :)

So, Alan Wake is now out as an Xbox360 Exclusive and i wondered if anyone has tried it out yet? :) I've been watching a walkthrough on it and it's quite spine chilling and the storyline seems very interesting.

Red Dead Redemption is almost in sight! I can't wait for it to come out! It's coming out this week, right? But i can't get it until next week since Danielle is buying it for me when she's here. So don't go giving me any spoilers! :lol:

Anyone heard of Rainbow Dust???

O'yes, full of sugar! I've had 10 of them and i have a sugar rush! It isn't good for you, so don't eat that many in one go like i do :P I always have them instead of chocolate these days, i can't get enough of them ;)

Oh and i've had a can of Monster tonight :shock:

It's my favourite energy drink. But that's seriously not good for you either! .. So stick to alcohol kids. :lol: !!
I'm very hyper, so i apologise :P

I hope you're all doing okay!
Let's mosh to gaming! *HEADBANGS TO ROCK MUSICCCC!* O_O Lmao.

My Top 10 Games of All Time (It was very hard to choose..)

Yeah, Just for the heck of it. ;)

10:- Resident Evil 4 (PS2)
9:- Okami (PS2)
8:- Persona 4 (PS2)
7:- Grandia (PS1)
6:- The Legend of Dragoon (PS1)
5:- Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox360)
4:- Shadow Hearts (PS2)
3:- Tales of Vesperia (Xbox360)
2:- Suikoden 2 (PS1)
1:- Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant (PS2)

Yup, It looks like Sony wins me over after all these years ;)
And you can tell i love RPG's by that list XD

Since Shadow Hearts 1 and 2 are both in my top 10, that should tell you how in love i am with the series. The 3rd one dissapointed me but i still loved it, but alas, it wasn't good enough to make my top 10 ;)

Suikoden 2 would normally be an easy win BUT..

Shadow Hearts 2 captured my heart completely, with a gripping, emotional and interesting storyline, stunning graphics, brilliant characters, 'unique' battle system and great voice acting, plus it made me cry at the end, so that's a bonus ;)
TO ME this game is perfection, to others it won't be. It's just because i loved the game that much, i loved EVERYTHING about it. :)

*Yawn!* .. Oh! Another Blog? Alrighty! ;D

Yes, i'm tired. :P

Alan Wake is almost upon us! (I've started watching a walkthrough of it on Youtube, since i doubt i'll be getting the game anytime soon) And Xbox360 fans seem to be in a hype over it, let's hope they're not dissapointed. ;) It does look awesome though, i admit. I'll buy it eventually but i'm waiting for Red Dead Redemption.. THEN i'll think about getting Alan Wake.

I've started the first Assassin's Creed again to get my achievements back, It's something to do while i wait for RDR ;)

Video Editing:
I'm working on a new video and i know it won't be liked by everyone here.
I've started using the film "But i'm a Cheerleader" and that's what my new video is based on. It's a gay/lesbian film. So if you're homophobic then obviously you won't like it. :lol:
Here's a short, simple, sweetvideo i made with it, if you wanna watch it then click here

Me and my fiance are doing fine.
She's constantly wanting to buy me things, but i'm like NUU! .. But she doesn't listen ;)
She's buying me RDR when it comes out.... Which secretly i'm happy about but i keep saying "Nu! Don't waste your money on me! .. *In my head: THANK YOU DANIELLE!*" .. :P

I've been getting plenty of rest whilst gaming in between :lol:
Gaming makes me feel better, Mmkay? ;)
I have to nip back there this weekend and i really don't want to.. Basically just a check-up so it should be fine.
Thanks to everyone for the welcome back and for caring, it means a lot to know you do care :)

What games are you looking forward to this month? ;)

I'm back from the hospital. =]

I'm not meant to be back yet.. I was meant to stay one more night and be signed out tomorrow (just to be on the safe side, as the doctors said)..
But i signed myself out of Hospital this morning because i really couldn't stand being in there another night :|
I told them i was perfectly fine to go home and such, so they were okay with it as long as i'm careful and get plenty of rest.

I missed sleeping in my own bed, in my own room. I'm still in pain but i'd rather be in pain in an environment i'm used to and comfortable in, ya'know?

I had a few hours sleep earlier. I'm still feeling slightly woosy from the operation.. and the pain makes my body feel exausted. But i dragged myself out of bed to tell you all that i'm back home and back with you all again :)

I'm probably gonna take a few painkillers in a minute, that'll hopefully take the pain off a little.

I hope you've all been okay :)

Edit-- And i've just noticed someone has finally recommended my Assassins Creed 2 review :lol:
Thank you to whoever that was. :P

Goodbye Gamespot...

No it's not a complete goodbye BUT i'm going to be in hospital for the next few days, so obviously i won't be online.
I'm heading there tonight so hopefully i can speak to some of you before i go.
Any messages posted, that i don't get chance to read before i go, i'll reply to when i get back ;)

Hopefully, if all goes well, i'll be back by the weekend. So you won't be able to miss me.. TOO much :lol:
I'll post a blog when i'm back so don't worry 'bout it.

I'll catch up on everything once i'm back.

Well, I hope you all have a nice (rest of the) week. :)

See you all soon! *much love* :oops:

Hehehe! My new video! ;D

Well, since i haven't done lipsync in a while, i decided that i should make a new one! And i finished it earlier today and i've just put it on Youtube :P I'm quite pleased with it actually ( wow.. for a change :| ) You don't have to watch it if you don't want to. And it's nothing to do with gaming but.. Here it is anyway :)


( Warning: If you don't like The Lion King then don't watch it :lol: )

The weekend begins..

With the week over and the weekend beginning let me just bow down to the glorious feeling of weekends! :lol:

College has been mental this past week, been doing so much work :| I did 4 hours of Media Coursework in one go, i felt relieved when i finished! I went home, grabbed a Pepsi, went to my room and switched my Xbox on (You seriously wasn't expecing any different.. were you?) :P

Anyway, i tried the Left4Dead 2 demo and it was so fun :P I was just giggling at myself waiting for a zombie to get really close then smashing them round the head with a guitar :lol: I've decided to buy this game, eventually.

I'm REALLY looking forward to Red Dead Redemption! It looks SO cool! :shock:

Been looking at a lot of trailers and i'm seriously excited. My fiance said she wants to buy me it when it releases, just to watch me play it and see what happens in the story :P .. Whether she will or not, who knows. ;) Let's just wait and see..

I finally cleared Dead Space! (well.. a few days ago) and it was awesome! I stick to my rating of 9.5
I can't wait for the 2nd one, which will be out next year :)

I'm in the middle of a few videos, haven't been editing much though recently due to college work. But most of it is out of the way now :D So i can focus on other things ;)

I hope you've all had a good week! And i hope you have a great weekend! :P
Happy Gaming!

New games, Xbox Live and a Rant

First off, i'm hoping to get 3 new games soon. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction and Left4Dead 1 & 2.

I enjoyed the demo of Splinter Cell and i'm gonna have a gaming day with my friend tomorrow, playing both Splinter Cell and L4D :D I've played L4D before, but never played the 2nd one. Good stuff.

Now Xbox Live, I only have silver right now so i'm gonna purchase the games THEN get LiveGold back, but at the same time i'm not too keen on the idea cuz some online people are pr*cks :/ Plus, my friends said i can't play with them on L4D cuz i'm a 'noob' as they say. Well, yeah, i'm a noob at every game i play until i get the hang of it, they just don't give me a chance. It's annoying as hell. They're 'Pro's' and only care about winning, i love having a laugh on games like that but no, they're ALWAYS serious... I'm serious now and again but sometimes i wanna kick back, relax and play with my friends.
But whenever i ask for a game on L4D when i get it, they get all stressy and say no cuz they're worried i'll die all the time -_-.. I may be a noob at it but i'm not THAT much of a noob. Ugh. I thought friends + games were meant to be fun. They treat it like it's their job.

Well, onto better news, my friend Kevin is a different story, he invited me round to his to have a full gaming day with him, i was like HELLZ YEAH! xD So he's gonna teach me L4D and we're gonna get through Co-op on Splinter Cell. Should be good =]

Video editing:
I' halfway through my new Final Fantasy vid now, should be done by Sunday, hopefully. It's dedicated to my fiance, Danielle ^_^ Cuz i love her. :oops:

Console Wars:
You either hate it or you're one of the people doing it.
It's like a war zone between the 360 and the PS3, it's getting boring. People who have one of the consoles whilst flaming the other have no life, at all. It's pathetic.

I'm a 360 owner but i don't go bashing the PS3, they're both good consoles in their own way.
Deep down, the people who flame a console are secretly hiding the fact that they want both, admit it. It's just jealousy that someone has a 360 and you want it aswell as a PS3 (and Vice Versa)
C'mon, they're both great. Can't we all just get along?

Someone flamed ME for OWNING a 360. I swear he's about 12. XD It's childish.

Okay enough complaining. Didn't mean to sound b*tchy, it's just fanboys/girls with consoles are just annoying now.....
I hope you all have a great weekend ^_^
Happy Gaming!

An Update (+ A new Final Fantasy video)

Sorry it's been so long xD Been on Tales of Vesperia most of the time xD I haven't stuck to a game like this in such a long time, that definitely says how good the game is!
I've been playin' it for around 51 hours, I'm on the final part now.. I just have a few more things i want to do on it before i complete the game ;P

I'll probably write a review on it sometime this week =]

Onto other news! I have a new video preview! Tis a Final Fantasy vid :3 I thought i'd upload a preview. It's gonna be my first HD vid ^_^
If you want to watch it click HERE

Sorry for the short blog but i'm a little busy right now, Just thought i'd drop by. Hope you all had a good Easter holiday!

Happy Gaming!