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Another Blog Alreadyz!? XD

First of all, i hope you're all doing well and thanks for the nice comments on my previous blog. It's nice to know there's people out there who care, ya'know. ^_^
Sorry for being a complete and utter downer in the last blog. I'll try and cheer up. ^^

I'll start this blog by first discussing... CHRISTMAS!
I know, i know, it's only November AND i'm 19.. But still.. I can't help but get a little excited. If there's a chance i'm being bought a new game then i have every reason to be excited. :lol:

I've put on my list:

ONE: A Camcorder
There's a story behind that decision..
Me and my friends are looking to become famous on Youtube. I, myself, have made it up to 1619 subscribers, alone, with my AMV's. Now i've decided i also want to ACT.. I think it'd be pretty cool if it worked out.
Our ideas are mostly comedy. We'll also be looking to do dramas, short movies, trailers, home-made music videos AND we have an actual 1 hour 30 minute movie in mind, which i wrote myself. ^^ We're really looking forward to it.
Don't worry though, i'll still be making AMV's on my Youtube. That'll never end. :P

The other things on my list are..:
Fallout New Vegas
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
The Sims 3 (I hold my hand up to the fact that i like the sims XD)

I was going to put Fable 3 on there but.. I've been put off. I've asked my friends about the game and the majority of them have told me it's not worth the full price because of how short the main story is, just like Fable 2. So i'm holding that one off until it becomes cheaper. =]

I cannot buy ANYTHING at all until January. Which is depressing. Otherwise i would have gotten Fallout New Vegas already.. Due to the major problems that are happening in my life right now i have no money coming in. It's been a struggle to last 2 months without any money so far but by December it should be looking better.

My question is.. What do YOU want for christmas? :3

I completed Mass Effect 2 yesterday. I admit, i kept holding it off JUST BECAUSE it was so good and i didn't want it to end :lol:
You ever had a game like that? ;P

LOL, i bought Dead Rising 2 like.. 3 days after it released and i've only played it twice.... My friend is buying it off me for the same price i bought it for, new, from the shop. What a sweetheart he is. :lol:

Relationship news.. WELL, i'm not IN one persay.. but as in the interests of one, me and Laura are doing brilliantly, and she's honestly the first person i've ever chose over my gaming. Truth. Normally with friends or other relationships in the past, it was hard to part with my gaming for a whole day, call me an addict, but gaming is a big part of my life so i had to fit my relationship in between my gaming hours when it should have been the other way round :lol:
But with Laura.. Whenever she gets in touch, in any way, i stop gaming to focus all my attention onto her. Maybe this IS love and what i've been experiencing before was just deep liking? Hmm.. Makes me wonder. =]

LOL. This blog is looooong.. XD My blogs tend to be the way i'd say this stuff face to face, they're not short and simple.. Besides when i'm having a bad time like the last blog.

Nom Nomz to you all. :P

Haven't posted in so long!

Sorry for being so unactive recently. I have A LOT of problems going on in my life right now. Mostly to do with my parents but i'm not gonna bore you with the details.. These stressfull times have been happening for 2 months now..

I wanted to let everyone know that i'm still hovering around from time to time. I'll hopefully be fully back soon. I will get back to posting regularly as soon as i possibly can.

Due to a lot of stress with these particular problems i was kicked out of college. Which has also upset me.

More upsetting news is that me and Danielle broke up over a month ago, she cheated on me so that was a sign to end it. I'm over it now though so no worries.

I have my eye on someone else so my life is starting to pick up, this girl, Laura, is there for me fully through all the stuff i'm going through. She's helped me out SO much and we both love each other as it goes..
Yuu may think it's too soon after Danielle but you can't help what your heart feels, right? =]

I hope you're all doing well and sorry again for not being around.

Luffles you all

:: Lightning ::

Phew.. I'm back? o.o (Update bwahaha)

Yes.. I haven't posted a blog in a very long time. :lol:

My fiance came to stay with me for 2 weeks, fun fun! We've made a book together, starting from a picture of where we met and the rest is full of pictures, funny quotes we've said, all sorts about us! It's awesome stuffs. :D

She drew this picture for me the other day. Omgawd tis seriously epic!:

Isn't it just awesome! XD Of course i would think that.. It's The Lion King.. but she has awesome drawing skills ^_^

Hmmz!.. NEW VIDEO!? Well, it's been done a while, i haven't got round to make a new new new one yet xD But this is my newest Death Note AMV . I hope you like it! :)

At the moment i've been playing:
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake (completed it the other day)
Sacred 2

and a little bit of Left4Dead2 and Resident Evil 5 with my friends :)

I also downloaded the 2 DLC levels of Assassin's Creed 2, i was craving to play MOAR! xD Can't wait for Brotherhood :)

I downloaded the RE5 DLC levels: Desperate Escape and Lost in Nightmares. Both great but i prefered Desperate Escape just because it was constant action, i didn't stay still once in fear of dying lmao :lol:
My friend, Jay (who i was playin' co-op with), kept dying.. I was like OMGAWD! PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN! :lol:

It was fun. Bwahaha.

My fiance is getting an Xbox 360! If she wants me to share her Gamertag then i will do when the time comes. :D
She was playing RE5, Sacred 2 and L4D2 with me and friends online while she was staying over.
It was hilarious XD Me and Danielle are such good friends as well as a couple. I love her so much! ^^

I hope you've all been okay! :D

New games + Disappointment.. (Only a little)

So.. This week has been good, my games finally arrived so i decided to kick-back, relax and play for the whole week.

So i started off by playing some Fallout 3. The game started off really good but after being in the wasteland for so long, my actual body started to feel drained! I understand why: It's the wasteland, there's hardly gonna be anyone around.. but i was just walking.. walking.. walking.. and still, nothing.. Not even monsters to leap at me from no-where.
Some of the side-quests are a little confusing and it's hard to find your way around but it's always nice to have a challenge. :)

After a while i decided to leave that and try Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is one of those games where you start off not liking it but then you eventually grow into really liking it.
The only problem i really had with it was how bland the characters were. I loved the female main character though (who you play as if you choose to make a female) and i seriously love her voice! O_O

The only character that seemed interesting was Liara because she became quite valuable to the plot and spoke a lot too. (and because i had the relationship scenes with her.. it was really cute!) I had Wrex in my party throughout the whole game which made him quite interesting at times..

I was also disappointed at how short the game was! .. I completed it in 20 hours and some of those hours were taken up by side-quests and i got lost in the Citadel a couple of times (lawl).. So.. When the achievement came up saying i've completed to game i was like ".. Wtf what?? :cry:"
But the good thing about BioWare games are they they have so much replay value! I could just go through the game again choosing all the options that will make me a right ***** just to see everyone else's reactions to my characters behaviour and to see the outcome :lol:
I love you BioWare! You're amazing at making games! :D

I loved comparing the characters actions and such to those in Dragon Age and i admit, the facial expressions and the physical contact in Mass Effect were better than they were in Dragon Age, but the voices and personalities of the characters were a lot better in Dragon Age than in Mass Effect (but i loved the main female characters voice! as i mentioned before) so when you think about it.. both games surpass each other in different aspects.

Overall i gave Mass Effect a 9/10 on Gamespot. It was gonna get 9.5 but things like 'length of gameplay' and 'characters being bland' knocked that .5 off.

Now i'm gonna get Mass Effect 2 because i enjoyed the first one a lot. I've also heard ME2 is a lot better than ME1 so that's fantastic! :D

On other gaming news..
I really want Brutal Legend! I tried the demo cuz my friend was like "The game is so awesome!" etc etc all the time.. after playing the demo i was like ".. I want it!" :lol:

This year, so far.. I can't wait for The Sims 3 and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood to release. I may have more games in mind but i can't think of them right now :P

Video News!
Okay.. The only video that i've put on Youtube since my Death Note video.. Is the short Lion King/South Park lipsync video.
I've been working on a Collab with a Youtube friend and we both have a little more to do then that'll be finished, so i'll put that in next weeks blog :)
1474 subscribers right now.. I'll have to think of something for a 1500 subscribers video.. anyone got any suggestions? :P

That's all for this week really.. I'm just gonna go back to playing Fallout 3, hopefully i'll get into it more :)


6:45am.. No sleep.. New video! (my best one so far!)

It's 6:45am as i type this (it'll be later once posted) and i've had no sleep.. I've only had 7 hours sleep between 3 nights now.. I'm seriously gonna end up being ill! I haven't been able to sleep recently for some reason.. Ugh. I'll just have to wait till i pass out and be knocked out for a few hours :|

First thing, i'm so annoyed!
I ordered Mass Effect and Fallout 3 on Monday and they still haven't arrived.. They were sent out on Tuesday (so an email said), i don't see what's taking them so long! It was only HMV.. I thought they would have been delivered by now.. ugh what a pain.. :(

I went to college on monday, just for Tutor (it's lame..) but i felt incredibly ill.. i nearly passed out! My teacher sent me home, she said i was in no fit state to be sat in college.. I went home and went straight to bed.. Only slept for 2 hours though.. As i said, i've had trouble sleeping all week.. it's been worse during these last few days :(
I'm sure my tiredness will catch up with me, i just need a decent nights sleep if my brain will let me!

Hmm.. My new video.. It's my first Death Note AMV and i'm really pleased with it! It's probably my best video so far! :D
If you watch it, the storyline to the video is written in the video description. It's best to read that first. :)

I've also entered it into a contest with over 130 entries so far.. and it doesn't end till the 1st of August.. I have no chance in winning but since i love this video so much i thought i might as well give a shot! :D

More ScarGa, Final Fantasy, Death Note and other videos to come :lol:

Seriously.. OMG!!! ...

... Late Blog. :P

Nothing much to report this week.

I finished Red Dead Redemption, giving it a perfect 10 on Gamespot. Reason being, i saw past the minor flaws with the brilliant gameplay, storyline, characters, voice-acting and ending. I cried at the end which definitely made me give 10/10!

I'm still playing GTA4, haven't finished that yet.

Another thing..
I sold my DS today.
My mum asked me to let my little brother borrow it whilst he went on holiday with my parents and she'd give me £20 and i didn't like the fact that my 5 year old brother would have the console i paid £100 at the time for (with my birthday money) somewhere else for that amount of time.. (i'm very protective of my consoles).. So i thought, since i hardly ever use it and it's just sat there gathering dust, i asked if she wanted to buy it off me properly for £50.. She didn't agree, so we haggled on the price and in the end i sold it to her for £40 and gave her 3 games with it, she let me keep 3 others (the ones i actually play! lawl) and she said i can still borrow the DS ;)

To me, that was a perfect deal! Now i'm gonna use the money i got for my DS to buy Mass Effect for my 360 then use the rest for Mass Effect 2 once i've cleared the first one. And i still (sorta) have my DS! So it worked out great for me :lol:

Okay, The video of the week is one i'm very proud of! It's my newest video and It's been popular among my subscribers and one particular Union on Gamespot ;) It's a comedy, lipsync and a storyline video all in one! It has gotten great feedback so i'm gonna make more :D PLEASE WATCH! You won't be disappointed! :P

That's all i've gone to say this week really.. I hope you're all having fun gaming and looking forward to the new games to come! :D


I'm back! Let's get things started!! :3 *Moshes!*

So everyone knows i've been spending time with my fiance. All last week to be precise :P

Okay.. Funny story about what happened whilst purchasing games.. (Well i found it funny!! xD)

We went to Argos cuz Danielle wanted to buy me RDR and GTA4, so we went into town, went to Argos at 10am, we got in there and the place was basically empty.
So we went to the desk and Danielle gave the woman the numbers for the games she reserved. The GTA4 number was right but apparently the RDR number didn't exist in that particular Argos..
The woman kept checking and checking then suddenly me and Danielle turned around and there was a huge que waiting to be served! ..
I didn't realise we had been holding everyone up.. Some people actually gave up and walked out we were taking that long.. Then i realised the number was on a MASSIVE RDR poster behind the woman.. I pointed it out to her (yes, this was about 15 minutes later.. lmao) and she was like "OHHHH! I didn't notice that!" and she works there the damn fool.. -_-'' Hah.
So she put the number in.. and it came up saying "Not in Stock" .. In my mind i was like "FFS! We spent so long here, held people up.. seeing this dumb woman run around in circles like a headless chicken, and for what..?" :lol:

So.. She reserved RDR from another Argos.. (we purchased GTA4 from the one we were in) and since i'm not street wise at all, i had to phone my mum and ask her where abouts it was.. She gave me a bunch of directions, and me being a noobcake, thought i knew exactly where we needed to go..
So we walked.. and walked.. and walked.. and walked some more.. *1 hour later* .. Okay, enough walking.. LET'S WALK BACK! *Walks all the way back to the starting point, turns the corner leading the opposite way from where we went before.. 5 minutes later we arrive at the other Argos..* Yeah.. I felt like such an idiot! :P
And luckily they had RDR!!! So we purchased it. Yes, Danielle spoilt me. Again. :lol:

Anyway, moving on.. :P

We went to see Prince of Persia. It was a good film, i enjoyed it. I know a lot of people hate it but i found it interesting. I love the games and the film was decent enough to make me want to buy it on DVD (eventually!)

Whilst we were queing to see it, this girl (around 17 years old.. methinks) kept glaring at me and Danielle holding hands.. She then smiled at Danielle, Danielle smiled back then the girl glared at her again and gave her a right evil look, she looked down and up at Danielle with a disgusted look on her face. I wanted to go over and smack her! :lol:

And so.. we had a fun week, doing random funny voiceovers with The Lion King (i'll upload them on Youtube at some point), gaming on Left4Dead2. Taking the P*ss out of my driving on GTA4, and she was obsessed with a Mule on RDR :lol: Was hilarious though. ;)

But she went home yesterday.. When she got on the train, i tried to hold my tears back whilst i was walking back home but i failed.. and last night i couldn't sleep, i kept crying, i felt so lonely it was unreal.. But today i feel a lot better :) It's just that first night without her there that always kills me.

Okay, the Video of the Week is a video that i made that came 2nd in an AMV contest ^_^ Please watch it? I'm really proud of it. :D

A few Unions that i wanna boast about :lol:

TSKDNU - The first Union i started posting in :P All of my best Gamespot friends are there and they made me feel extremely welcome! ^_^ I love it! It's my home here on Gamespot :D

The Survival Horror and RPG Wonder Union - I started posting in this Union a few weeks back, we need more active members and since i'm an Officer i'm gonna do my best to support this Union. The members are friendly and easy to get along with! :D

The BladeMasters Guild - One of the newest Unions i've joined and i'm also an Officer in this one too. Random and interesting discussions. Want to be a part of a Union + Guild? Then this is the Union for you! ;) Friendly people, different topics. It's a great place to go to whilst on Gamespot :)

Other Unions that are definitely worth taking a look at ;)

The Elite Pink Union

The Gotei 13

BlazBlue Union

Games Dimension X

The Union That Never Was

These are the Unions i always lurk at ;) Just thought i'd share since i love them! ;)

I hope you've all been fine while i've been away.

Excitement! (Short blog)

So, as some of you will already know, i won't be on much next week because my fiance is coming to stay! :D :D :D
I'm meeting her in an hour ;)

We'll be playing Left4Dead 2 (Xbox360) at some point, so if you want a game with us then let me know (Most of you have me added on Xbox Live :P)

Oh and PLEASE can you watch my new video? *Begs!* IT'S MY BEST LIPSYNC EVAH! :lol: I'm actually really proud of it. It's also my 1400 Subscribers video ;) Tell me what you think! I really appretiate the support :)


I'll be online now and again during the week and i'll reply to all of your smexii messages :P


Weekly Update :3 (+Dead Space fun!)


Yes! This week i've been eating more of these scrummy Flying Saucers than Rainbow Dust! I will be eating something different next week and i'll post that in my next weekend blog ;)


So, I hope you're all doing well! I'm doing okay and so is Danielle.
We're planning on living together after the exams are over :)
Danielle is gonna keep workin and save ip some money, then she's gonna come here and live with me and my parents (I can't believe my mum is fine with it!) So i hope everything works out according to plan.


Since Danielle is buying me RDR, i'm re-playing some of my other games to pass the time. I'm collecting easy achievements on Dead Space and other games :lol:
I'm also getting Left4Dead 2 this week, then i'll be saving up for LiveGold, so i'll be free to play online soon, if you want to :)


I still think my friend, Rachel (first picture), looks a bit like Anne Hathaway (second picture) ;)

RANDOMNESS OF THE WEEEEEEK! With Lottie and Danielle :lol:
So, i was playing Dead Space and Danielle was filming the TV and we started doing a stupid, yet funny, voiceover. (If you've seen Forrest Gump you'll know why we speak in weird voices at times.)
I thought i'd put the funniest moments together and upload it to Gamespot. If you have the same humour as we do then you'll find it funny, hopefully you do ;) We're childish bwahahaha! :twisted: I hope you like it xD


Video editing
Here is my new Lion King video, it's another lipsync one and it also has a storyline. The storyline is int he video description :) Check it out!

I hope you've all had a good weekend! ;)

Lightning says hii.. *as she shuffles her whiskers* =O!!

Just thought i'd share Lightning with all of her cute'ness! :lol:
I've had her since last year, i love her and she's nice company, even though she's only a small ball of fluff :)

I hold her in my hand and have a little snuggle with her every night before i go to bed :) Aren't i a soft touch?
I let her run around in her ball whenever i'm on my Xbox :P
If she doesn't run around in her ball (meaning i haven't been on my Xbox) then she's on her wheel until she gets tired :lol: And it sometimes keeps me awake at night.. *glares at her.. see's her cuteness.. eyes light up* Okay i forgive you Lightning :oops: